On the labor side, i suspect would admit that he was a can do leader in that time and after policies he became chairman of beyondblue. He knows about mental distress, this kind of distress caused by lockdowns. I spoke to him a short while ago, jeff kenneth, thank you so much for your time. Daniel andrews seems to be really popular in the polls because he seems so tough in fighting the coronavirus. My question is this: if he’s so good, why is victoria doing so badly? Well, that’s, an interesting uh question and conundrum uh. My simple advice, andrew to you, is don’t believe the polls. I think this latest lockdown is very savage it’s universal throughout the state. The damage it is causing is enormous, and my great worry is when wednesday comes if he removes the lockdown, and there are two or three cases after that what’s he going to do. Is he going to lock us down again, or is he going to publicly admit that what he’s done this time has been over the top and unnecessary? I suspect one of the reasons we have the total state lockdown right now is because the police force were simply not in a condition to be able to put in either the ring of steel around the metropolitan area or to man all of the roads leading around The state, so i think this has been a knee jerk reaction to a few cases, not that they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

But i think you and i have always said that this virus had to be managed as they’re doing in new south wales, rather than causing the disruption to so many families and businesses that’s continuing to occur today. I agree you just need to look over the border if you’re in victoria and see how it can be done without shutting down a whole state. This is incredible: what are the key mistakes that you have seen so far andrew i’m worried that we are not always getting the truth and that we’re being misled so, for instance, when they put the lock down into place, they said there would be for five days Only and yet the order to allow that to occur is dated the 26th of february. In other words, it potentially is already ordained that this this lockdown could be extended to the 26th. Now why didn’t they tell us about that when they said we were going to lock down for five days. Firstly, secondly, i’ve, given you a reason why i think the whole state has been locked down it hasn’t been because there’s a threat of a spread. Some of our towns near the borders, gippsland, mildura, etc, haven’t had cases for months, and i think the third worry i have uh with. All of this is the premier’s argument that this virus, this particular natured virus out of the uk, spread so much faster. Yes, it may spread faster, but it doesn’t justify the words that he used when he was announcing the lockdown.

It was almost as though we were all going to be eaten by it. If we weren’t locked down and i think again – he’s exaggerated the speed at which the virus might travel to suit his own purpose. So again it comes back to the original question. These viruses are going to be with us for the rest of time in one form or another. We’Ve got to learn to manage them, and i don’t think it’s right that every victorian should be paying the price for the failures of the government and an autocratic premier. Because they are failing to provide the protection and the associations that we need, you mentioned the government losing trust, your trust, certainly, and whether it’s telling the truth. When i ask you about mistakes, let me roll those two things: mistakes and trust in this question. Who do you believe the man with the nebulizer who says he was allowed to use that nebulizer for his asthma when he was in quarantine? Where that then spread the virus or the government which says he wasn’t allowed to andrew i’ve, got to say? I believe the patient i belie, i believe, the 30 year old. I feel very sobbi, sorry for emma casa, who has now been appointed in some senior role in managing this virus. She’S, a very good, honest woman with a lot of training and daniel really threw her under the bus the other day she said she wasn’t thrown under the bus, but he pulled away from the interview and let her do one separately.

I don’t understand it. I don’t understand why everyone else is wrong and everyone else has behaved incorrectly, except those who have responsibility for governing the state. Again, as i say at the moment, the people paying the penalty for this are the public of victoria, six million of them, regardless of where they live, and yet the premier still is prepared to blame other people and then not apologize. Why would you not believe a thirty year old man? Why does everything he said have to be written down on a piece of paper somewhere to justify his claim? I just don’t understand it: jeff kenneth, you mentioned that he threw the head of the quarantine hotels under the bus, making her do a press conference on her own to resolve this issue of who’s, telling the truth about how it started um. This is this seems to be a pattern uh his health minister. He he keeps blaming someone else, so his health mister, let him down she got dumped. He said a department didn’t tell the truth. He got done now blaming the head of the quarantine hotels. At what stage do you think the person who should be dumped the person who should quit or be sacked or whatever it is, should be daniel andrews under the westminster system, a leader in this case a premier has to accept the responsibility of his department and his Government there has been no other leader whose administration, whose autocratic administration his personal fingerprints on everything that happened led to the second horn quarantine disaster, which led to 800 lives lost and, of course, the loss of businesses.

We’Re. Now, back in a different scenario and i’m sure things have improved in many cases. But can you just imagine if it was sky news who, because of one of their acts of mismanagement, led to the loss of one life of their employee? How quickly daniel andrews and the government would bear down on you, they would take you to court you’d, either be fined and or jailed, which are the provisions that they’ve put into place in an act here in victoria, and yet they won’t apply it to themselves. So i’m, just saying this is the most incredible exhibition of double standards. Now i don’t say this personally against daniel andrews at all. I say it against the principle of good government of responsible government and the acceptance of personal responsibility. There is no moral acceptance of any responsibility, sadly, by daniel andrews at some stage, daniel andrews. He failed. He failed again. People have died. I think you’ve got to take responsibility. You’Ve got to go jeff kenneth. Thank you.