This bam bam bam, bam, Music, all right guys, yeah i’m excited i’m excited. I love to rank my clients and uh i’m and i what i also love to do is show you how i did it, so you could do it yourself. I realize uh, not everybody has the budget to work. You know with an seo, but you know what, if you have the time you could do it yourself. So what i do is i just put everything out there: everything that i know i don’t save for a secret course. I i put it out there, so you could do it yourself right, i think that’s. The least i could do to help other people i’d want somebody to help me if, god forbid, i broke down on the road or something like that, so that’s that’s. The reason why i do it or or one of my family members or my carnita if somebody breaks down, especially if she breaks down, i want to make sure that somebody helps her right. Okay, so the first thing i want you to do is download this little tool called um, uh what’s. It called again it’s called gs, location, changer right and you download this little extension and you plug it in and it’ll. Let you search from any area that you put in so i put in the zip code, 11210 right, 11210 and that’s, where i’m searching from i’m actually searching from brooklyn right now.

What’S, the population of uh, 11, 2, 1, 0, 62, 000 people that’s more than some major towns. This is just a small section in brooklyn right, so sixty two thousand people are in the zip code, uh eleven, two one zero. I know i banned you kinda, quick, so kitch if you change your location, you’ll see kitchen remodeling, uh, kitchen, remodeling, okay, this one’s coming up he’s in fourth or fifth place; he’s right here for bathroom remodeling, for interior remodeling, he’s in second place and for home remodeling He’S in third place so he’s in the three pack for four out of three out of the four that i showed you and uh. These were just some of the key words that i picked real quick. So how did i do that? Well, how did my team do that? I don’t do anything i give instruction, but how did my team do that? We did something called uh posting in google news articles, google news articles, so what we do is we create a story on a website. We use the google news uh, we use the the schema for for that it’s, a news article we index the article and google picks it up as google news okay. So what does that mean? We created a website called business news article. How did we do that? Well, first of all, we came over to this website called expired domains and we typed in or or gazette.

com right these all. Let google know that these are news sites. You’Re, creating a brand new website has nothing to do with your website. You’Re, just creating a brand new website right, so you either call it a news or you call it article or you call it gazette and you’ll notice right here i highlighted right and you take a look at some of the stats for news bond right and Then what you do is you come over once you pick a a um once you pick a domain name that you like, because it has good credibility right, meaning that you know it has a lot of backlinks coming back and back to it and there’s various ways To check it, but you know i’m, just i’m, just giving you an outline right here. Is you take the website, you want to make sure that it’s not spammed. So you come over to the wayback machine which is and what you do. Is you just take a look so i’m just going to click this and i’m looking at it live with you and there may not have been a site on it in 2019, but i’ll come over to 2018.. What we want to make sure is that this website wasn’t used for spam, it wasn’t used as a you know, a viagra site. By the way i could use some of that oops did. I say that all right so right, so it doesn’t look like there was a website on here and i don’t want to bore you we’re, going to say, after extensive search that there was not a website on there, so we purchased the domain name newsbond.

com. You could purchase it through your registrar or either godaddy or or namecheap. Whichever registrar you use right, you get the domain name, you set it up on your server and now you need to create a website for that domain. Now that domain name now we used a magazine layout for this one, and we created this and at the end, if you hang around to the end, i have an offer, but i just want to show you how to do it yourself right. So you go over to wordpress, you go over to uh. You know some of the templates that they have check out some magazine templates and you could create this yourself. If you don’t know how to create websites, you could come over here to fiverr in fiverr. There are web developers and maybe for about a hundred twenty five dollars hundred fifty dollars somewhere around there you’ll find somebody that if you buy the template or if envato right, i’ll put the link below that’s, where you buy wordpress templates, you go to envato, you purchase The the wordpress template you go over to somebody in fiverr and say: hey correct, create me something like my friend brett did right business news. Article create me a website like this, where i could add news articles and somebody over at fiverr will create that for you for let’s, say 125 somewhere around that you shouldn’t pay more than that 150, maybe that’s about it.

Okay, so you have the domain name. You set it up on your server now you have somebody create the uh create the website. Now. Let me just show you something, so i use semrush to show you that these articles are picked up by google. So, as you could see, here’s the links right here – business news, article, modern kitchen, remodeling, right uh – i found a couple more if i can’t find it in two or three minutes: i’m, just gon na okay. So you want to make sure that when you create okay here so here’s business news article there there were a couple more. I don’t want to go through the whole thing uh, but i’ll i’ll i’ll. If you want to see him just email me, brettmiller, i’ll send you over all the all the links for business news article. Basically, what google does is google comes here? They check this link out. They see that it’s a relevant news article and we have news schema on this website right. So when you click the article we created a page with the keyword, we created an image with the keyword home remodeling on it. The logo, as well as the nap name, address and phone number, a short story: little video, a map in bed, the map once again and the the website, along with some keywords, you know what i never burp all day, but some reason whenever i do videos, i Guess: it’s nerves.

