We’Ve already gotten min min we’ve got alex and steve from minecraft and we’ve gotten sephirah from the final fantasy franchise. So what are the next characters? Gon na be? We still have one two three characters left to pick so in this video i’m gon na give my predictions for three characters that i yes me want to see. These are my predictions and mine alone. So if you don’t, like them i’m, sorry try not to thumbs down button. Please please, anyway, grab your favorite snack enjoy the video, and here we go Music. Before i begin with my predictions, i have to say if you haven’t already definitely think about subscribing and hitting that like button all right, let’s get on with these predictions. First one is kind of an obvious one, it’s a character that has a bunch of different games. Already on the switch and has kind of been heavily rumored to be picked as one of the next fighters and that’s crash, bandicoot we’ve already have crash bandicoot insane trilogy. We have nitro racing and then just yesterday it was announced that crash bandicoot 4 is gon na, be on the nintendo switch and that releases march 12th. I wonder if there was somebody to predict that crash bandicoot 4 was gon na be coming on. The switch. Oh yeah, it was me you could check out that video of all my predictions right here, but now back talking to my crash bandicoot, perfect addition to smash brothers.

First and foremost, he is a legendary and iconic character, going all the way back to the playstation 1.. I mean in my mind when it comes back to like those original gaming mascots, you have mario, you have sonic and you have crash bandicoot now how fun would it be that you, for the first time ever they’re all in the game together and they can actually Compete for the dominance to say who truly is the best gaming mascot of all time? We all know the answer is sonic i’m. Just kidding, definitely not definitely not don’t thumbs down me. Please, please. I, like sonic 2., but crash bandicoot, has like the perfect move set for the game. He’S the perfect look for the game: there’s perfect opportunity for different skins for different characters within the smash brothers and with the crash bandicoot, ip and nintendo being so close. These days, it’s definitely possible that crash bandicoot will be seeing his way into smash brothers very, very soon. This next character that i would love to see in smash brothers is one of the most iconic video game, characters of all times and it’s, not a nintendo character and it’s, not a sony character, but it’s a microsoft character, and that is master chief. This is another character, that’s kind of been highly rumored to be entering smash and considering that microsoft and nintendo have been pretty buddy buddy recently, with a lot of microsoft’s games heading over to the switch, it would kind of make sense for me that master chief could Find his way in to smash, i know that master chief’s kind of having a little trouble with his own game recently.

So in the meantime, if you wouldn’t join the battle and fight some of nintendo’s, most famous icons, it would be a lot of fun bear with me here on this one. This might be a little bit of a stretch, but just imagine if doomslayer was kind of a different skin for master chief. You know it could be kind of two birds, one stone, please, please again don’t thumbs down no thumbs down. I know i know i know i know it’s crazy, but you know, master chief has been around since kind of the beginning of microsoft. So if microsoft and nintendo really want to prove how good a friends they are and how great a working relationship they have, these days, how about microsoft, bring over their big champion their big number one ip over to smash brothers. Microsoft does own the rights to rarest characters, including banjo, kazooie and we’ve. Seen them come over to smash brothers, so i would love love master chief in a smash game. I mean he could just obliterate everybody with his guns. He could have a big jump move. I mean i can just imagine all the different levels and stages that this developers create for such a great character, like master chief. Before i give my third and final prediction for this video, i do need to say that i do think that sakurai and the developers of smash brothers are gon na come out with another fighter’s pack.

So i don’t think this last character is gon na, be the last character ever added to smash brothers. This game is selling too well, and the dlc is selling too well for them to end it, and i think they’re so far away from another smash brothers game that i can honestly see a third smash brothers, fighting pack lasting at least two or three more years. But for the you know, for the idea of this video let’s pretend that this last spider is the last one that’s ever added there’s a lot of possibilities right so gino from you know. The mario rpg series came to mind, but i know they were just added. Kinda as a skin or me so they’re kinda out so then it came down to two different characters. The first one was possibly sora from kingdom hearts. I know that’s a very wanted character and very popular franchise, but for me there’s only one answer of the character that needs needs needs to be in smash brother and that’s. The man who carries a rose and has garlic breath and that’s my man waluigi. After all, the hype and the teasing even sakurai, having chairs behind him in a video, i think waluigi needs to be in this game. The amount of disrespect for this character is astronomical. He has been around for almost as long as wario and he’s a huge fan. Favor he’s in basically every single mario party game or mario sports game.

How can you leave out while luigi is such an obvious character? I really think that sakurai is just trolling the fans for not putting him in sooner. I think that there’s a lot of opportunity for him to be a great character. I mean he’s in almost every sports game. Like i said, i even created a whole video right here discussing what my dream. Waluigi game would look like people love this character and for him to be excluded from this ultimate smash. Bros game would be the most disrespect possible that sakurai could ever give to a character. I mean he’s a first party ip. Please sakurai include this man into the game, so many opportunities with throwing the rose with having his garlic breath for ways of cheating and tripping waluigi is an obvious pick and it was up to me he would definitely be in this game. Those are my three predictions. What do you guys think of them, and what are some of your predictions for characters? You would love to see in a smash brothers game, they could be any character and any type of media it could be. Anime could be other video game systems any type of ip. Let me jump down in the comment section and i’ll definitely get back to you. I’M, really curious, who you guys want to see in this super smash brothers fighter pack guys. Thank you so much for watching this video, if you’re new to my channel, definitely think about hitting that sub button and liking.

So next time i go live with content, you get it right away, pretty pretty obvious anyway, guys the live stream every tuesday, thursday and a lot of content in between guys. I am turbo. Jesse stay safe out there and i’ll see you on the flip side.