It is official we are getting a direct diablo 2 remastering from a blizzard. So, for all of those that said it wasn’t possible blizzard would never do it. It wasn’t worth their time, yadda yadda! Well, it turns out you guys were wrong and how they remastered it running the base game over top of a 3d engine is very interesting. I’M. Going to spend a little bit time talking about that in today’s video showing off some example that were introduced, gameplay a legacy toggle mode. I do really want to stress that blizzard tried to stay very true to the core game mechanics and have the options for those that are die hard, diablo 2 fans that don’t really want very much change to the original base game. So it is very exciting. Quick reminder for those that don’t know i do stream twice a week on twitch. So if you want to stop by my twitch stream, talk about this diablo to remaster what you like what you don’t like, or what you want to see change, you can always hit me up with a follow. The link for my channel is, of course, in the description below, but guys hope you enjoy this video let’s jump in. So the first thing to talk about is how did blizzard slash vicarious visions overcome the hard 25 fps frame cap that determines all breakpoints in diablo 2.? Well, the answer is by using that 25 fps frame cap.

They never really got rid of it. The entire game’s logic is driven by the base diablo 2 game underneath so your 25 fps is determining when let’s say a sorceress has meteor, but then, after that, casting animation is triggered. Everything that you see the visual effects is then driven at a higher uncapped frame rate by the 3d engine. So to explain it simply at least how it was kind of dumbed down and explained to me from the developers is that the base, diablo, 2 logic and game is running underneath and then, on top of that you have a 3d rendering engine that is visually, rendering All the animation effects that you see at a higher beautifully stunning uncapped frame rate in addition to the 3d engine, rendering there have been some quality of life changes that have been introduced. These include a shared stash, as well as auto gold, pickup and a legacy toggle mode. Now i really want to stress this. I said in the intro i’m going to say it again. Blizzard and vicarius visions have tried to remain very, very true to the die hard diablo 2 fan, so there is toggles and options for turning off everything if you don’t like auto gold pickup, even though it is basically common in every single modern arpg game, you can Turn it off if you don’t, want to play with a 3d rendering engine you can live and in real time switch it to legacy mode or use the legacy toggle and then play dialog 2 as it originally was 800×600.

The game’s audio has also been remastered and updated with some additional sounds to try and really pump up that diablo 2 atmosphere and they are going to be completely remaking all of the diablo 2 cinematics. So i think this is absolutely amazing, even though the game was released in 1998 in the expansion in 2000. I think that the d2 cinematics still hold up today and i often kind of sit down and watch them. They’Re. Just really well done so it’s going to be very cool to see brand new cinematics. These are not remastered or upscaled to 4k. I also wanted to point out that the original base game and servers, as well as private mods from the devil 2 community, like project level 2 path of devil. They are going to be left alone and untouched. So if you don’t want to play diablo 2 resurrected, you can play diablo 2, vanilla, lod, classic pd2 project elbow 2, medium xl, whatever you really want to play blizzard, is going to allow you to do that. While i don’t actually have an official release date, it is coming out in 2021 on consoles npc and also features cross gen progression. So what does that mean? Well, you can play half the campaign on playstation 4 and then log on your character later on in your pc and continue the progression. So i think that’s kind of a cool feature. Honestly, i’ll probably almost be entirely playing on pc, not on console, but i do think that it’s cool.

It will be pretty interesting, though, to see how diablo 2 remastered does play on a playstation 4 controller. I don’t really know how well that’s going to turn out, but let me know in the comment section below what you guys think and then. Finally, the last thing that i want to mention is that there will be no in game micro transactions and a lot of the common diablo ii quirks will still be in the game. So again, like i mentioned at the start, how the base game logic is being driven off of the original game, so things like e bugging and dario quest bug, tricky mephisto, all of those weird kind of diablo ii, quirks that we love and know to this day Will be in diablo 2 resurrected? Well guys there you have it that wraps up today’s video. I hope you guys are excited and is pumped for the official diablo 2 blizzard remaster as i am. I cannot wait to test this and stream this during the alpha testing. Get some feedback and then of course, crush some hours when it actually officially launches diablo 2 is back baby.