If you go to your local hardware store and take a look, you can be kind of daunting to pick what’s going to work and what’s, not so i’m going to try to walk you through some of the worst possible ideas, the worst way to catch and eliminate Mice are going to be sticky traps. These traps are messy they’re, sticky, they’re, dirty they’re, also not a real humane way to kill rodents. So what happens with these? Is you take them? You place them along a runway so along a wall or even up on on a ledge here in a basement um, and what will happen is obviously, as they walk along they’ll walk into this they’ll get stuck and then they basically starve or die of dehydration. So not a real great way to go uh. The other thing i don’t like about these and they make several different varieties. They’Ve got some larger ones here. Um is the size of them. So some of these aren’t designed to sit on a ledge like that because you’ve only got you know a narrow space. So if something goes and gets on this it’s going to just possibly fall off, make a mess get stuck to your wall, it’s, not real, clean. So you want to kind of avoid using these. The other thing i don’t tell you about when you set these up is if you’re not checking them regularly and something gets on there and dies it can smell, really bad.

So we do recommend, if you’re, using this, to check them almost daily um. The other downside to that is mice. Don’T want to be any closer to you than you want to be to them. So your presence in that area over and over and over again is going to probably make them move somewhere else. So if you are checking these daily you’re, probably not being as efficient as you could be with them, so just another reason i don’t, like sticky, glue traps or sticky pads the other real kind of not great idea are these scent packets. I see people putting mothballs out all the time i’m spraying viscous chemicals in areas they don’t want to necessarily go into in an effort to try to deter them from being in that area. Most of the time for these to be really effective, they would need to be placed on the outside of the house once the mice are in your house, it’s already kind of too late. All you’re doing is shifting them from one place to the other. By using this product, the other thing with this product is any scent based product, and i am not picking on this one, particularly, but any of those is not super effective. The best way i can explain that to you is, if you, you know, go to a sporting event and at half time or in between quarters, you go and use the restroom and you’re in there and it doesn’t smell real pleasant by the time you’re done and Leaving your sense of smell is already used to that and that’s about 35 to 40 seconds, and if you think about that that’s an enclosed place kind of like i’m in here right in a small basement, there’s, not a lot of air movement, so that smell.

When you install it properly on the outside, your home is going to dissipate very quickly and it’s not going to give you a whole lot of benefit. In my opinion, a snap or kill trap is probably your best option, so these are the ones that i love. The victor 1919’s they’re simple to set they’re fast and clean and the animals don’t suffer the other option. If you want to be a little less hands on is going to be this other little plastic setter. Another great little design a little more costly than this one. But that will get the job done, the other one that i will mention, it’s not super effective, and this is a catch all style device. So this is designed to be set along a ledge or a wall and as a the mouse runs along, he will simply walk in and he’ll get stuck in here a lot of times. You can put bait in here too, to help entice them in uh. The problem with these are, if you’re a mouse and you’re stuck in there and your buddy’s outside thinking to come in. What do you think the mouse inside’s telling them run away stay away, get out of here, so you can catch multiple mice, but typically once you catch one in here, it’s kind of all done and over with and again, if you’re not checking these regularly meaning. Every couple days they die in here they stink and it creates a real real mess so again, not a real, effective method and it’s, also not real humane for the animals.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about any of these devices feel free to check out any of our other videos.