It is extremely appreciated, as we make our way to 400 subscribers, and my statistics have shown that around 93 of you guys who watch my videos are not subscribed, so it would be extremely appreciated if every single person watching could consider hitting that red button. Of course, only if you do enjoy and stay tuned for a lot more monster content coming your way, don’t forget to join our discord. Link is at the top of the description and without wasting any more time, let’s get right into the video. Today, i am bringing you a video talking about my favorite thing from monster arise that we’ve been shown so far and the part of the game that caught my eye and continues to do so every single time. I see the game. That thing is the game’s graphics. I think the one area of the game that all of us i think can agree on is how good the graphics are, especially when you consider the fact that it’s running on a portable console so before you start throwing in a world, looks better remember, they’re running On completely different types of hardware and it’s, just not fair to expect a game on a portable system to be like extremely realistic, and i think capcom have done an excellent job with the game’s visual design in game. They’Ve done an excellent job with how they’ve modeled the terrain and the monsters with very good attention to detail for the more minutes details in various areas, two monsters that really stood out to me when they showcased them was tiger x and barrios.

Both of them looked extremely good in game, with the amount of detail on them, and it was just a massive improvement over the previous titles that were on portable systems. One example that stood out to me a lot was the water in shrine ruins, which was one of my favorite parts of the map, and i think it really stood out to me every single time that i was running through those areas of the map. When i was fighting music sooner in the demo, and if that was a lot of times and every single time, i would still notice how well done the water’s graphics like were done, and i think capcom really went to work, pushing the switch to its limits and It really shows the jump from generations to this is really astonishing and shows how good the re engine and the developers working with the graphics are. Many of you may be wondering why the visuals are my favorite thing about the game rather than the new gameplay and like the new mechanics, and that simply is due to the fact that the monster game loop will always remain the same. And ryze is no different and that specific game loop is one that i will always love. Regardless of what happens as long as the base cycle of events is there, which is, of course, we slay monsters, craft, their gear, slay, bigger ones. I think a big part of why the graphics are so well done is the well chosen japanese theme, as instead of pushing for a realistic design, which is a bit unrealistic to be running on today’s handheld systems, it’s going for a more semi, realistic, stylistic approach, which I think it nails the colors are extremely well saturated and diverse, managing to define the entities on screen with a very crisp shade and one of the worst things people do is comparing it to worlds.

Graphics, which are the the graphics from world, are running on a device that is more than double the size of the switch and running exclusively on mains electricity. So it’s a bit unfair to make that comparison rise, is still a massive jump in graphic fidelity for the portable titles and it’s. Mind boggling that these feats are even possible. Considering that we have an open map design with three monsters active at once. I never could have dream i’d be playing a monster back in 2008 in the palm of my hands that looked this damn good. This does bring us to the end of the video guys if you did enjoy be sure to smash the like subscribe. Buttons is extremely appreciated, as we make our way to 400. Subscribers comment down below what you think about ryze’s, graphics and don’t forget to join our discord. Link is at the top of the description. Thank you all.