Welcome back to another super smash brothers ultimate versus yeah today’s fan request is ryu versus sever off don’t forget to like comment subscribe and hit that bell to be notified when more videos arrive and special shout outs to all our members, including our ultimates. If you guys want to hop aboard the membership train, all you have to do. Is click right here. Select the tier that’ll work best for you, so you guys want to see ryu from street fighter and sephiroth throwdown, so that’s what’s happening the first player to win. Two matches is today’s winner force and you’re, watching the k, wings we’re, a husband and wife team – and this is smash – brothers verses, oh yeah. I could have swear we’ve done ryu versus sephiroth, but i guess we didn’t. I was actually going over our list of uh. How many episodes her spin of several verses and apparently ryu was not one of them, but i remember fighting ryu against sephiroth a lot because of the uh sephiroth challenge, oh right and uh some other stuff. Well, sorry for making you put the fan on. I was worried about the neighbor. If you’re worried about the neighbor, then we’ll put the fan on the deal with crazy. Now i feel terrible because the fans gon na make a horrible noise in the video. No, it won’t be that bad. I can hear it. It sounds like there’s, some kind of like train outside.

If you want to muffle the sound, though i mean there’s, not really much, you could do you got that or you have the uh. Did you put the fan on low yep that’s on the lowest setting? Oh my gosh, what he can’t hear anything now, though, except for that can hear that, but oh my gosh you’re funny no Music, i can’t, i can’t believe we didn’t really read, but we’ve basically seen like even people were thinking there’s. So many separate people want to see cloud versus barrett, though cloud versus barrett. Okay, that could be a fun one. I wasn’t thinking about that. I keep forgetting. We have me characters yeah. We have more than just sephiroth there’s more in the pack than just sephirot oops. We hardly did any with geno, oh that’s, right geno. I forgot about him huh wow. Well, i mean you know he’s, just kind of there and he’s. Just a me, gunner guy at least barrett looks cooler. Gino, just i don’t know gina looks weird well. Did i miss anything in your in your zelda stream tonight uh. I fought an annoying boss other than that. No, i saved the good stuff for um, so yeah today on luke’s zelda stream. I tried to help him vamp or like, as i call in an orchestra vamp, so you sit there and you know do something and just like kill time or whatever. So i was trying to while he was trying to eat his tacos.

But i was just getting so frustrated with the game because the controls were so hard and it felt like i just wanted. I just was telling myself like don’t squeeze the controller like i was just upset, oh well, i mean you were playing a very hard dungeon too, and you know i couldn’t even move forward without dying. I couldn’t even walk two steps without jumping off the cliff. I mean it’s not like a really hard dungeon. Well, i couldn’t figure out the controls. Well, the enemy. The only way the enemy could die is if you have fire and it’s fire is a very but look. I couldn’t even walk forward a step without figuring out how i’m supposed to pick up a bomb. I didn’t understand anything. Well, you don’t! You don’t, expect a baby to crawl when there’s literally hardly any walkway to even walk across. Are you trying to say that i’m? A baby playing a game no i’m, just saying like if you would have started at the beginning or played like any other dungeon other than that, i think you would have had more fun, that’s, the last dungeon before gannon’s tower and so it’s kind of you know Crazy hard, it’s, okay, i think you did really well. You also beat a stalfos your very first time. Not many people can beat a stalfos right at the beginning of the game. I was angry. You did really well as a little kid too got my aggression on the stealth.

