Hearthstone will see huge changes in the next few weeks.. Firstly, we will get a new Classic Format.. Secondly, huge changes are coming to the Standard format.. Finally, details about a completely new game mode will come soon.. Today, we want to talk about the changes and fate of classic cards.. Well, also try to answer the question. What should I do with my classic collections? You probably already know about all the changes, but we want to draw your attention to a few important points.. The Classic and Basic Sets are going to merge into a new Legacy set that will leave the Standard format.. In addition, the Legacy set will encompass almost all classic and Basic cards from the Hall of Fame.. As we expected, players will not receive any compensation in the form of dust for Classic cards that rotate into the Wild mode. To replace the Classic and Basic sets. We will receive a new Core Set that contains 235 cards.. Most of these cards will be from the Wild mode, including the Legacy set.. In other words, some basic and classic cards will remain in Standard.. In addition, the set will contain 29 brand new cards.. The Core Set will change every year and be completely free for all players.. The Core version of already existing cards is free, temporary and non disenchantable.. How much dust can we get for disenchanting all Classic cards after the rotation To determine this? We made a special table., For example, the classic set contains 92 common cards, which means we have 184 collectible copies.

. The profit from disenchanting one card is only 5 dust.. If you get rid of all the common cards, youll only get 920 dust.. The total income for players will be 24 thousand dust for the complete destruction of the classic collection. Everything is very clear.. So what should players do with their Classic Collection? Should we disenchant all of our cards to get dust? The answer to this question is very ambiguous.. Let’S. Try to figure it out. In one of our videos. We tried to predict the future of the classic set. We assumed the Classic Set would be free, but we didn’t believe Blizzard would allow players to get rid of their Classic Collection and thus get a ton of dust.. We were confident that the developers would create some kind of motivation or bonus that would prevent players from getting rid of Classic cards so easily., And we were right about that. By the way watch this video. If you haven’t seen it., You will find the link in the description under the video.. You will no longer be able to use your collection of classic cards in Standard Mode. Blizzard will independently decide which classic and basic cards should be in the Core set each year, and subsequently they will give you non gold copies completely free of charge.. The main intrigue is that you will never know which card will remain in the Core set on a permanent basis and which one may leave the set a year later during the next rotation.

, For example, let’s assume that this year the Core set will contain Alexstrasza, which Means that Alexstrasza will be available to you for free in both Standard and Wild modes.. But if you get rid of your Alexstrasza, you can no longer use her in Wild mode after she leaves the Core Set.. In addition, Alexstrasza will certainly disappear from your Classic Mode. Collection as well., All your Classic cards will become part of the Classic format. Collection.. If you get rid of a card, it will disappear from both modes, even if it has different stats or descriptions.. Thus, by getting rid of classic cards, you block access to the Classic mode and partially limit your possibilities in Wild Duels and certain Tavern Brawls.. So, from a technical point of view, players can get rid of the cards, but you don’t recommend doing that., Not really Dora.. If you are a Standard, only player, you can get rid of all Classic cards, and this decision will not do you any harm.. If you only play in Wild mode and sometimes in Standard, you can get rid of most of the classic cards, as most of them are completely useless.. Here are the top worst Legendary cards in the current Wild meta.. But if you have at least a little interest in the classic format, you should keep all the cards.. If you’re a Duels fan it’s hard for us to give you any recommendations. Most likely, the Core set will always be present in the pool of sets for the mode, but perhaps the developers will sometimes add an additional Legacy set.

. This means that you should keep all Classic cards, or at least most of them. And, most importantly, do not forget about the completely new mode about which we know absolutely nothing.. It is not yet clear whether the classic cards will have an impact on the gameplay in this mode.. We hope to hear more about this in a week during Blizzcon.. In any case, I don’t recommend getting rid of any card until you try the Classic Format.. Even if you are not happy with the new format, please give it a try.. In my opinion, Blizzard managed to keep players from instantly dusting their Classic cards by creating a really good, deterrent, factor. And a few more words about Classic packs.. You can still buy them in the game. Store.. You will no longer be able to find new classic cards in packs, but at the same time you will be able to find old, classic cards that were sent to the Hall of Fame, such as Ragnaros. New classic cards like Brightwing, and others can only be crafted.. In other words, Classic packs have become truly classic. Guys. What do you think of these changes? Certainly not all players will enjoy the partial lack of their gold Classic Collection in Standard Mode.. Some players will accuse the developers of cheating, as Blizzard assured us that the Classic Set will always be an important part of Standard Mode.. But, as we managed to find out thanks to the polls, whatever the developers did with classic cards would disappoint a number of players.

. I’M, not a fan of Classic Hearthstone, as the current state of Standard Mode is much more varied.. I’M, not sure I will be spending a lot of time in the Classic Format., But at the same time I am impressed with the course of action of the developers. For the first time ever, Hearthstone is constantly changing, which is a very important step.. In my opinion, the release of the Classic Format will give players a reason to come back to the game and have fun and might even attract new players.. Such players will find that the packs will be protected from duplicate, cards. Victory or defeat will be rewarded with XP points. Quests will bring significantly more gold.. Ranking up will be easier and more rewarding.. Moreover, players will receive 235 new cards for free that they can use in the Wild and Standard modes.. The new format was created in order to bring players back to the game and show how much Hearthstone has changed for the better.. But beyond this bright side, Hearthstone has a dark side. Outside of the Classic Format. The game is much more difficult and much less friendly to new players.. The number of cards continues to increase from year to year.. The total cost of the game has also increased significantly.. All of this can scare away returning players, or vice versa. Life outside the Classic may seem like a new challenge to them.. In any case, we will learn about the consequences of these changes very soon.

. Finally, we want to ask you about your impressions of the Classic format.. What do you expect from the new format? We have created a poll in our community tab.. Please go there and take part in the voting as well as participate in our other polls.. We would be extremely grateful to you for liking and subscribing to the channel as well as for turning on notifications using the bell icon.. You can also join our squad of loyal, patrons and help us create new videos., Dear friends, from all of my robotic heart. Thank you so much for any kind of support., Alright that’s all for today.. Thank you for being with us. And special thanks to Chris for his invaluable help.. We will definitely meet in a new video.. Good luck, Guys, I’m happy with the new changes, but they look too complicated for me. The Core Set Legacy Set and beyond that, the Classic Set will still remain in the store, plus annual rotation in the Core Set frame and additional new cards every year.. This is all too confusing. Dora. I agree with you.. This approach of developers is not entirely familiar to Blizzard. I’m sure players, who are constantly playing will figure out the new system pretty quickly, but other players will need some time.. To be honest, I see no reason to rotate the classic set from Standard format, since it has completely lost its impact on the meta. Over the past few years.

, The Hall of Fame system worked well, even if specific cards were still causing problems, the developers could send them to the Wild.. In my opinion, from a design point of view, the best solution would be to make the Classic set completely free. In Standard and Wild but from a monetization point of view, in this case the developers could no longer sell classic packs and monetize the classic format. How to explain to the player that he has free access to all classic cards in Standard, but for Classic mode. He has to buy packs.