What was that huh an intruder? A space intruder go get it Music. How far did the intruder go? Let’S, see who’s, so tired, hi, my cute friend. Why are you so tired? I saw a strange intruder and ran after it, but i can’t see where it went. Maybe you saw beep bop beep bop, oh no! No, no! You don’t, know beep bop, the martian cute beep bop, who likes hide and seek martian bebop lives on mars, Music. Nobody knows not even me mars. Oh so you’re mars, you’re right, i’m mars! Oh, i see you have red rusty, dusty land and dry valleys too. Oh my you know so much about me. Then do you know what color the sky is on mars? What do you take me hoagie for, of course the sky is blue that’s when you’re looking up from earth on mars, the sky looks pink wow like the sunset sky. It must be so pretty it is. So pretty did you know there’s a huge volcano on mars. Well, mars has a volcano of course it’s much bigger than the volcanoes on earth. More more tell me more, please mars. Tell me more calm down here. I’Ll tell you one by one Music space shuttle pathfinder pathfinder prepare pathfinder prepare for landing on mars, landing landing. We are on mars, open, pathfinder, Music Applause, Music on mars. Look at dry dry valleys on mars over here over there is that water on the ground.

I wonder if water flowed on mars, my sparse Music, mars wow, the more i know, you’re a really fun planet. I hear that a lot. I bet i really wonder if there’s water or living things, oh there’s, supposed to be a new space rover coming today like the mars pathfinder yup. I need to go greet my guests. Have you heard mr sun disappeared? Oh mr sun disappeared. Oh, what do we do? Our solar system planets are in trouble. Come on let’s go Music, huh what’s, going on breaking news. The center of our solar system, mr sun, has disappeared. If we don’t find him soon, our solar system planets will be in danger.