If you’ve, given it people any notice whatsoever in melbourne, that there was going to be a stage four lockdown or four reasons to leave your home, but not included. The whole state logic tells you, and indeed past practice tells you that very significant numbers of people from metropolitan melbourne would have traveled into regional victoria that’s not well. Well, as i said very clearly to you yesterday, you can’t, if you give people notice so at lunch time you announce you’re, going to have a stay at home, four reasons to leave at midnight, which i don’t think is unreasonable to give people some notice. You cannot establish a ring of steel in that short amount of time. What this is designed to do is to stop people traveling to where the rules are softest to where the rules are easiest and bringing the virus with them. We don’t have cases in regional victoria and we’re determined to keep it that way. We don’t for a moment underestimate how challenging this is for everybody, regardless of what postcode they live in, but at the same time the decisions were practical and they are working. Only time will tell, though these next 24 hours will be critical, and if i could make a pronouncement with certainty about tomorrow, then i would, but that would not be. That would not be the right way to go. We just have to wait and see how many more cases, and indeed the nature of those cases over the next 24 hours of steel immediately you’ve had the better part of a week to set one up.

If you were going to has any work been going on. Establishing a ring of steel, if it’s, indeed necessary, to keep melbourne under a different rate going for the rest of victoria. Well, we don’t believe that’s going to be necessary, but there’s work goes on at victoria police command, it’s, a obviously a continuous process, but there’s different variations. You can have something that is a genuinely hard lockdown, where every single vehicle on every single road is being stopped. That won’t see too many police stations open, won’t, see too much community policing going on that’s a very different set of circumstances than what we would always prefer. Then there are other checkpoints on major roads where you randomly check people there’s a whole range of different variation. Here the most important thing to acknowledge is that if you give people notice any notice whatsoever and you have different rules in different parts of the state, it just stands to reason, and this is not an opinion we saw this happen on a number of occasions. During 2020. i’m, not having a goal of people for doing this, but people will go to second residences. They will go to family and friends and they’ll put in regional victoria and they will potentially take the virus with them. So that would be a situation. I went to this a bit a couple of days ago, uh, you know so melbourne melbourne settles we’re able to lift these rules and then a week later, or maybe even further than that, we start to see wastewater testing results showing that there is virus in regional Victoria, we don’t want that.

We just don’t want that um. What side of melbourne airport are you looking at? What part of it? Oh it’s, all it’s well it’s been too early for us to say here is a plot of land there’s, obviously space there there’s not as much space as there is at avalon. There are obviously many many hundreds indeed, i think, it’s the best part of six six and a half thousand acres, so it’s a pretty big site, not all of it could be used, but there are probably more options there. The other thing, too, is that we have different groups, so you’ve got return. Travelers you’ve got flight crew. Part of our discussions with melbourne airport for a while now have been about a specific facility for flight crew being built there. So again, it was important to be clear with people that this work is going on uh. We think this is again not zero risk, but it will get the risk that level down uh and when we have, because that a lot of that work is going on.