What i’m thinking but we’ll see? We will see all right so let’s, uh let’s, watch this trailer and then i will respond accordingly. Hopefully the audio’s not too loud, but it’s live tv. We just got ta work with it. All right, let’s see what we got. Okay, already we got the desert wrath again, whoa whoa whoa hold on no, you know what we’re gon na watch the whole thing and then we’re gon na dissect, so let’s watch the entire thing first i’m, already seeing stuff i’m already seeing stuff. That uh is tipping me off to what’s gon na, be in this game. Alright, that looks like uh. Oh no that’s, another bug type that’s, not nursela. Oh that’s, a a lava spider thing holy crap, but serious is back that’s, my boy, i miss fighting for serious and gravios. We got vulvadon back paralysis, boy, oh man, look at that desert! Biome yo! Oh both angles are back. No oh what’s that that’s new okay uh, i know i said i was just going to watch it. I said i was just going to watch it and not pause it, but this looks like a uh lego chris logic chris or whatever uh, and i haven’t seen his design in a while, which is kind of giving me pause a little bit. This is basically a mud latch. Chris, oh, go, assemble the villagers. 50 years ago, kimura village was attacked by the rampage and magnapollo and we suffered some devastating casualties.

Oh man, oh my god holy crap. Oh, they got uh. Oh, they got monsters from every generation. Dude. Look at this there’s monsters from all the generations in this game holy crap. This is like a siege mode. Oh my god, dude apex, badger boy. Oh my god! We should dude preparations right away. Oh yeah! We must stop the calamity okay march 26th, eh all right. Okay, so now now we get to go back and we get to actually do some uh. I have not watched the new um. I haven’t watched the new movie now um yeah, i haven’t watched the new movie, yet i plan on it at some point, but right now i just wanted to see this trailer respond to it. Really quick, so let’s go through and just look at it and see. Since we got some brand new stuff popping up, she’s still hot the movie uh, oh you, you saw the uh. Did you see the movie? Would you think about it? Okay, so obviously the rampage stuff is super important. We need to definitely address that, but let’s go through and see if there’s any uh particularly noticeable stuff in the trailer. We got the desert back obviously, and we got the these little sand fish or whatever i haven’t seen any of the cephadromes or whatever the uh. The land sharks um they didn’t show any of those that’s uh was that black diablos or was that just regular diablos? I can’t tell it’s night time it’s a little hard to to tell which one is which okay and this spider is uh really got.

Some nursilla vibes going on because nursilla was kind of a spider. This thing is called the rakhna kadachi kadaki rakhna, kadaki, okay and it’s. A lava spider i’m assuming you’ll only be fighting this pretty much in this zone. Get you all wrapped up and burn you while you’re it wrapped up holy crap, that’s insane and look. The cereals is like he’s got the glow like all over his body. Now, usually, this little chest area back in the day used to glow but he’s all he’s he’s extra hot. In this one i used to love fighting him because he he went down easily with the bow your pierced shots felt really good fighting him. If you fought him with the bow or the gun uh, it felt real good to shoot through that because he had a a lot of body to shoot through and breaking that chest piece felt real good too so i’m excited, but serious is back. He’S got pretty good defensive, armor uh volvadon. He was pretty good. I mean he’s he’s kind of like uh azeroth, the the bear badger bear thingy uh, but he’s uh, that’s that’s, the his uh. The skeleton is basically the badger bearer but he’s all roly, poly and uh. He has paralysis and, i think um. I think he had some combo weapons that were paralysis and fire like dual blades that were both, i think and he’s. You know he’s not really a threat, he was pretty decent to fight look at this zone, man.

This looks huge. These areas, man they’re massive – for this – to be a portable game. These areas are huge. Looking this guy, though this guy i’m, particularly interested in almadron, is his name yeah. Look at that dude that’s, a laggy that is a straight up, laggy body design. So that leads me to believe laggy might be in this game. He doesn’t have to be underwater, but that is that is the laggy design as a matter of fact um. What is it mizutsune and um, the other one kind of has uh the leviathan body uh skeleton too. So this game looks like they’re, definitely adding more leviathan or serpents. Are we going to get to go on days, long conquests, where it looks like man from the rampages like it seems like we’ll we’ll, get to that we’ll get to the rampages, but we got mud coming. Look at that elder. I have important news so it’s finally beginning go assemble the villagers 50 years ago and the way that they’re, showing this this isn’t just going to be one monster. This is going to be groups like large groups of monsters. Look at that and they’re huge he’s not supposed to be that big right, but serious uh. This is one of the new guys he’s, basically um he’s, like a combination of the the frog and the uh, the shark thing from the last game they got. I always forget his name. You fight fight him so many times, but always forget his name he’s in here from world wait a minute hold on hold on was that luna? What is that? What the is that that almo, it almost looked like lou nostra, but that is not lunoster.

