We are back with another tutorial video and in this session we are going to talk about seo and how it plays an important role in the ranking of the content over the internet. So without further ado, let’s get this started. So these are the topics that i’ll be covering in the video. What is seo, how does the search engine work? Why is seo so important types of seo and the final recap let’s get started? What is seo search engine optimization? Is the process of optimizing a website’s visibility on the organic search engine result pages for a targeted set of keywords, or we can say the key phrases seo? Is the process of getting web pages to show up in search engines like google, bing and yahoo to rank high on the serps? You need to understand how a search engine really works in the video. You will learn about how google ranks a website the different types of seo and the various techniques you can use to improve your ranking. Firstly, let’s know how google ranks a website search engines like google, follow three basic steps to rank a website crawling indexing and ranking. Let us begin with crawling: it is a discovery process in which a search engine sends out a team of bots or crawlers or spreaders to find out new and updated content. The second one is the indexing process. It is a process of adding a web page into the google search, depending upon which text you have used in your content.

The google will crawl and index your page. The third one is ranking when the user enters a search. Query the search engine digs into its index of pages matches the user’s query, then sorts and displays the most relevant results to the user. Why is seo so important for every type of business seo can help you build better relationships with your audience. It might improve. Customer experience increase your authority, drive more traffic to your website and give you an edge over the competition, which means more sales, more loyal customers and more growth for your business. Seo is important for business because it provides organizations with the visibility they need to attract customers. During this digital era, 81 percent of customers and 94 percent of b2b buyers perform searches online before purchasing. So the brand, which does not have a robust online presence, will find itself falling far behind its competition. A strong seo strategy will allow brands to position their websites and their content high on the serps for relevant keywords. Moving on to the types of seo, the first one is on page seo and the second one off page seo. What is on page seo on page seo is all about optimizing. Individual web pages to rank high and generate more relevant traffic for search engines on page refers to both content and the html source code of the page that can be optimized on page seo is all you can do on your web page or your website to rank High on sir, this includes keywords: research, anchor text, meta text, meta description and internal as well as external, linking the following are the techniques that might be performed while doing on page seo, publishing high quality content, optimizing page styles and meta description headings and content.

Formatting seo images and other multimedia elements means optimizing: the images url, optimization and the last, but rather not the least internal and external links coming on to off page seo. What is off page seo? It refers to all the things you can do outside your website. That might help to rank your website high link, building forums, influencer outreach and content marketing are a few activities that you can do by performing off page seo. These are the tactics that might work best for off page seo brand mentions guest author, broken link, building content, marketing blog commenting q, a’s and social bookmarking. All these techniques can help you with off page seo. Let me give you a quick recap of whatever we’ve learned. The first one is seo. Is the process of making a website see the right people in the search engine? The second one seo is the most effective way to find business, clients and traffic about 50 percent of my professional traffic comes from search engines, unlike others, seo is a thriving and a bit more competitive industry and the last one how long it takes to see the Results depend on many factors that was all about seo. Thanks for watching the video please hit like share and do not forget to subscribe to our channel, you can watch our last video. If you want to know more about seo keyboard research, the link is given below in the description stay tuned with our channel, because many more interesting topics are coming.