There are roll passives tanks generate less old charge and knock back less dps, walk faster and supports. Have passive healing like mercy for philosophy changes, tanks brawl more rather than standing back and chilling ryan has double fire strike, can cancel charge and can steer his charge even better Music for combat upgrades they did a whole sound redesign and new gun sounds new. Reload sounds new, melee sounds and everything that looks and feels very different, widowmaker is clearly like kind of the sniper and there’s. A lot of subtle. Little tweaks we have to do here is the new hero sojourn. She has a railgun and is one of the more fun and new heroes according to blizzard. Next is the new feature called hero missions, which is how you will level up your heroes and talents. They are co, op, pve experiences with hundreds of missions that have light story, and there are different types that take place in different places. There are new spaces in existing maps like on king’s row, where the payload takes a turn to a different part of the map. For the new progression and talent system for the pve missions, you will be able to unlock new abilities and have better stats. For example, here are mei rolling snowballs soldiers following biotic field and the snow plow field, mercy’s fireball and the old rez junkrat has dual grenade launchers and this electric trap winston can have stun electricity reinhardt can freeze strike for the enemy units in pve.

They redesigned them. A bit here’s, the breacher Music, the slicer. These danger drones with these orbs that do mass destruction and the puller, which has orbs that are her eyes that will reach out and pull you in and then destroy. You there’s also. This feature for the bots called chain hit reactions where they’ll knock each other over it’s, pretty cool for the hero redesigns. There are redesigns for mccree, pharah, widow and reaper, which you can see on screen. Music do Music for the story mode. There is going to be zen lore as a matter of fact, they went through and made stories for every single hero and they’re going into the omnic uprising to tell more story about the background of overwatch. There are in game cinematics for all story missions. All heroes are involved, there’s, multiple heroes, permissions that you get to pick which ones you want to play. So there will be different dialogue for the stories depending on the heroes you pick and every story mission has its own map. For example, torbjorn’s workshop is a new map. Also, the environment is very active in the story missions. The toronto map you are hit by null sector and the snow builds up as you play through the mission due to the blizzard and by the end, you’re stuck in a snowstorm filled with snow, but anyway that’s all for this recap video. I hope you guys enjoyed it be sure to follow our twitter and instagram and join our discord from the links in the description down below, but anyway.

I hope you guys enjoyed this one have a nice day. My name is nate, and this was blizzard Music guides.