This one is from pny see this one right here. You can pick this up on amazon as well as this one, which is a no name card, i’ve, never heard of before and uh. That is this one. The uh boy, Music, mxu and the first thing we’re going to do is see if the camera actually recognizes them. So uh let’s do that. I can’t really shoot a lot of stuff, obviously so uh i’m actually enjoying doing these videos uh we’re, going to actually start with this one. So this is 64 gigs, 95 megabytes per second and they claim that the write speed is also uh 95. So we’re going to check that out right now, so first let’s see if the camera recognizes it i’m gon na put it in there close it up, no card no card nope, not even recognized by the camera, so that one’s a dud. You know what let’s just see: let’s let’s, oh wait a minute hold on. We have format here. Well guys, let’s uh let’s see what it do all right. His formatting. I thought it was a lost cause there guys so wow, okay, uh it’s, ready it is ready. So uh let’s see you know what i’ll test and see if it does 30 frames. You know 30p raw we’ll check that out, but let’s check out the next card. Let’S see what we got here, wow that that was that was surprised guys that one was a surprise.

Okay, so pop that one out it was recognized guys. Now this is the pny all right. This is pny uh. This is 64 gigs and uh. They said that this one is suitable for hd or not hd4, 4k class 10 u3 come on there. We go all right. Okay, well that one says ready on okay, so it automatically recognized that so it’s already ready, we’re gon na go ahead and format it so let’s go ahead. Hit open, let’s focus, oh see, let’s format it, and that is something you know. Sometimes you will get a card that says you know it says no card and then you go here and if you see this format, that means it does recognize it and it will format it. So let’s go uh there. We go all right, formatting, another one, all right, so there we go all right. So what i’m going to do is put the other card back in and i’m going to go and i’m going to set up a little something here and see if it will stay on for 10 minutes and 30p raw, so let’s do that all right guys! So this is it: we have agent motor of x files, fame being stalked by some weird supernatural chick in the background, so let’s do it and uh right off the bat. You know two minutes in we’re, getting the flashing exclamation point and i left for a minute and came back it’s already there, so just based on what normally happens, i’m gon na assume that this started about a minute in, but i wanted to be fair.

Okay, i want to be fair and give this card a chance, so let’s switch it to 24p raw let’s, see what happens there, because sometimes that makes a difference but almost immediately we’re getting the flashing exclamation point so yeah it’s struggling it’s not keeping up, but this Is what got me even in pro rest in progress, we’re still getting the flashing exclamation point, so it’s no go all right guys! So we’re gon na go ahead and change it out. We’Re gon na put the pny in there and uh see how well it does you guys know the score i put the card in. I want it to roll for at least 10 minutes on prores raw at 30 frames per second. If it can handle prores raw at 30. Everything else should be a cake walk, so we got it in let’s, see what happens all right guys. So this is the easy stuff. This is prores hq and uh, as you can see, we’re a minute in no problem i’m – probably not going to do a lot of this, but here’s that footage. If you want to see it, i’ll do a little color grading. Just for the fun of it – and i got ta admit i really enjoy working with the prores file. I i just i just like the way it grades it grades well, and i don’t do a ton of color grading but uh. I just like how it looks how it stands up to the grade.

I mean i like it, and this is my quickie color grade uh for this, but uh let’s jump into the real stuff we’re going back to b raw at 30, so we’re gon na see what happens with this card, but we do know we can record in Prores high quality on this card, so we know that already and uh let’s see what happens with this. After a quick battery change and we’re back up five minutes and 37 seconds in no flashing exclamation point we might have another one guys we might have another one. So i’m just going to let it roll and let it go all the way out to 10 minutes since that’s the chosen metric i’m using for everything else – and we are indeed past 10 minutes – and i think i let it roll to uh 12 minutes or something On this, but you see that we can d record b raw at 30 frames per second no flashing, exclamation point no issues keeping up so that’s it guys we managed to find another one that’s readily available. So you do have some options: alright, guys so what’s the verdict. Well, you saw for yourself this one. It worked technically i mean it did it, but even in prores you got the exclamation point. That means it’s struggling you’re struggling to write that data and, if you’re struggling to write that data, that means possibly drop frames, and i mean, if you’re struggling in prores.

You know what it’s doing in raw, so let’s get that out of there. This one, this one let’s, look at it and put that up close for you guys this one did it pny gigs. This is a class uh what’s that class 10. Okay i’ll put a link to this one in the description. Uh it’ll be an affiliate link. So you know i get a little something fun, but you know no extra cost to you so uh here it is guys this worked. It did 10 minutes as a matter of fact it did 12 minutes. If it does 10 minutes. It’Ll, probably you know, keep going there, you have it guys. We found another one that works, so we can put that one with our other 64 gig champions here. These are the ones that work they’ve done raw at 30 frames per. Second, without a problem, you got your kingston, the uh sandisk extreme 95 95 megabits cards the older card, and you have this one, this one you can grab off of amazon this one you can grab off of amazon uh. These are hidden, miss okay. Now i have some more coming sometime this week and uh one of them. I know already works because i’ve seen it work on another channel, but uh it has a newer version so i’m going to test both of those. You might have some more options and that’s. What this is all about, giving you guys options the best bang for your buck when it comes to these cards and uh, you know, if you get a 64 gig that works, you might be able to obviously find a 128 or 256 uh that works.

You know, with the same, a read and write, speed and everything so that’s what you’re looking for the best bang for your buck when working with the black magic pocket cinema camera or the ogbm pcc. As we like to say around here, the original uh black magic pocket cinema camera, so you guys take it easy and again i’ll. Let you know when i get some more cards. I think this will probably be uh.