First, going to start by playing a summoning portal, then we’re going to play necrotic, geist and we’re going to give that guys. Plus one spell damage with ethereal og merchant, then we’re going to give the guys the immune effect via death speaker. Then we play spirit of the bat and we also give the bat the immune effect via death speaker and we copy that bat with a prince to alderaan. And finally, we play a double defile, with the only minion in hand being a carnival clown to buff it to an extreme level. So i believe this is a 10 card combo that requires significant emperor authorities and discounts, so you’re definitely going to need valdrus for this one also in order to corrupt the carnival clown, we have to have it in hand while we play blood river cooldan, so i Think that’s pretty much it for the deck enter this time guys now this combo does happen to skip a couple turns so, if you’re at a low health total, you may die to fatigue so try to be at a high health total. When you do this best of luck to you and thanks so much for watching all right, not too bad, not a quest priest, though what’s he up to hopefully it’s, like gallicron priest or something big brace, is probably still a problem classic turn one rope. I guess i don’t play backfire then i’d rather coin the valdress i’m just gon na hold it that’s, not a good sign.

Oh cookie, it’s a pass fest; okay, not a big priest; i’m, just gon na waste. This try to keep my hand clear. So i can actually play vouchers. Oh okay, i might coin the six. I don’t care. If he gets that back, yeah that’s fine, we can coin six into six and then play beldras that works out nicely. Okay, there’s! Nothing in my deck that matters too much honestly. Really nothing, i guess if he steals a lot of my demons and blurred wiggle dance me that’s kind of a problem, but besides that should be relatively okay. I don’t really care if he gets on that one okay, there’s gon na be a lot of shifting shade. This game, okay, i don’t really care. If i give him shifting shade, i mean i could just kill that yeah let’s kill it to be safe. I want to get my varga Music, okay. Apparently this guy’s running, like the greediest deck of all time. Why didn’t you give the old bumperoo to evaluate hand, is too full that’s really lucky for him sure, okay, i can live with that. Oh my hands getting a little bit jammed, so i play that i go down to ten play that go down to nine. All right, okay, a little bit dangerous there, but whatever i probably shouldn’t, have done that. Actually that’s, probably a little bit too dangerous. I have a bunch of heavy cards left how many companies are missing: i’m missing a defile, a geist that’s it that can actually work because he’s stolen some cards – okay, that’s, fine, my clown corrupted, buy me some time.

Probably pull my void lord out too yeah nice. Well done, but why did you play you could just cut it for free whatever? Maybe he has another one Laughter? Okay, i guess i could pop this first, just in case well at least it wasn’t shadow madness earlier double guys doing all my stuff. Well, if he gets a better vocal dan or if he has one already, it actually summons back a little bit. So quite a bit now actually that’s the one foreign Music Music. I mean. I don’t really care that much honestly let’s do that. Can we play godfrey next turn, we’ll see you’re paying for my description, save the file. No more demons feels bad yeah, it’s, probably fine for a godfrey, the boilers don’t even die. Maybe let’s do that then let’s just do that. Just in case, i need the godfrey later, his entire hands are most random cards. I don’t really have a board clear per se in my deck that you could steal, i don’t have to post another or anything. This will be a message. Let’S just wait. My echoes are eternal, excellent Music. Here yeah there is don’t go actually: oh, he missed the vial okay, i’m, just gon na trade. First, i don’t mess up. I sense your studio, Music, okay, it’s gon na take a while. I guess i should have pinged first Applause. Whatever Music, so Music, oh hooray, no don’t! Let me die gabe no come on play a card, you can do it.

Oh there we go. Oh and she did have a rule amazing. I actually picked the right one too good for him. There we go 233, not bad and plug it in he’s. Digging massive straight would be pretty funny too, and four uh shadow would ruin pretty good. I think we may have it we’ll see you could have a plague of death. That’D be hilarious, all right playing, not playing a plague of flames. Excuse me, flames would be hilarious. I must feed now so many sense demons feels bad man.