This is on just restart, and today i just want to have a quick little discussion on this speculation. As of late that crash bandicoot will be coming to smash brothers and that there could be an announcement coming fairly soon. So the reason why i think a lot of people are really talking about it now, i think most of you will agree with me is because we just got confirmation that crash bandicoot, 4 it’s about time is coming to ps5 xbox series x and nintendo switch that’s. The most important one here and because that’s coming now, a lot of people think that hey because crash is getting all his representation on switch. It makes sense to support crash and have him coming smash brothers. That makes sense. There have been a lot of rumors and speculations and potential leaks about crash and plans, and things of that nature and crash bandicoot is a big third party character. Activision doesn’t have a character represented yet, and they have put on some pretty good ports onto the nintendo switch, including the crash series. So for sure this is definitely an option definitely makes sense. I think there’s a really good chance. This could be the case. I’Ll even also add that it would be somewhat poetic to see crash in smash bros because once upon a time crash was considered to be somewhat of a sony character and we even had those commercials with crash and the megaphone yelling at nintendo headquarters.

So to see crash in smash, bros fighting alongside mario and mega man and sonic, that would be kind of a magical thing to see absolutely but there’s already a whole bunch of other people talking about crash and smash brothers. That’S, not really anything new here. But what i want to focus on is just kind of when we could see this next character reveal it might be crash. It very well might be, i think, that’s a possibility for sure, but it also could be a number of other things as well. So i’m, not gon na make the assumption that it is this character, but the timing of things is very interesting here, because crash is coming out in march march 12th to be exact and right now we are in the middle of february and we are waiting for Nintendo news i’ve been talking about a zelda anniversary celebration of some sort and also a pokemon direct of some sort coming in february, maybe somehow at least the zelda stuff ties into an intel director mini or general intel and direct. But if that doesn’t happen, then we may find ourselves in march with still no sort of major nintendo news and if that’s the case, maybe then we could see some sort of smash announcement line up with this potential crash release. Now something that’s interesting to note here is amiibo theory. Now, basically, amiibo theory is just this idea that whenever we get the next wave of smash amiibo within a few weeks, we see some sort of smash announcement or release.

Now this isn’t always exactly the case, but i think some of this comes down to potentially the pandemic and things of that nature. But overall it does seem like there is some bit of a pattern here. The latest example being the amiibo wave that included both joker and hero depending on the region. They came out at the end of september or the beginning of october in 2020, and when did we get the minecraft steve reveal the beginning of october. It came out a few weeks later so what’s interesting about that is that on march 26th, we are due to get banjo kazooie biology as amiibos. So if theory proves to be correct again, as it has been pretty much the entire time within a few weeks of this date, we’ll be getting some news on smash brothers, either a couple weeks afterwards, a couple weeks beforehand somewhere in that window, that’s about a month Window so it’s a pretty big window, so it may very well be the case that this is all coincidence here that this amiibo theory has proven to be correct thus far, but the point is there are some things potentially lining up here. There is his dire need for nintendo to start talking about their plans for 2021 really soon. Doesn’T have to happen in february. Technically, doesn’t have to happen by march either. It could happen, maybe in april, but there is a bit of a window here and something needs to give something needs to happen and telling us to start talking about things.

But then also you have this release for crash coming out the beginning of march or the first half of march and then there’s a smash amiibo coming out at the end of march, with this whole theory suggesting that, usually within a few weeks of that release, we See some sort of announcement now. The interesting thing is that usually smash characters get a reveal or tease in an intel direct now throughout 2020 that wasn’t too much of a case because well there was a pandemic and things were very different. But, of course, at least with mid men, we did get that announcement in a direct mini and then afterwards, both steve and seth roth are treated a little bit different. I think the overall point i’m getting at here, though, is that we are getting close to the next big smash character reveal, and what i find interesting is that we got sephiroth at the game awards in december, basically about two months after the reveal had released from Minecraft steve, that was a very short window. It could be the case that some of these windows are going to be getting a little bit shorter as we wind down the smash dlc, we are in the final half of buyers pass volume 2, which is really the final quarter of it all. So the premise of us seeing a smashed character revealed by this march, isn’t really crazy at all, and i might even suggest that it could potentially be sooner.

If we see some sort of february nintendo direct where there is a bit of a zelda focus. For the anniversary, but they talk about a few other things, it really wouldn’t. Surprise me if we see some sort of tease for the next smash character, but of course, it’s also possible that we don’t get any sort of news this month. Although i would say it’s more likely. We get some sort of zelda news this month and then maybe in march we see more of a general direct mini or direct, and there they talk about the next smash character. I don’t think it would necessarily tie into the release date for crash on switch. This march 12th, but i do think that the idea of a direct or some sort of smash announcement happening within a few weeks of the next smash amiibo wave. It makes sense, and actually, since we’re talking about what this character may be, i don’t think the next character’s gon na be crash. Bandicoot i’m, not saying i don’t, think crash bandicoot isn’t happening. I just think that usually they don’t have the character come out immediately, for when they have a big game come out. I think they might have a little bit of a window here. So what i’m thinking is? Perhaps we get the next review in either this month february or in march, and then two to three months later, perhaps around the e3 time we get the next big smash character, reveal and that’s.

What i’m thinking we would see crash if crash, is truly coming to smash brothers it’s hard to say what exactly is gon na be happening here? There’S a lot of moving parts, there’s a potential zelda anniversary news this month. There is the pokemon news that we are for sure getting this month and then yes, we have the smash, amiibo stuff coming at the end of march. So maybe we do see some sort of smash announcement around then and then, once we get past 3d world, which is coming out like hours from when i’m recording, this yeah nintendo’s, probably gon na start gearing up sort of shifting their advertising towards something else. Potentially zelda or maybe a whole bunch of other things that will be announced in a direct another february or march. We are going to start getting more news about 2021 plans relatively soon. I think, but obviously we’ll have to wait and see until that actually happens. But what do you guys think? Do you guys think a smash character announcement is coming really soon? Do you think it’s may crash, or do you think perhaps the crash could still be coming but it’s coming later down the road or do you think it’s just not crash at all? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below anyways everyone. This is on just restart. Thank you. So much for listening and watching and i’ll see you all really soon take care Music.