It was crazy, though. A ton of people were watching from youtube and twitch, and i didn’t know that switch. Was that strong, when it comes to that anyway, no beating around the bush i’ll give you a short rundown of what was inside that trailer and if ever you do want to watch the whole thing link is down below. Alright, a variety of returning monsters has sneaked their way into the trailer. We have ratholos raytheon, anjanat, goku and tigrex, and i know i know they’re not originally from world and iceborn, but come on man i’m. A fighter. Please please don’t go hard on me because i’m, a fighter monsters from previous mh titles, were also teased, like bosarios and bobby balbidon and yeah. I know some of the old world now i’ve played mhgu man, i’ve hunted the hardest monsters ever rak nakadaki and al mudran. I think are new monsters that are going to be introduced in mh rise. The rak nakadaki footage gives us a glimpse of the volcanic area which, by the way, is a job well done playing a bit of mhgu in my streams, i’ve seen this area this so called volcanic area and i’ve got ta, say it’s a big step up. We also see rack nakadaki, not only putting spiderweb on us, but also having the capacity to ignite us while we’re being covered by that spiderweb that’s that’s cool, the almodrone footage gives us a glimpse of the desert area.

Kinda reminds me of wildspire ways. This footage, fighting al mudrone kind of makes me feel like i’m fighting against a freaking earthbender. I mean look at that. Look at that looks like an earthbender. Is this the final form of barrier barney? The highlight of the trailer, in my opinion, is no other than the sneak peek to ryze’s rampage gameplay, which gave me goosebumps you’ll, see a hell load of monsters on your screen, clumped up in tight spaces and surrounded by new toys. And you know when there are new toys, there are new types of cheese and i love me some cheese, the height of my goosebumps, just reached its peak. When i saw the hunter mount a rajang, i know rajang’s gon na be there. Of course we can mount it, but seeing it in person, meaning the video is awesome. I cannot wait, punch a monster till it’s down and end it with an anime finisher, and just when i was settling down suddenly an apex arzuro’s appeared. I have no idea what an apex are. Zuros is, i don’t know what apex is but i’m telling you when you watch the whole video when the weeb admiral goes here, it comes watch out for the apex. Do not let it pass. I got goosebumps again. Amazing. Amazing i mean my reenactment might not be spot on, but i mean just just just watch the whole thing that segment was amazing: the music epicness the voice, wee badmiral nice, though something in the trailer caught my eye.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it is rampage. Just a bunch of monsters spawned in an arena where and you have a lot of toys to play with and it’s gon na, be one big free for all, or is it sort of like a tower defense game? Look at this really short clip wherein it seems the two rack nakadaki are almost in line and they are approaching the same destination they’re getting hit but it’s as if they just don’t give a damn. Okay, they’re, not looking at the hunters or whatever they’re just walking in a straight line. Would it be like a repel zora, 2.0, but now it’s with smaller monsters. I i don’t know i don’t know just something that caught my eye and when you thought everything was over, the new heartthrobs of mh rise suddenly make a dramatic entrance. The twins: what does this mean? Would they actually help you or will they just be? You know armor skins either way: i’m hyped. There was no announcement of a second demo, but considering how it has been all these years, mh world we have a first demo, then we have a second demo with the flagship monster iceborn we have the first demo. Then we have a second demo with the flagship monster. I believe it’s gon na be the same for mh rise. Thank you for watching.