I still haven’t gotten used to this. I still haven’t gotten used to this all right and then we also you know, like i said, we also embed the google my business map now once we have this article and we put it on business news article, we take this link and we push it out To like 10 different social media sites, like you know like to facebook and to uh twitter, we tweet it out right. We send that out. We we also do google uh gmb posts using this article right. So we want to make sure that this article gets indexed and we want to make sure that we get backlinks from this article right, and that is how we ranked all these keywords. Now i want you to remember something you need to have a great page on your website for kitchen remodeling. What do i mean by great page? You need to answer all the questions that somebody must that somebody may have on kitchen. Remodeling don’t just create a page on your website, your kitchen remodeling page that says we’re the best we’re, the best we’re family owned and operated we’ve, been in business for 25 google’s. Tired of that google wants to know what are the common questions people have in regards to kitchen remodeling, for example? How much does it usually cost? Can i uh use my old cabinets? Do i need to redo all my um my counter space, or can i just put you know something over it? You need to find the common questions that people are asking about that subject, which is kitchen remodeling, and you need to create a page that answers those questions, remember here’s how google ranks your website first, first and foremost, those does your website have a page on it.

For that keyword that just focuses on that keyword, do you have a kitchen remodeling page on your website or do i have a dui page on my website? Just dedicated to dui law right makes sense and whatever your subject is water heaters right right? The second thing is: do you have any reviews saying i was looking in brooklyn for a uh, a remodeler, a kitchen, a kitchen remodeling uh company, and i found decon construction right. You should have some reviews that say that you should create in your google my business. Some google posts very, very important google posts just around the keyword kitchen remodeling, that picture that you use in your google post. Let me see if i can find a picture. Real quick, you’ll use a picture just like this make sure you have the keyword, make sure you’re using a relevant picture picture. You have your logo and your nap on that picture, and you push that out on you on your google, my uh, my business and your google post. So you create a google post using this picture. Then you take this picture and you put it on all your social media right, because what google is doing is they’re reading they’re reading all your pictures, they’re reading all the text on your pictures but, more importantly, you’re creating newsworthy articles. How do you find newsworthy articles? Very simple watch this watch this i don’t know how i started started saying that beth room three bathroom remodeling come over to to google type in the word bathroom, remodeling or dui, or whatever your keyword, you’re, trying to rank come over to news, find other news.

Articles uh, okay, whatever just have this one: okay, bathroom remodeling advice from a pro take this article and just have it rewritten, just have it rewritten, send it over to somebody on fiverr or if you have a writer or if you want to contact me, i have A great i have a great writer i’ll, give you my personal writer, that i use seven decoration tips for a large high end bathroom right, so i would just rewrite this article. I would copy this article and rewrite it and use a relevant use, a relevant picture. If google ranked this, if google saw this as news it’s going to see yours as news most likely add a picture right and create an article that’s better than this, have somebody rewrite this article? Well, what do you mean? Is that stealing look turn on the news at 11 o’clock at night, channel 2 channel 4 channel 7. they’ll all come in with the same lead story, but they’ll say it different, there’s, nothing wrong with using a story, but putting it in your own words. You cannot copy it once you have it. Rewritten come over to your website paste the article that’s rewritten. Add your map, your google, my business map. Add your nap, your name address and phone number, your your website and then some keywords: look i’m, showing you proof. It has a zip code. 11210 has a population of 62 000 people that’s more than most cities, that’s, just a smaller section of brooklyn and we’re killing it boom boom boom boom boom boom boom let’s go back to my room right, killing it killing it and one of the ways that’s helping Is using a google news site, creating a news, creating a news site and posting those news articles and submitting them out to google news right that’s how we do it that’s? How we do it so that’s? What i’d like you to do so, if anybody’s interested like, i showed you how to do it yourself? But if you’d like me to create this, these new, like do, do all the research right find the domain name set it up on the server create, maybe five or six articles for you to get you started then show you how to keep adding more articles.

I’Ll be happy to do that for you, you know just shoot me: an email to uh brett, moletta, that’s, my uh that’s, my gmail address uh feel free to just if you’re interested in that just say, hey brett set me up with that news. Article thing just like that that news article thing and i know what it means when i see it in the subject – god hey brett, set me up with that news, article thing and i’ll: let you know how much it cost and i’ll do the research i’ll get You, the the um okay, the domain name, i’ll, write, i’ll i’ll, create the website, i’ll create some news articles and then i’ll also do a couple other little. You know secret sauce things by sending it out to my social. I have a twitter citation, uh program that i use and it sends it out to a lot of uh. I could tweet it out like a lot and get it recognized by google. So you know that’s the thing that’s really important, that’s the thing that’s really important. All right guys so look. I hope this lesson helped right. This isn’t um the cure all right so like if you’re really lacking in the search engines there’s a good. The good reason is, probably you don’t have enough good content on your website and your website, wasn’t created by somebody with with uh. That was a developer, probably a designer somebody made it look nice, but it’s, not you know it.

Doesn’T have everything that google needs so that’s. The reason why you’re not ranking don’t get this service. You know if you don’t have enough good content on your website, because that’s the first thing i’ll tell you to do i’m, not looking to take anybody’s money. I don’t need your money right, but if you’re just like a couple of steps away and this year in 2021, you when you want to make a strong push, a google news site your own google news, site or sites will definitely help. It’S helped my clients i’m, showing you proof and i’m sure it’s going to help you all right guys. So look right. Take care of your family that’s. The thing that’s important right, that’s, the thing that we talk about all the time man take care of your family. Make sure your kids and your wife and your husband and everybody’s okay make sure the house is clean, throw away the garbage go, take out the dog. You know the things to do you get caught in front of this computer all day before you know it you’re sitting in front of it. You know 10 hours a day and you don’t get up every once in a while help your family out. Until you tell your family, you appreciate them right. My little carnita i got ta tell her all the time. I appreciate it because i do i couldn’t. Do it without her all right. Okay, guys have a great day and listen we’ll.