Before i continue on with the video i just want to say. I appreciate all the criticism on reddit and in the comment section, it allows me to make my content better for future videos and with the hearthstone news as frequently as it is of now i’m trying to be on top of it as much as possible. I also want to mention, before the video starts, that i stream every single day on slacks, 12 p.m, central time, usually for around three or four hours, uh give or take so i’ll. Have all my information in the description down below it’s. As you can see here, um updated a minute ago, the title upcoming expansion, teaser quill – you be ready uh. This is on i’ll, have the link in the description down below um today february 16, 2021. So basically, i saw a tweet on twitter uh with the quill ub ready and a little bit of a video that i didn’t watch yet because i wanted to obviously uh get this uploaded as soon as possible um. But basically i think this is a a hint or a peek into the new expansion that they’ll be adding. Obviously we don’t know when, but i figured it was a good time to jump on this um. So basically, you see here like a razor friend, crawl image. Obviously, cool to be ready seems like that is most likely. What it’s going to be with the information down here that says, blizzard has posted a teaser for what’s, most likely an upcoming expansion.

They usually drop those a few days before the official announcement. The video and title look like a reference to quillboards, possibly razer, been crawl, as i said, slash, downs, dungeon or maybe the barren zone as a whole um. That makes sense. I like this. I, like that they’re going to be bringing some zones that a lot of world of warcraft players like myself, know um a lot of people that generally don’t know a lot about um world of warcraft might understand this area as a whole a little bit better, and I think that’s that’s something good that can kind of collide with the games and connect them a little bit more um because there’s some expansions that a lot of people that are not as invested in world of warcraft don’t really understand. They just know the cards right. So i think that makes sense. Um, a more interesting part might be the horde logo appearing after the short clip it might be because those are inherently horde control zones, as i have said, slash, dungeons or maybe it teases something more, of course, i’m making a wild guess here, but maybe we’ll get Another teaser for alliance and the fight between horde and alliance will be a part of the expansions focus or possibly even entire standard year uh. This will be really really interesting to see what they want to do. I do kind of like this uh style if that’s what this guy is saying, i also have the information to the person that wrote this article down below as well, and you guys can go, follow him and stuff like that, because it’s good to help all of The hearthstone people out myself being a smaller one as well so to continue.

The video also confirms that we’ll learn more on february 19th. Three days from now, which is the first day of blizzcon online um, which i also will be streaming, live at slacks i’m. Going to be doing the entire day on friday, i don’t know if i’m going to be doing the saturday yet, but the friday i will be streaming the entirety of the event um. We honestly figured out that much but it’s nice to have official confirmation. Okay, so this is what i saw on twitter, this quill you be ready. I never watched it yet so we’re gon na watch this together right now here is the 40 second teaser trailer for the upcoming expansion, which was uploaded on the hearthstone youtube channel and was also tweeted out, as i had mentioned, prior all right, so um. Obviously there wasn’t too much uh in the video um but, as you see, discover what’s next blizzcon online february 19th, where we will get more information um. I don’t know exactly when the panels are for hearthstone, but i can. I can find that out and put that in the description down below. So, if you guys want to check out when the hearthstone blizzcon announcement is that’ll, be uh dalby down below again february 19th is gon na, be a big day for uh for hearthstone. I think it’s gon na show this season um, as i’ve stated before in my prior video talking about the classic format.

Um i’ll have uh the link to that, also in the description um, but um they’re, adding they’re doing a lot more for hearthstone this year with esl taking over competitive um having the classic format that they announced just recently uh, which was, i think, last week, um. I think it was actually february 9th. It seems that they’re trying to prepare a lot of things for this year and they’re, trying to put a put more people invested into the game, trying to bring back that old classic player base, which i very very much appreciate. Um – and this should be really exciting – i mean obviously february 19th they’re going to have a lot of news, which will have a lot more videos coming from myself, so make sure make sure again that you are subscribed and you can click that notification bell to see When all my videos go live that’s, basically, it i’m excited to see what’s next, as you can see there and we’re going to go from there february 19th, and i guess we’ll see um what hearthstone has for 2021 um again. I think i like the path that they’re going on and it’s going to be very interesting to see what they want to do going forward with hearthstone. Thank you guys again for watching uh this little teaser into the upcoming hearthstone expansion. Again, i want to say uh. Thank you for all the criticism on reddit um and also the comment section on my youtube: videos uh.

The hearthstone community has been very friendly to me, i’m competitive, wise and also content wise. So i just wanted to say thanks for everyone who who tunes into my videos, make sure to subscribe and like if you haven’t already and have a great day february 19th is going to be a great day for hearthstone fans and blizzard fans alike. So be sure to check out my stream at twitch.