white., Wh …. What The Sun sends out all colours of the rainbow and all colours of light combined make white light.. If the Sun was a certain colour say, green … Sun is Hulk, Hulk, Smaash, Uh, sure …. Then everything o n Earth would look green or dark., But because its actually white, we can see all the colours on Earth. The reason it looks yellow to us is because of the Earths atmosphere. Woah woah woah. Why is our Sun called a Yellow, Dwarf Star? Then? Well, not all Yellow, Dwarf stars are yellow., Some are white and our Sun is one of these Confusing., So its a Yellow, Dwarf and looks Yellow to us, but it is not actually yellow Fact checked. The Asteroid Belt is dangerous. Many people think the asteroid belt is very dangerous and it is crowded with asteroids. Think of your favourite space movie, and you will see spaceships dodging in and out of the way of asteroids. Phew. However, the Asteroid Belt between Earth and Mars is not like that.. Several of our Spacecraft, including Voyager 1 and 2, have flown right through it.. The truth is asteroids are really far apart and hitting one would be very unlikely. Whats the largest object in the Asteroid Belt. The dwarf Planet Ceres is the largest object in the Asteroid. Belt. Its best to avoid an object that size, Hey, Saturn Ive got a Space Joke for you. Right go on then. When do astronauts eat.

I dont know. At launch time Lunch l launch time., Get it Not for me. Fact: checked.. The Moon is close to The Earth.. Many people think The Moon is very close to The Earth., Because The Moon looks so big in The Earths sky. It must be close to us. Well no. On average. The Moon is about 238855 miles away from The Earth. Thats about 384000 KM. That is far away. Look at the 747 Jumbo Jet that you fly to holiday on.. It can fly at nearly 600 mph.. If you could fly to The Moon on one of these aircraft. It would take you 17 days non, stop to get there And theres no beach or ice cream there, either On a normal spacecraft. It would take you about three days.: How long to drive in a car to The Moon. Well at 60, mph.. hmmm.! If you could drive a car to The Moon, it would take you nearly six months to get there. quotAre. We there yetquot quotNoquot Fact checked. Uranus has always been called Uranus. Hi Uranus, so you have always been called Uranus. Then Well, yes of course.. I Wh.What After you were discovered in 1781 For 70 years you were called Georgium Sidus.. Why? You ask? Well, you were named after King George, the 3rd of England., So you could have been called Planet George after The King. Imagine that I could get used to this. No. No. No.. Yes, 70 years after discovering Georgium Sidus, it was decided to rename you to Planet Uranus, Oh no.

What was Planet Uranus named after Planet Uranus was named after The Greek God of The Sky.. To be honest, I think Id rather be called George. Or Humphrey., Or What about Jupiter Jr No Fact checked. Mercury is the hottest Planet.. Some people think that, because Mercury is the closest Planet to The Sun, it must be the Hottest.. It would make sense if Mercury was the hottest planet, as it is the closest planet to The Sun., But that is not true. Wh.What, But Im boiling.. Look. How close – I am, I know, Mercury., But in fact Venus is the hottest Planet in The Solar System, even though it is about 31 million miles further from The Sun than Mercury.. Oh man not fair. How is it hotter then, Because its so close to The Sun? Mercury has little atmosphere and no clouds around it., So the heat leaves the planet after it hits it. Venus, however, has a choking thick atmosphere that traps the heat from The Sun. Whooooh.. How much hotter is it on Venus? Well, during the day, the average temperature on Mercury is 800F, while on Venus it reaches …. How much 880F Keep in mind. The average temperature here on Earth is 61F. At least you are still known as The smallest Planet. In the Solar System, You are Yeah right Fact: checked There you go, did you know them all. Thanks for watching., Dont forget to click like and subscribe and well see you all soon.