First yeah today’s fan request is party time. Pikachu versus tifa, wife, don’t, forget to like comment subscribe and hit that bell to be notified when more smash bros arrives and special shout outs to all our members, including our ultimates. If you guys want to hop aboard the membership train, all you have to do. Is click right here select the tier that works best for you yeah, so oh luke, yes, oh i’ll, tell you later alice is gon na go down, is the first player to win. Two matches is today’s winner and you’re watching k wings let’s plays that’s us. So we are a husband and wife team that likes playing games together. Yes and we’re milking smash brothers like no tomorrow luke is the husband and i am the wifey. I it’s sad that you have to explain that in 2021. Should i use like more neutral terms like spouse or life partner uh? Oh my gosh, one of these days, i’m gon na i’m gon na walk i’m gon na walk into uh hallmark i’m. Not gon na find the husband and wife section we’ll just call it mate. I don’t know we’ll call it husband, Music, oh my gosh. Well, the world has changed so much in 15 years. It’S crazy, but anyway go into this party time pikachu instead of wife, it’ll save my woman. No, i don’t think i think that would be considered wrong to say i think yeah. I think i think they would.

They would think that’s kind of like Music, my gosh i’m just gon na say because there’s no other there’s, no there’s, no like slang for it. It would be that would be like you would get cancelled and people would say you’re sexist or like saying my woman or my girl, or something even though there’s tons of songs about it. My girl, my girl, talking about my girl, my girl, i got some. No, no, i didn’t much honey. No, i didn’t, i didn’t know i didn’t be no nope. Nope we’re just doing a few bars a few bars. Oh, my gosh, you really want i’m. Sorry, are there any of those living members still around or would it be like? The recording studio that would come after us, you’re gon na get burned a lot temptations you might still be around. I don’t know i don’t. I only know that kind of stuff, because i’ve heard i’ve heard you listening to it. Like all i love motown. I know you do i love uh girl groups, motown love, jazz, big bands, like everything i love old fashioned, music jazzy. You know when i was a kid. I thought they called it big bands, because literally they were all big people that played in the band no it’s because there’s. So many. No, i i’m aware what it was i’m just saying like when i heard that so i always thought it was like a band of giants.

It was like. Can we go see a big band in new york city and then when we did see a big band? I was kind of disappointed because i was like some of them are small. They just look like normal. They just look like normal people, false advertising, party time, pikachu, dance, yeah and yes, it’s party time, pikachu versus wife tv. Is it always a party with party time pikachu it does it just says: he’s got the party hat, so that means he’s ready for a party on your birthday. You should be party time. Pikachu versus you’re subscribed no, no i’m, not doing that i’m playing e man. Oh i’m, playing that really cool game where i can’t monetize, maybe i’ll do a party time. I can only get super chats. I can’t like put ads on the video because it’s bad minus Music – oh gosh, oh my gosh, just like you and your friend always say analystics. You know what it’s fine it’s very cute. People have different ways of saying words and it doesn’t. I know it’s it’s, totally okay and acceptable to star fire has a different way of talking than everybody else. I love starfire english sarfire english is the best, but luke it’s incorrect. Can you imagine star is the wonderful you are the jealous? Oh my gosh, i i did starfire cute yeah. She is so the cute we are having the good time all the girls are totally the jealous of her that’s right wish to take her the down.

Where is the robin? I have a question for the robin: can we just speak in like? Would it be starfire um, starfire ease, starfire ease, yeah or starfire latin? No that’s, not fairies? Oh now, you’re going down you’re in a pikachu level now it’s over, because i have the power of pika pika. Why didn’t the bomb blow up that would have been ideal? Okay, you know what that’s just not right, so i guess it randomly blows up or it’s on a timer or something like that. So i’ll have to do some more community streams, but guys i do get worn out after a while so yeah that’s. Why sometimes i take breaks randomly i’m, not gon na get worn out. I’M gon na be streaming a lot more now, because i’ve been i’ve been worried because, like we’re wondering why, where mr stream was going i’m. Sorry, mr clean your mr stream, so of course they’re. Probably gon na take back that old data thing when i mean right now, they’re saying no data caps but that’s, because we’re like right around the two gig or the two terabyte like imagine, gets up to like three. I said no yeah. I did sign i’m going to sign it. I did oh, i will be signing it so once it says no data caps. You can use like well. I’M gon na go crazy. 12 terabytes i’m gon na i’m gon na start i’ve been not watching.

Oh my gosh! Oh, my gosh, yes, no, we can’t do it here, though we don’t have. We don’t have the we don’t have the bandwidth for 4k. We can’t like i would, but we don’t have the equipment for it like right now, we’re rocking 1080p, so let’s just do the 1080p let’s stay in our lane. When we go to chicago we’ll do 4k. No, i i don’t know it would be too many a huge like how could i even tell the difference between i still can’t everybody’s, like wow check out 4k it’s like um everybody’s, like are you going to upgrade to 4k it’s like, but i i still think 1080P looks really good. Now i can see the difference between 720p and 1080p. I cannot see the difference between 4k and 1080. I just i can’t yeah. I realize we’re both in a good mood because we ate well this morning, we’re getting pizza too we’re going to try a detroit pizza. