All the bait had gone so let’s have a look, see what’s left this time. If anything, yeah it’s all gone again right, okay, some more okay, let’s put a new tray in thing – is we’ve got chickens, we’re gon na get wraps anyway, so probably never ending. Suppliers i’m gon na put the label if i’ve got a label on there. Last time, just in case uh, where there’s any accidents with it and people, know what’s in the box right right and check the other box. Well, just first let’s just say: we’re going to check it right, so there’s any fresh signs of anything in there. Just in case you remember, there was a hole down there before, but the owners blocked it up and put brick over it. But the thing is they could just dig out the side anyway. So that’s, a good sign, nothing’s come back through there again, good okay. So look around here, there’s a hole around here before Applause no still filled in that’s, a good sign, here’s, all our chicken friends, okay, i’ll check around here let’s have another look under here, so i use anything that looks about the same as last time. Good all right, let’s grab this plate box down here now: okay, yeah still a bit of bait left in this one. This time, which is good news and looking at those holes down there, there’s lots, lots of leaves and things in the hole. So don’t look anything’s going in and out of there anymore, so hopefully we sort it out same with that hole down there.

Really, if you’re looking there, you can see those little bits of leaves and stuff in there, but like anything’s, going in and out there anymore right good looks like we might sort it out. I think good job i’ll just check the other compost area as well. I’Ll just see if there’s anything going on down there, all right let’s just go and have a look Music it’s only bedding in there really out of the chicken rum, sir, but most of anything in there right good, night’s.