It has happened. It’S been 530 days since the last regular nintendo direct, but nintendo has finally stated that there will be a regular, normal themed, nintendo direct. I mean it had nothing to do with the absolutely deadly and tragic pandemic that was raging through the world. Guys had nothing to do with that. They just didn’t feel like announcing anything when it comes to normal direct still, not at this point. No obviously i’m. Joking with that, let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way first before we get into the predictions before we get into the time and everything guys. The reason why nintendo hasn’t had a direct in a very long time is because there was a deadly pandemic that forced employees to go work from home. They could not get their teams together. There was third party developers that had issues and everything when it comes to submitting what they were gon na put guys. This is a logistics issue, that’s it they had to stick to minis and they had to stick to the partner, showcases and shadow drops and twitter releases because of the pandemic and adjusting from working from home, and all of that that completely threw a wrench into everything That they’ve been doing for the past, however many years with directs decade or whatever the case is make no, if ands or buts about it. That was the reason, and i was trying to explain to a lot of you guys this.

Some of you guys understood most of you guys did a lot of other people didn’t so now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s go and get right into the content here. Guys, okay nintendo of america on their official twitter page, has stated quite a number of things when it comes to nintendo direct, so they said tune in on february 17th at 2pm, pt 4a nintendo direct live stream featuring roughly 50 minutes of information focused on available games. Like super smash, brothers ultimate and games coming to the nintendo switch in the first half of 2021., they have it it’s back it’s, just the regular nintendo direct. You see the nintendo, you see the direct, you see the white, you see the arrow. This is going to be good. This is going to be pretty good. 2 p.m. Pt 5 p.m. Eastern time i will have a time converter for all you, euro, peeps, for all you overseas peeps link in the description below, but let’s talk about this guys because we have some predictions times. Alright, so obviously let’s just get like the first step out of the way super smash brothers. Who is the next character coming to super smash brothers? Maybe they decided to expand so they said. Okay, we’ve got some information. Uh focused on available games, so there’s dlc available games; plural, okay, we’re gon na break this all down right here. Okay, guys, i know you guys love this type of stuff i’m gon na break it down so plural available games like super smash brothers, awesome so there’s, something else.

So what could that something else be well remember that week with fire emblem. Remember that whole thing that i talk about fire, but maybe there is something for fire emblem: three houses. I would not be surprised if there was something else for that before we get into my predictions, for what the character is for super smash brothers. Next up next up, i do think that we could finally see some updates to some other games. Maybe super mario party finally gets an update. Maybe everybody gets an update, so maybe we see that there’s some updates for third party games – maybe you know, do eternal, or maybe they do some stuff like that. But i would guess of course super smash. Brothers, fire emblem is one of them that i would guess a lot of the other games are just kind of like complete. Maybe we see an update for super mario odyssey. I know we just got the super. Mario 3d world plus bowser’s fury type of thing, which was just like a huge like open, ended area right. So maybe we see something for odyssey. That could be another game that gets a nice update as well. So next up out of this guys is the super smash brothers stuff. So let’s talk about this just a little bit so who’s the next character gon na be well. I would guess i have multiple videos on this, but i would guess so if it’s a first party character, i’m gon na go with the akira twins from astral chan.

I know their game came out a little bit later, but i think the akira twins have a shot. I also think that xenoblade characters so rex pyromithra. They also have a shaw elma, something they have a shot. I think that they do so. Those would be my guesses for first party character. Now, if it’s a third party character. Obviously people have been talking about, maybe it’s crash bandicoot. You know maybe it’s crash bandicoot i’ve been thinking well, maybe it’s a capcom character. Capcom nintendo have been getting very cozy lately or a lot of the time and a monster hunter monster. Hunter rise monster has always been a part of nintendo systems. You know dating back with the wii right with the wii, also with the nintendo 3ds, so maybe there’s a monster hunter character in there or a monster hunter that you can use and deck out with different weapons and armor and stuff like that. So i would not be surprised if it’s, that or maybe even dante we’ve also had that hint with dante. It could be. It there’s already a lot of capcom characters, though, but you never know we had square enix characters and they put some more so or they put sephiroth. We had a cloud, you know and everything, so maybe just maybe we see a resident evil character too. I mean we could see that we could see leon, we could see jill, we could see chris i mean i would like for it to be like jill.

