We should smash the like button because it’s happening mario galaxy 2, mario odyssey 2 blue, just mentioned 4 – i don’t know what’s happening but let’s hope they’re going to reveal a new smash bros. This is a new smash, bros game. This is this: is a new smash, bros character, it’s it’s, most doctor it’s, a monster, no it’s a scandal, blade santa played for smash one day, pirate just disappeared or is it another cenoplates 2 definitive edition disappear because they’re now in smash, damn catching epic. Looking good enemy characters be like i couldn’t find her anywhere damn let’s go we’re excited to play fair boys without a trace. Where have you gone, i’ll find you whatever it takes and you’d be like bro i’ve got a smash invitation letter. This is where you were. Sorry rex, i couldn’t tell you i’m in smash because look at an ass boys insane insane more ass, whooping, music and not an enemy short fight that i unplugged my my headphones. Oh, how did i i knew that i knew it bro how many sword fighters? Oh? Why am i bp heart it’s, looking hella epic? Oh, i have to play morris. We have to play santa play too mithra. Let me handle this wait, wait. Do we have more, do we have or final smash freedom? No, we have more. Oh let’s go, oh my god, so many beauties, so many beauties you better give me two amiibo for them.

Okay, coming through the plot, was gon na get wrecks as well. Oh, my gosh! Why aren’t excited to play fans at if i didn’t get a bro super nice? I actually didn’t expect that all my theories in the beginning went for nothing. I found a could be crash or dante. No, they gave us some more enemy sword fighters. What the bro! What i can’t believe it bro seriously, what is going on bro quite respectable, was like small start up, but bruh damn the stage. Looking amazing feels bad that she actually just is he’s. Just actually a me fighter. Rex big a me fighter: oh man, shulk. Oh, i never expected to see you he’s, really feeling it bro now that you’re in smash, i won’t go easy on you, oh you’re, beating up women, damn their girls are serious, that’s awesome. That is awesome. What do you think we need to get a roaster bread, hello, everyone, hello, i’m, shinya, takahashi, how’s, it going bro, damn yes, special ipod for that boys and girls.