If you’ve been on this channel for a little while you’ve probably seen this before. This is the uh pc that i built with parts from use: dot, ca um and in today’s video or i guess, set of videos we’re going to be attempting to make this suck a little bit less, because if you missed um those videos uh, you should definitely Go watch them, but if you’re not going to, you should know that this thing really really sucked um, so we’re gon na try and make it suck less, but that kind of proves proved to be pretty difficult, um, but yeah let’s get into it. Shall we Music? Well, here is the used.capc in all its janky glory, um yep there’s still no case for it. I should have gotten a case. Oh well, um yeah there’s still no case for it um. If this was my main pc, it would definitely have a case by now, but it’s not so. This piece of cardboard will be fine for now um but yeah. I would definitely i i’m gon na try and get a case for this thing very soon, but yeah anyways um. You might also be wondering what happened to the graphics card um that ended up in the home theater pc um. You guys should definitely go uh check out those videos if you haven’t already was quite the ordeal um but yeah, but even if it was still here, we wouldn’t need it because we’re going to be replacing it with something a lot better and let’s talk about that.

All right so for the upgrades we have here, four gigabytes of ddr2. This is kind of the bare minimum that i would go for in 2021 um, but it’s at least enough to run windows 10 and that’s, not in focus oh well, whatever um, but yeah it’s it’s, at least more than we had before, and it should be enough To at least run windows 10 um, so i guess that’s good, then right here for our new graphics card. We have the gt740 that i reviewed a little while back um this card it’s, not the best it’s, also not terrible, and it it should make a pretty decent pairing with the um old athlon, 64 x2 5000 that’s in there um and yeah. I just needed some something else to do with this card um and then for storage. We have this old toshiba, um 240 gig laptop hard drive, um it’s, pretty slow, but at least it’s more than 32 gigs of storage um. So, even though it’s kind of slow, we should be able to work with this um and yeah, so i guess let’s get into putting these upgrades in Music Music. All right! Well, i think um. The benchmarks may have to just wait a little while because i think the hard drive might be kind of dying. So what happened is i was in the middle of uh playing some valorant on here. Excuse the noise downstairs, but yeah um. I was sitting down and play some valerian and we got to round 18 and then the system just restarted itself and when it did, the hard drive just started.

Making these really awful noises, like it wasn’t just the normal kind of clicking around that you usually get from a hard drive, but it it really sounded like something was kind of scratching on the inside there um so yeah. I think i’m might try swapping this out. I’Ve got um some other drives here. I’Ve got the seagate one from some other system and then this western digital one that came out of this system, which is my main system um. So i should be able to hopefully do something about all that, but yeah just thought. I should mention that now i did a little bit more thinking about why this system uh may have restarted, and one thing that kind of popped into my head was maybe it’s. This fire hazard sitting on the table here, um yeah uh. This thing is like i’m, pretty sure it’s, only like 350 watts um, but it sh. I don’t know it should be enough to power all this, like, i hope, it’s enough but um, but that this may be uh why it restarted. But i really hope it’s not because i really don’t want to have to go out and get a new power supply. But yeah it’s possible that um the graphics card was just pulling too much power uh because i am having to use this adapter here, but it should be fine. The gt740 is not that powerful, but yeah we’ll, just i’ll just do some messing around and see what happens here all right.

Well, things aren’t going exactly how i hoped they would um turns out. Windows 10 on here is really really bad. It is so freaking slow, um yeah. I was really hoping that i’d be able to get windows 10 running on here. It’S, not really working. Um i’m gon na install linux on here probably that’s. What i would recommend, if you have stuff like this and also for god’s sake, don’t use a hard drive if you have a system like this it’s, just painful um like just get an ssd, even if you don’t do anything else um, but unfortunately, all i have On hand is this hard drive, so we’re gon na suffer with that for now um yeah. I was really hoping to test some more games on here, um, which i’m still gon na do so i’m gon na i got out the good old optical drive again and we’re, just gon na install windows 7 on here for a little bit um. If you do for some reason, end up with a system like this for god’s sake, get an ssd it’s, so bad, otherwise, and um also install linux, um don’t, try and use windows 10 on here, because it is so unbearably slow and don’t use. Windows 7 because it’s not supported, but just for the sake of this video we’re gon na use windows 7, but i really don’t recommend it so yeah we’re just gon na get that installing and then hopefully, in a little bit, i will be able to test some Games on here or test something you know i don’t even know at this point i always have software problems.

It is so annoying every single time, i’ve had issues with any video. I have ever done on this channel so far. It has been software related and it is so annoying and guess what it’s happening again, because now i can’t install any gpu drivers, because apparently i don’t have the right service pack, and so i tried to go download that. But then, of course, support for windows. 7 has ended and you can’t download those anymore, but then, apparently maybe you can, because i found some download thingy from microsoft yeah and i also found uh this on the tech powerup website, which i’m also downloading in the event that that doesn’t work and if none Of this works well, i don’t know what to do um, maybe uh. We try gaming on linux or something with this um god. I really hope this works. The service pack apparently installed so now, it’s time to see what’s gon na happen here. Oh please, work! Please! Just work well, okay, all right, well, it’s time for another little update. I have now attempted to uh i’m, currently attempting to install uh windows vista drivers for the gt gt 740 um uh, yeah uh. This should be pretty interesting. I’M. Not i don’t have a lot of confidence that this is going to work super well, but if it installs – and we can actually like do stuff on here – that requires the graphics card, um, yeah, that’s, all that matters.

Now we are checking the system compatibility again like i have seen this screen way too many times now: okay, it’s it’s, taking longer than it usually does holy sh. It actually is going to work. I think it got past the system check let’s go next. What do we want? You know we don’t need a driver. What is dot net framework yeah we’re gon na, do that. I don’t know what this is we’re just gon na do that we don’t need the audio driver, because we have audio things on here right. Well, we’ll check back once it’s installed, i guess. Oh, my god, it actually worked. I can’t believe it after the amount of pain and suffering. I did not think this was going to do anything and it did oh, my gosh well we’ll see after it restarts. But, oh my god, i think, we’re about to get something done here. Guys let’s go so uh there. You have it um part one of uh trying to make this computer suck less um. Yeah um could have gone a lot worse. Uh should have gone a lot better um, but i mean that’s just kind of how these videos are, but yeah so make sure you get subscribed um. So you don’t miss um. The second part of this video, where i benchmark some games and uh, see if any of these upgrades really make much of a difference here.