We all had our peanuts at lunch, but to keep our tradition, i will take one peanut for all of us to keep our tradition crew stages up. We have indication that cruise stage separation has been confirmed by the spacecraft entry. We have confirmation of entry interface. Preservance is currently going 5.3 kilometers per second at an altitude of about 120 kilometers from the surface of mars. The fifth is now waiting until it begins feeling the atmosphere slow it down. Once there is enough atmosphere, it will start controlling its path to the landing target. Doppler indicates entry into the atmosphere. The navigation has confirmed that the parachute has deployed and we are seeing significant deceleration in the velocity. Our current velocity is 450 meters per second at an altitude of about 12 kilometers. From the surface of mars, heat shield, press advancement now slowed to subsonic speeds and the heat shield has been separated. This allows both the radar and the cameras to get their first look at the surface. Current velocity is 145 meters per second and an altitude of about 10 km, nine and a half kilometers above the surface ovs valid. We have confirmation that the lander vision system has produced a valid solution and part of terrain. Relative navigation, priming ppa is nominal. We have timing of the landing engines. Back. Shelf is 83 meters per second at about 2.6 kilometers. From the surface of mars, we have confirmation that the back shell has separated.

We are currently performing the divert maneuver. Current velocity is about 75 meters per second at an altitude of about a kilometer off the surface of mars deer and safety. Bravo, we have completed our terrain. Relative navigation. Current speed is about 30 meters per second altitude about 300 meters off the surface of mars sps level, 1440 constant, velocity, accordion altitude air. We have started our constant velocity accordion, which means we are conducting the sky crane about to conduct the fly. Crane maneuver we’ve lost direct to earth tones throttle down. Skycam maneuver has started about 20 meters, tango delta, nominal we’re. Getting signals from mro remus stable uhf is good. Touchdown, confirmed perseverance faithfully on the surface of mars, ready to begin seeking the fans of past life Music. At this point, the defense stage has flown away to save shifts, since perseverance is continuing to transmit direct through marzipan orbiter to earth all stations stand by for the Music Applause images. Applause take that desereo. I remember this spot.