The performance is amazing, so stay tuned to the video and i’ll show you big thanks to tp link for sending me this router to review i’m. A big fan of their routers, in fact, one of my most popular videos, was the review i did on their ax50 wi fi six router. This is their next gen wi fi 6 ax 1800 mesh system, also known as the deco x20 i’ll, leave a link to it in the description below. If you want to check it out at the time of this video it’s going for less than 250 dollars on amazon, some key advertised features are connect over 150 devices, faster wi fi speeds up to 1800 megabits per second covers up to 5800 square feet. It’S also compatible with amazon alexa and it comes with home gear. They were also rated number one in customer service, so that’s, pretty good let’s, take a closer look at the more detailed specs on the box. For those of you who are interested Music, Music, Music, here’s. A diagram of where you could place them for the best wi fi experience let’s take a look at this side. It also comes with a 2 year warranty and 24 7 tech support. Now let’s unbox it and check it out, Music it’s packaged pretty well. I opened the box upside down, but that’s okay, they didn’t fall out they’re, pretty secure in the box Music here’s, one of the three decos they’re, all identical Music.

These are all the accessories to connect them, let’s, open the accessory box and see what’s inside this is the power cable. This is the ethernet cable and a quick start guide. Let’S peel this plastic off here’s a closer look at the deco. You got the tp link branding right here in the front on the back. You got the power port and two ethernet ports. All three decos are identical, so you get the same amount of ethernet ports on the back on the top. You have this nice design on the bottom. You get these nice little vents, these non slip pads and the pinhole reset button so for a size, comparison here’s. What it looks like next to a can it’s slightly shorter Music, alright, so here’s a speed test in my office. My internet, speed from my isp is 200×10 in case you’re, wondering if you’re enjoying this video so far, please give it a thumbs up Music. We got more than 200 by 10, so that’s pretty good. All right so now, let’s do a range, slash speed test in my backyard. Sorry, if the video is not in focus at times it was very cold and wet outside and we’re still getting those great speeds. So that is super impressive. Just look at it go quick question which router do you have comment and let me know Music all right there we go pretty good speeds. So now let’s travel halfway to the fence and run another speed test.

Here we go. Speeds are still very good from this distance. I could set up a camp back here and still have internet Music, so there it is now let’s, go all the way to the end of the fence and do another test. Music let’s go. So if i had to guess how far this fence is from the house, it’s probably over 200 feet Music and look at that still pulling in those fast speeds. On top of that, i still have three full bars of wi fi. Just look at it go Music! There, it is very good speeds, all right so now, i’m in my car in the garage let’s, do another speed test, it’s a lot of walls for the signal to go through plus the car. So if you have a tesla, it wouldn’t be a problem. Downloading software updates to your car Music speeds are looking good. This wi fi 6 mesh system is very nice excellent range and speeds, no doubt Music there. It is all right. So this is my previous tp link: ax50 wi fi six router i’ve been using it for a while now and had no issues with it at all. Now for the setup process, first go to your app store and download the tp link. Deco app once opened. Go to sign up and create an account Music once you’re logged in click let’s begin and allow this right here: Music click i’ve already given local network permissions click, let’s begin and select your deco x20 right here here it tells you what you need.

Click next next step, unplug the power from your modem, make sure to disconnect your old router from the modem connect the ethernet cable from your modem to your deco, but don’t plug the power cable in yet. This is where that ethernet cable from the deco plugs into the modem once your modem and old router are disconnected click next right here you want to plug your deco and mode them in and let them power up so let’s plug them in Music. Now, just click! Next make sure the lights on your modem are solid. If not, then give it a minute once the lights are solid click internet led is stable right here, make sure the light on the deco is pulsing blue. If it’s yellow give it a minute when it’s blue click, deco’s led is pulsing blue next up we’ll connect to the deco’s wi fi let’s go back over to settings and under wi fi, look for deco and select it there. It’S connected so let’s go back into the deco app Music click. I have connected right here, select the location of your main deco. I will choose office for mine connection type. Just click next click next Music here is where you create your network name and password click. Next and it will create the network all right once that’s done, click connect. Click join. Your network is now set up. Congrats click. Next, oh looks like the pencil died. Oh well just tap.

Next now let’s connect the other decodes to the network. I’Ll put one downstairs and one upstairs in a different room: all you have to do is plug them in and they automatically connect within two minutes. Just look for the green light on the decos. Then click got it alright, so i have all decos connected so to check and make sure everything is connected properly. Just tap internet right here you can see they’re all online one two three: this is the green light you’re looking for on your decos to know if they’re connected properly after everything is set up, make sure to update the decos. If you see one available tap, download firmware Music tap, install Music, then your decos are up to date. Here are some extras just tap home here you can turn on antivirus and parental controls, Music, so overall it’s a great product. It definitely got my stamp of approval. You know i give you honest tech reviews, nothing biased, so if you’re in the market for a mesh system definitely check this one out, if you have one already, let me know what you think about it. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. Drop a comment – and let me know what you think also subscribe to the channel for more videos like this.