Yes, you did, you beat him a couple times. I don’t know i what there i am there. You are yeah i mean, like. I don’t know why i have felt the need. I had to come back and explain like i was fine, like i always feel like i have to in the chat just because i was nobody takes your word for anything, because they just assume that you don’t know what you’re doing at all. Everyone seems to think they would be like i don’t know why, but maybe it’s just um it’s, just the culture we live in today like like, i don’t understand they think they think there’s more going on behind the scenes than really there is like they. They see because i got very frustrated with the game and then somebody mentioned their. You know grandparents passing away, and it really made me think of some things that really were hard for me and i just wanted to go upstairs was like people wouldn’t. Just let me leave they like always expect an explanation or something i just want to go and amber already streamed a lot. So when i, when i’m to the point where i’m exhausted over exhausted, i just i don’t have any patience, i go from being super. Happy joyful and i, when i need to sleep, i have to sleep yep. If it’s past midnight and i’ve already been up since seven or nine and or i’ve, been sleep streaming more than four or five hours, then people are gon na see the side of me that luke sees when he wakes me up after three hours of sleep, which Is i don’t have my rem, sleep amber or i don’t have my coffee and rem sleep? No! No coffee amber! You don’t want to see that side of me it’s, not pretty it’s it’s.

Basically, like me, waking up from the lazarus bit it’s, not it’s, not good. Well, i mean when, when people wake up from the lazarus they tend to evil laugh, so maybe maybe evil laugh is justified. Maybe you should get an evil laugh off just so you feel better. Like i don’t know. Yes, you can do one come on three in the morning: it’s fine, nobody! Nobody can hear. You got that really loud fan Laughter. There you go there. I could have been more evil than that. Oh well, that’s, good enough. For now we could have an evil. Laugh contest, but if you want to do one, you can Laughter. Oh, that was crazy. Thank you. You think that’s weird. When uh rachelle gould came back to life in the animated series, he had that like really weird laugh, it didn’t sound like an evil laugh. It was just a creepy, laugh, i’ll i’ll, give you a real hulk after this, i don’t want to hug from sephiroth. I won’t do a resist talk anymore i’m. Resisting grumpy mood. Luke gives me a hug and i’m like i don’t want to get all grumpy. You know grumpy face. He has to hug me anyway and i’m. Just like i didn’t ask for this. You don’t need to ask for hugs. You have a card that says: unlimited hugs, so whether it’s side hugs back hugs, run hugs nope you’re, the only one. I know that front holds me everyone else.

I know. Does the whole side hug thing like you’re, not worth enough for a friend come on ryu. I really. I really hate it when people side hug me because it’s like it’s, like they’re, saying some people they’re, not they’re, just being polite, but some people that i know that they hate me when they side hug me. Oh good job, ryu, Laughter, i’ll, explain it later. You’Re gon na explain the side hug philosophy later. Do it right now, if you want okay, fine people that are very like evil and they’re, like really super mean, if they side hug you when they don’t, like you, they’re, basically saying you’re, not worth enough for a real hug: oh just gon na side hug, you Time for round two of ryu vs, sephiroth, ah we’re having an evil, laugh contest like in between so yep i have. I have a terrifying or creepy terror or creepy ebola. I did that really creepy laugh when we did um uh ace attorney yeah. But of course, then you like computerize, or we edit it with a computer. You did i added some effects to it. I think i did pretty well like where i pretended to be evil people really like that episode. I think it got a lot of views. I just don’t remember somebody that i think is actually possessed in real life laughing at me. Okay, actually, i know a couple people that i’m pretty sure are possessed i’m gon na put it past them, so you can nope.

I actually personally think that, like oh, i shouldn’t talk about it it’s too late at night yeah. I probably wouldn’t talk about it. Well, we’re talking we’re with a one winged angel, so so what’s this about people, you’ve really seen people ask more about geno or me fighters in general, because i’ve only seen suffer off this stuff versus pikachu i’ve. Seen people ask about cloud versus barrett several times. We’Ve! Really never done cloud versus barrett. No okay. We’Ll have to do that, though, honestly. What i would like to see is tifa versus aerith, oh that’s. What my match thing would be. Who would play his teeth? Are you i don’t care, uh yeah, yeah you’d have to because i’m actually pretty good at tifa. I did a entire stream as tifa and i won quite a bit. Ouch. Aha what’s up nope there we go that’s more like it. Let’S, go miss the end of the game for ocarina of time no that’s tomorrow. Well, i won’t miss it tomorrow. I just okay i’ll be more awake. I was streamed all day today, yeah i won’t be streaming at, like 10 o’clock for ocarina of time, i’m gon na be doing a little bit earlier, because the dungeon that i’m gon na be doing is pretty big. I feel bad. I can’t stream my music stuff off my phone anymore because of my wifi, i’m honey. I i said i was going to talk to a friend about that today, because there are computer people.