I think that would be pretty cool to have a resident evil character in there um. I would like for that so we’ll see what happens there. There’S ryu hayabusa. We have no koi tecmo characters, so maybe ryu hayabusa gets in. I know japanese swordsman, but you know i think, he’s still a possibility to see a koi tecmo character in the game. So there’s a lot of possibilities, there’s a lot of possibilities. Some of you guys might say something like shrek or you want to see waluigi. These weird picks those aren’t getting in those aren’t getting in, but we’ll see what happens now. Let’S move on to the predictions for the games because they do stay here. Specifically, they state games coming to nintendo switch in the first half of 2021 in the first half of 2021. So obviously they can talk about games that haven’t been released yet so we have stuff like monster hunter rise. For example, we have stuff like the world ends with you, the neo, the woman’s with you. They can talk about that. That should be summer. So that could be the first half they talk about, or they could talk about no more heroes. Three, they can talk about monster hunter stories too, but we want to know about what’s going down with the first party games and so many people i already see it. Mario kart9 was trending on twitter. Today, man could nintendo drop the hammer. I know a lot of people say: oh nintendo already has wild card eight deluxe there’s no need for them to do mile, cart, nine, but if they did mario kart nine, with almost 100 million install base, okay with 80 million plus, they would sell, like 20 million Copies of mario kart 9 in like a day and make a bazillion dollars, and that would start to blow up and take off its money right there, whereas mario kart 8 deluxe sales are great but they’re very, i would just say, spread out right.

It sells over a long period of time, it’s, never the number one type of game, but it just keeps selling for like the longest time right. So if they just went with the mario kart 9, i think that would be the new hotness and everybody would just buy that and it would blow up even bigger than what mario kart 8 has done. It would have like almost like an animal crossing type of effect. I think it would be that big of a blow up right. So to me, i think that mario kart 9 is a possibility for them to announce that game. Now a mario sports title what’s going down with that. We heard some rumors about a new mario sports title that could be um going down. So i do think that the last one was what 2018 right like mario tennis. So we could see something like sluggers. Maybe we see something like mario strikers, the soccer game or football game for the worldwide game of football, so i think that’s a possibility – or maybe they go something crazy and kind of like nfl street. Remember that game, but they do it with mario characters right. So you have mario football, mario american football uh, but no i i would guess i would guess that it’s going to be mario strikers. I would guess that it’d be strikers just because we haven’t had a strikers, sits the wii and we’re due for a good strikers game, so i’m going to go with mario strikers, but we’ll see what happens.

There was rumors about mario golf and camelot, so it could very well much be mario golf. I just want mario striker so we’ll see about that now. What other games could be happening here now? The fire emblem team, hmm fire emblem team they’ve been working on something firemen. Three houses came out a couple years ago. I don’t think it’s going to be a game comes out in the first half, but nintendo always does this. They say oh games in the first half of this year, and then they talk about a couple other things that might be coming later on. They’Ve done this with a lot of nintendo directs because they don’t want to hint anything. They don’t want to ruin anything, so i still think that there might be a firearm game announced and then maybe it comes out later. I also think the legend is out of breath of the wild breath of the wild too. We still got ta talk about that. That is still a big game that is still a big game that they need to discuss a little bit more, oh by the way, there’s a couple other games that i want to talk about. So i think, maybe legend of zelda breath of the wild is there or maybe they do a whole separate direct that’s focused on something else, with like legend of zelda bayonetta bayonetta, bayonetta bayonetta like it’s, bayonetta or bust, for the strike no i’m joking.

But no. They need to show banana three like banana. Three needs to be shown like. I know that camille has been like frustrated and said: hey it’s, up to the publisher, people have been asking him: 24 7. dude’s eating at the bar. Somebody says hey what happened to bayonetta 3. he’s going out to do an interview about this other game: hey what happened to benedict three: hey he’s on the street, just riding his bike: hey man, what’s up banana three he’s driving his car hong kong being out of Three, so i mean like seriously banana three, this direct it has to happen. Please let’s! Do it it’s happening i’m, going to speak it into existence ban at a three for this one, oh by the way, metroid prime four metroid, prime four? Yes, this would be a crazy direct, but i think this will be a crazy dirt. It’S 50 minutes, roughly 50 minutes so nintendo had bayonetta 3 metroid prime 4. Give us an update on that. Maybe 2d metroid as well maybe 2d metroid comes out first, because we’ve heard rumors about that 2d metroid comes out. First metroid prime 4. Little tease bayonetta 3. First, gameplay footage release i’m, telling you they’re going to astral chain it announce it february boom it’s dropping like august i’m, telling you it’s. I told you guys. I got ta astral chain it. Okay – and you know my video can’t – be complete until we get into a little bit of monolith.

Soft goodness, could we see some monolith? Stop action at this nintendo direct it’s very possible. What could we see? Xenoblade chronicles x that game needs to be ported over to the nintendo switch. That is the only xenoblade chronicles game that’s, not on the nintendo switch. We got the definitive edition. We got xenoblade chronicles 2. We got tournament of the golden country. It is time for xenoblade chronicles x, and maybe we get a hint, we get a look. We get the first trailer the reveal for monolithsoft’s new ip. That would be absolutely sick at this nintendo direct. If that happened so i’m going to go ahead and will it into existence and predict it it’s going to happen, i want to hear you guys predictions you guys can. Let me know them in the comment section below all right, guys that wraps it up for this. One here check out the links in description. We’Ve got twitter going to give us a follow on there stay up to date. On always get me news. Information also make sure you like comment and subscribe and share this video.