What the hell is. This monster hold on. Okay, we got ta look at that that’s, the new bat looking monster: okay, there’s mizu we’re at the end, kazu, the new bird one that’s, the spiders there’s, two of them with the with the beam going there’s tigrex confirmed okay. So this is an apex azeroth right. Azaros yeah, so we’re gon na i’m, assuming we’re gon na get apex versions of each specific monster too, is cuckoo in this game. I don’t i don’t know if they’re ever bringing cuckoo back man he just i don’t know i don’t know if they’re ever bringing them back. I really like kaku. That was always the first armor set that i got the rampage. How long do you think it’s going to last my so i’m wondering like? Is there a specific quest that you get to just summon them to help you in or what’s that about? I look at this monster hunter. Nintendo switch. I mean it’s it’s kind of lame. Unfortunately, like it, does it doesn’t really look all that cool, but it is monster hunter stuff. So i kind of want it off of that fact alone, but i already have a switch and if this thing looked a little cooler like if they put a little more effort into it, got rid of the nintendo switch sign and made. This look a little more interesting. I i buy another switch but yeah this ain’t. They do enough to me.

So it is what it is um but see man it sucks too, because, like all the actual nintendo games, they go ham to change all the stuff how’d. The house thing go uh, the house thing went good uh, we went to go check it out and uh it looks like squishy definitely wants it. I didn’t see any flaws, so we’ll, probably we’ll, probably be moving in or starting to move in at the beginning of next month. So so that’ll be cool. Yeah i’m pumped dude i’m pumped for this let’s see the controller controller’s kind of cool. I mean it’s. Still pretty plain too, i don’t have a pro controller, though i actually have a uh. I have some kind of knockoff switch controller, so i might actually get the pro controller, at least because that knockoff controller is loud. Okay, deluxe monster hunter main game. Okay. This is all the bullcrap that you’re not even gon na care about – and this is a this is weird i do not want either one of these running around with me. I’M. Sorry that layered costume is just not cool. Let me know if you want help moving. All you need is a truck, and a few guys are you do you live in ohio understatement? I have a pro controller that looks like mario themed, gamecube controller, oh that’s, cool truck, some guys in a large roll of plastic, wrap yeah. It shouldn’t be too weird. We’Re not moving far at all either we’re, literally like it’s it’s like down the street sinatra, owes you for all the food well, the way you asked you asked like you lived down the street and you were gon na help me or something i’m like what.

Let me know if you need help i’m, like huh all right, uh let’s, see here what else we got. Oh, these are amiibos. I will be getting these though i’ll be getting the amiibos. Each amiibo unlocks a different special layered armor, but is it only oh? Oh, i see i see so you have to each one of these unlocks this specific layered, armor and that’s it that’s. All they do is just the one layered armor you don’t, get like uh, login bonuses and stuff cause that’d be interesting, uh and monsta hunter stories. Two wings of ruin, there’s gon na, be a crossover, apparently all right, so i’m kind of excited about what it looks like or what seems to be like a siege mode for monster hunter because that’s what it looks like it really looks like there’s like a some Kind of non stop siege mode of monsters, just kind of rushing you, you know and uh if that’s gon na be the case, i am uh i’m, pretty interested in that because we hadn’t the only other siege mode missions we used to have like that is like Uh, what is it uh uh? What was the the big big giant dragon that used to walk through the valley? You had to kind of stop him from getting all the way until the end i mean i know we had. We had new stuff like that in the world, but um my brain keeps saying kushala but it’s, not it’s, not kashala, it’s lao, shan, lao shan and some of the other ones from back in the day, and it really feels like that, but there’s multiple monsters coming Through and uh, i wonder if, if it’s, just like a free for all, go for as long as you want type thing, is it timed i don’t know yes, i’m gon na be i’m, probably gon na be um, checking out a bunch of other any other videos That they release for uh, ryze and uh doing videos like this, where we uh respond to them, live and check them out together.

So that way we can all be up to date, because i really do want to do a lot of content for this game and i plan on doing that this time around so we’ll see we’ll see how it all pans out, but uh everybody who stopped by Thank you for stopping by we’ll, be on lords over here in about an hour or two and uh yeah and uh. I don’t think i’ll be streaming tonight.