The first thing you have to do is go to my website and download the newest apk gspace apk then go to your files, manager and search for gspace. This application tap on it. No risk detected, that’s cool, tap on install and tap on open tap on start. Allow all necessary permissions, just like me, allow allow the app is now starting. The important thing here is that the g space is a virtual machine, so this this method is not a direct google play on your device. We have to wait. Okay, we are almost there. So this is the g space application and if you want youtube on your device tap on youtube, okay, tap on sign in again, we have to wait. The magic is here. Google play protect is turn on. This feature protects your device from harmful, apps, that’s, very cool and, as you can see your device model, this is my mate 40 pro g space is your virtual space device. Its model is a mate 20 pro good device and your account will be logged in on. May 20 pro so now, all i have to do is sign in with my gmail and now tap on next. Yes, i mean, i agree, tap on, accept and tap on install and, as you can see, the youtube application is now downloading. On my device. Mate 40 pro with my 11 tap on open, and this is the youtube application. Everything is fully working as you can see, even with ads so again the art.

This is my drive, google. So i can install google and from here you can search for your favorite apps to buy spill uh, for example, uh gage in impact and tap on install. We have to wait yeah and the app is now. The game is now downloading asphalt. 9 good game. Not now – and this is my google play as you can see – there is no google play shortcut. So what to do? If you want download something some games, some application, it’s easy tap on, for example, photos but don’t install photos instead go back and from here you can search for your favorite apps, Laughter poptron, for example.