Okay that’s what i’m saying bro? No no for real for overall, like in this market. If i wanted to, i could possibly sell this for, like 2 50 i’m being serious, have you seen the market? Have you been on ebay like no? No, no! No! No! No! No! No! What are you talking about does not mean that it’s zach. Are you aware how much a 380 caused retail price? What the are you smoking? That makes you think somebody will buy that piece of ass 10.50 for 250 bro bro i’m i’m, not saying whether or not someone would buy i’m just seeing i’m just telling you what the prices have been on ebay and been on. My music was a god bro holy claptrap. Still there, though Music holy Music – oh, oh, oh, oh my god! Oh my god, michael does i you got it yeah that’s. What i’m saying i’m just anxious! Yeah i’d definitely be like that. It’S an upgrade either way, though. So as long as that works literally it’s working i’ll give you my damn 1080 ti when i get mine, whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa. The only reason i don’t have a 38 right now is because i’m not trying to pay seven thousand dollars for that otherwise, i’d have one already. Okay, i skipped the 2080 oh right when i was going to get it 2080. They somebody told me that the 38 was about to drift.

So i said: hey look shuffle here’s what we can do you give me that 1080., i can give zach here, he’ll be straight yeah, okay, i’ll just give you my 1070s bro. This would be a normalized person, just be you that, especially when shuffle goes down to the normal call, everybody’s got to make sure their joke gets hurt, leaving because the truth is you’re not, but you can’t be different. Maybe different from the rest of these losers. Just sit back, relax felt like me: he’d never get i’ve had my dick out this whole time. The the is good with you bro that’s. The difference is this a bit. I know when to use it when you’re a sponsored player and you’re on a team like team, liquid, tsm, cloud9 or any of the affiliate organizations considered an esports organization, sponsors and companies partner with the teams to create budgets and carve outs that allow the teams to Give players salaries and allow them to basically be full time content creators in order to make these sponsors and uh companies happy, including twitch contractual obligations like running ads. Every 45 minutes is part of the stream experience it’s free for for anyone who’s watching if you’re a subscriber you don’t get them because you’re paying money support me. But if you’re following and watch for free, i would say just enjoy the free content and uh deal with the reality of the life, the reality of the fact that life works that way and nothing is free.

Thank you um. I need a moment guys: okay and then i would uh hold on don’t scam, us all right here we go hold on. How do i do this? Okay, you guys ready let’s, go dude, but let’s go dude, wetsuited, ah uh, all right, we’re, picking, link and we’re doing this now. I know what hbox feel come here: baby Laughter, oh my god, Applause, Music, pickle, fish, three, two one go i’m, like this jesus christ, get the off my stage, get the off my stage. You thought it was sweet. It was sweet, my bad, my bad! It was sweet, it was sweet. My bad, oh you’re, tea, bagging, true, hey, hey ian, hey ian, hey! I hope you had fun. You loser. I hope you had fun loser uh. You know i haven’t played uh i’ve, been playing bail against dk’s swinging arms, which are literal swords. He is fine, oh my gosh, why did you let that hit him? That wouldn’t have hit him, throw the match for my points, i need some wait, a minute how corrupt how corrupt am i like if nl ronnie dropped a hundred dollars right now? That would be so up. That would be true, that’ll, be that would be like rigging. That would be so i mean no one was corrupting their numbers. That would be the most corrupt thing. I’Ve ever done. Oh no! No! I i didn’t get that on twitter. Oh my god! What do i do? Oh, my.

I’M. I’M. Oh, oh, my god, crazy! Let me just play eunice and you’re playing usd thank.