Wd elements also offers plenty of space, but for even a lower price. The price difference lies in the fact that the wd elements is a much slower drive since its sequential red write speeds of around 95 mb per second are some 30 percent slower than those of its seagate rival. Wd elements is highly affordable and offers capacities from 1 tb to 4. Tb of space has usb 3.0 connectivity but similar to the expansion. It lacks special features such as encryption or backup software. Therefore, if you want cheap storage space devoid of extra features, this drive is a great option for you. You won’t get super fast speeds, but will get a windows and mac compatible device with a ton of space for your games and other data beams and other data for more information and latest price check out the product links in description underneath the video at number, 4. Toshiba hdwe 140x zsta. If you are into hard drives that deliver extreme performance and offer plenty of capacity at the same time, toshiba x, 300 should be your choice. Its variety of capacities will certainly allow for more than a handful of installed games, while its very recognizable maximum sequential red write speeds of over 200 mb per second will guarantee for the fluidity of games. Toshiba x 300 offers quiet performance even under full load, while its internal shock sensor and dual stage actuator are ensuring the data integrity, that’s, sata3 connectivity and the rotational speed of 7200 rpm are up to today’s standards, while it’s 128 mb or 256 mb of cash help.

This drive stand out from the bunch and help its high quality performance quality performance. All pathway of my listed number three seagate portable 5 tb. If you’re looking for an affordable backup solution on the go, this external hard drive from seagate has your name on it. For something like give or take, you’ll get 5gb of storage, and this hdd works just as well on windows and mac in a plug and play fashion. Ie. All you have to do is to connect it to your computer via the 3.0 usb cable and the automatic recognition software will kick in as usual when it comes to dirt cheap storage solutions. There are caveats, and the most annoying one in this case is the 5400 rpm writing speed, which means the seagate drive is pretty slow for today’s standards. However, if you’re only looking for cheap storage solutions to complement your let’s say, ps4 gaming console this portable external hard drive from seagate would make for a nice addition to your gaming rig. The setup is super simple: as your playstations box, one will recognize the drive instantly and moving files around between the drive and the console is easy. As pie is easy. Coming in at number two wd blue 1tb pc hard drive, wd blue, is a decent performance. Hard drive, which can be successfully used, both as a secondary drive and as a budget solution for a system drive sata3 connectivity. The rotational speed of 7200 rpm and 64 mb of cash are its specifications and they won’t impress anyone that can also be said for its transfer data speed of around 150 mb per second, but certainly isn’t among the best in the class.

But, on the other hand, high performance is not what makes this drive so attractive. Its key advantage is a combination of different aspects that include its price: good, reliability, variety of capacities and modest, but still good enough performance. The features according to which it can be compared. Only to the toshiba dt01aca hard drives ea hard drives ea hard drives and number one wd black 4 tb performance. If you are into serious hard drives that will deliver a high quality performance. 3.5 wd black should be high on your list, reliable with a promising five year warranty and enhanced performance all thanks to stable, track and dynamic cache technology. This hard drive will fulfill every task that gamers put in front of it. The rotational speed of 7200 rpm, 64 mb or 256 mb of cash and the usual sata3 connectivity is nothing impressive when compared to the competition but its average reading. Writing speed of 180 mb per second that can rise to the staggering 281.9 mb per second. When reading large files is more than a convincing argument, that shows how good this drive is equipped with a dual core processor and fit tested just like the data center hdds, this hard drive will never leave you in the most important moments. Wd black is simply the best hard drive for gaming. You can find aiming you can find aiming you can find for more information and latest price check out the product links in description underneath the video.

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