I am not there’s a whole there’s a whole website that most people – they said, oh, that was able to fix it. So that means that i have to tech tech it because my my limited area of expertise, uh isn’t gon na work. Thank you. Thanks for turning on the fan, you’re welcome as long as it makes you feel better. It does. I don’t i’m afraid people’s like knock on the door and get upset. No, our voices are quieter. Yelling is when people would get upset, but like just talking loud zelda, yells zelda, the cat, no she’s, not that loud. She emails at your door, though it’s still not as loud as the other kitten was. I was waiting to get a noise complaint because, like they would just meow all the time like so many hours straight, i was amazed that they never lost their voice. Yeah cats must have very strong, vocal cords nope. Now that we’re both i mean she was sleeping. Even when you went upstairs, she’s still sleeping just kind of chilling, i’ve noticed like if i pet her a lot and just snuggle her she calms down and she can go to sleep. But if, if i just like darn it, what if i just um like if i just pat her on the head and then go, do my thing: she’s all anxious all day but like if i hold her for a while and snuggle her then she’s like more Calm zelda’s, like so needy, hmm i’m, not wrong.

Like somebody like me, i guess what no oh, you should have waited. You should have waited ryu we’ll show you, god oops i’m still alive three three! Then you have six. So you can. I didn’t get to do it as cool as i wanted to, but i did hit you a little bit with my thank you. Dragon punch, i know so, who do you think, would win in a fight in real life stuff rather ryu for you, because he has the dark auto what he would win against sephiroth yeah interesting yep, it’s possible. I think he could. I think that i think goku would win against sephiroth. Yeah goku would beat sephiroth um ryu’s kinda like goku. I don’t know about that. I mean ryu is pretty strong, but it also depends like could ryu beat one wing at angel sephiroth? No, could he beat suffer off before um he became super strong wait. Is one wing makes him super strong, it’s, a stronger form of sephiroth? Yes, i kind of wish. I had dark angel wings to make people afraid of me. You’Re, pretty awesome. Okay, it’s that’s a that’s, interesting that’s, an interesting take yeah! Oh you can i i’d wear them. I’D have them out. When i was in nothing. If church people were mean to me, i’d use it to freak them out. Oh my gosh, sorry i’m. In kind of a weird mood today will oh you can, of course, if i really did have dark angel wings, then i’d probably have to question a lot of things about myself, my gosh all right.

All right, oh, come on! That was totes. My move, i oh. I had a chicken. I didn’t realize that i was wondering why my moves weren’t working as well. It’S like i had a chick and i was carrying, so that would do it. Oh great, no all was enough, yay, okay, that that was a mistake on my own uh, i like this version of ryu, because that’s the street fighter 2 turbo review, like the blue, the blue key now stop that it’s illinois uh, oh, i feel like stuff. Rawls is like every anime villain, no long hair like wait, not every anime villain has long hair. You know really. I thought they all have long, hair they’re very like stuck up and like sophisticated yeah. I guess he would be the evil genius. I just don’t know. If he was in the army, then how is his hair regulation for the army um? I guess because he’s an elite soldier he gets like special privileges. I don’t know i’ve never really thought about it, but it’s an interesting thing to think about. Why does suffer off? Why why is his hair, not regulation, Music, all right so anyway, guys you guys that is gon na? Do it for today’s episode of super smash brothers, the fan edition – i doubt you guys can hear the fan but we’re sorry, we do um today there’s going to be a possibly finale of ocarina of time, which will be starting earlier than 10 or 11.