Is Music? Is Music don’t? Wake me up just let me show you what’s to come. Your enemies will fall. The realms will tremble with the change you bring. You’Ll have everything you could ever desire, hello, everybody and welcome to panel from hell number two i’m so happy to be here with you today, and i hope you last time we did this. It was a lot of fun and i think we are going to have a lot of fun today. Also obviously, we’re going to be talking a lot about update 4 patch 4, as we call it for baldur’s gate 3.. We have a full program about it. We’Re going to be talking to david walgrave or head of production about the contents of patch four we’ll be talking about uh the patch, also with jeremy, crawford from dungeons and dragons the principal rules designers over there and with our own nick buchanan. Who is going to explain to us how we did a certain thing that i’m not going to announce just yet uh? We will also have some non ballast gates reviews we’re going to be talking about our board game. The divinity originals in two kick started board game that is uh we’ll chat about some uh important learning, studios news, which is important for us, and we will top it all off with a live. Gameplay uh featuring the very big thing that we’re announcing today that contains many things, but which i’m not allowed to name and for which we have no other name than the very big thing that contains many other things.

Now before we get started uh. It would be good to put our campaign into perspective to see where we are in our early access campaign and chat about uh everything. That’S happened so far and everything that’s going to come. We launched early access a little over four months ago, a little over four months ago, sorry on october 6th uh and since then we released, i think, it’s, three updates and uh six hot fixes and those were presented. Uh give or take a few about 15 000 change lists, as we like to call them, and patch 4, which is releasing today, actually contains another 15 of those 15 000 of those change lists. And that means that this patch is as big as everything else that we’ve done before together. So what can you expect? Well, let’s. Maybe talk first about things that we did when we started out with uh patch, four sorry with baldur’s gate, three on early access. Our initial focus was on increasing stability, increasing performance, getting fixed, actually work and then gradually we started plugging in things that were reactions to community feedback that we were receiving. We, for instance, we changed the way that gun trips worked uh, you guys weren’t big fans of all the surfaces that we created at the camera. So we removed those uh. We changed the way that wrestling was working uh. We changed approval ratings uh, so there there was quite a lot of upset about uh how intolerant some of our party members were.

So we tweaked that a little bit make them a bit more tolerant and like this, we added a whole bunch of uh things. We uh focused on quality of life, so, for instance, we made it so that if you jump over a uh obstacle, then the rest of the party will also jump over it. So you didn’t have to manage them. Uh we put in an upcasting ui so that uh changing the level at which you’re gon na cast the spell was gon na become easy. Uh we introduced um rewards for peaceful solutions to certain confrontations that you had in the game. Uh. We added also features like inspiration, points or cross saves we put in extra tutorial messages. Uh we improved the combat ai, so we added a whole ton of things and a lot of these things were literally inspired by the feedback that we got on the forums on the community channels, but also from the analytics that you’ve been sending us and that we’ve Been using to tweak pretty much everything in the game, and that is exactly how it should be. This is how early access works. Uh. As you play the game, we get the data that we need to improve it.