This is a gift one of my customers, his bike and now we’re going to unboxing and we will pair it to the device. So it’s i’ll, just gon na teach how easy steps to connect the pre buds pro from huawei the latest one to the phone. All right, let’s go to unboxing okay, so you can charge this one and you can use also wireless charger. So, for example, you have wireless pad, you can just charge also the device using like this simple wheels. I think here also you can charge also because this one is support. Uh, reverse charge inside the box. We have here free silicon tip, so this is the charger inside it’s a type c charge. We have the silicon tip there. We have a small, medium analyzer Applause, okay, as you can see from here, the iconic design. So we just long press only the bottom from here so once it’s coming set up and disconnect directly, so it can give you so from here from the left side, you can just skip long press for the noise cancellation. You will hear the voice and also for awareness, so 30 hours battery life it’s already connected from there it’s connected. As you can see, this simple connection very easy to connect and you can connect two device at the same time. So two phones, whatever uh device, will open the bluetooth, so you can connect with it’s very simple. This one is charger.

Also yeah. You can charge also from there yeah wireless now like this okay. So this is the simple way: how to connect your pre buds. All right, thank you. Okay, i’ll show you how to connect the this one through uh wireless reverse charge. First, you need to go to settings, find the battery okay, and this you can see this one. Wireless reverse charger, so connect this one put it back this device once you can see the yeah green color is charging see now it’s charging now it’s charging also. So this is the one: is charging this one over there, no uh reverse studs this one giving charges to that one to the earbuds, your pre buds pro, even though this one you can charge from this side.