My website will be crawled, it will be not index, so this kind of problem how we can fix by using google search console option. This is a major important key point. Every website to indexing crawling everything we can check out by the by option will be called google search console. This all option will be dependent by option, is called xml sitemap. First of all how to resolve it will be crawled by not indexing by particular url. So in this purpose any search console the major key point is called coverage. Major key point is called coverage in this coverage. What are the addresses occur and valid with the warnings? Value point excludes so this option will be click here. Remove the error option check box. Will be there properly check in this? The below options are here crawl correctly, not indexed duplicate. Google choose different canonical than user discovery, currently not index. So first of all select any one here effect 179 page here in this we are selecting one page here. The simple option: first of all, we can check for texture, robot files – it is block or not, it is hello, they will index will be start on the particular format. Everything will be allow option here. Next, one, the clickbait option will be called inspect url. This is a must ensure important on the particular option, so here will be click. What option will be here in this? So url is not on google, what you can click for click further requesting to index requesting to index.

So what are the your website? Issues are. Not indexing properly have check on the google search console option. This is a major key point for every website. You can do seo so everyone’s submission is not a big task, but if you promote any kind of keyword without indexing on google, if you promote number of times keyword, no use. Why? Because the link is not indexed on google search, console you’re, promoting keyword, nothing useful. So link clicks are more important. That index will be first of all, we can done by where google search console option that is called google search. Console we can give option, will be your inspection, every new links so that one we can implement where, in the particular google search console option those these are the key method we can follow and rectify your indexing issues by using google search console the option name is Called coverage as a warnings valid and not selecting the options. This all will be compulsory important for the particular option and don’t forget. If update any links, we have to update xml sitemap compulsor important xml sitemap, we have to use option. Name is called xml iphone You can go to this website, we can simply copy. The url is asking for three option: what are the your last modification that all will be coming to the first part, the page priority? How much will be give highest and lowest and medium and paid change? Frequently? So what are the change? Your content particular url? Everything we have check will be here always so now.

Click for start by xml sitemap is up to free. They can download up to 500. Links will be here so more than 500 links. Are there how? We can add them, you can go to pro site map. Is there, or else we can go to? Nimtools.Com is a one more website here. You can download more than 500 xml sitemap, also where you can go for, so nowadays this website will be too much. So is going on so lot of people using for this much of website will be using for to download by xml sitemap. So here where you can show by xml sitemap check it out. If you want no patiency search for control f here, xml sitemap generator. Just yesterday’s counting stage here is option here you can, there will be you up to 5000 links, you can download, so it will be done here so compulsory. What are the text will be here? You tested, everything will be here, go to coverage exclude option. So this all will be coming to the issues here. Soft four zero four so will be check here – will be in this particular option, so everything is important and the particular coverage option will be here. So, first of all, you can check this option remaining. You can uncheck and check fill will be here, page relaxation, so you have. What is the problem will be in the particular pages? Select it the page is open or not so that time you have to fix this page and click for in this particular option will be here.

So this is all option we can give to the particular coverage options. So don’t forget. So what are the issues? You are facing that all will be, we can check for blocking on robot.txt file and inspect url. Every url is a blocking stage compulsory. They intimidate by the which one coverage. So what are the issues we will find out? So, first of all option crawl contain not index duplicate, google to different canonical then user and discover currently not index alternate your page with the proper canonical tag and duplicate subtitle now set as a canonical duplicate with our user selector canonical page with redirect and soft four Zero four under call anomaly, so this all options are. We have to find out simple steps select which you already have to index it. Select this option first check the robot.txt file before any option. You have to update xml sitemap for step priority after that inspect url. Now, starting indexing on the particular option: now, click after finishing texture live url. So this is a procedure we have to follow for every pages to this index on the google search results, the page will be not there, they will be go to the company, remove from the google search console they will update. Any files will be update only based on your xml sitemap updation. This is a first priority on your website. Two will be update on the every link on the particular website. Don’T forget always.

You have to check two things: coupler issues and site maps, but most of the effective will be errors and soft forge reference and not crawl the errors. So this will be find out on the google search console perfect working on the seo search engine optimization and promote your keywords based on your index. Url first priority so follow these instructions and promote your website get good results on your search engine, optimization on the every search results, so it will go into index here done text live so don’t forget, follow the steps and update your canonical on this particular google search Console option update by your index issues on using google search, console coverage, option previous google search console and this card search console completely different, so follow this instructions index your website on the search engine, optimization purpose so final stage here after this just click here and download – Is xml sitemap same will, be here same your date mentioned by the today date, and it will be always frequency you can search for hi and how many links you can want five thousand today date, always date will be mentioned by here. I’Ll just create right here. They will start by the uploading now download the files, so everything will be here in this name tools and in your particular options. Are here they’re here? If you go for pro one, what is the charges? I’Ll show you here. If you go for one thousand to one point million per month, you can pay for 3.

49 dollars. So go this pro account. So this is a method. We have to follow your particular website to updating for non indexing issues by using google search consortium each and every website for indexing purpose. Finally, you will comment this option, no worry about that. They will getting problem once again refresh the problem will be fixed if your problem will be mobile, usability check with developers and fix your mobile usable issues when you click they give the complete information update your website on the mobile usability issues. So follow these instructions compulsory. You can index your each and every url on your particular website, which one search console url inspection. Anybody have doubts, ask me in the my channel comment box and definitely will be support each and every website how you can fix your issues on a particular website. Thank you. Thank you very much.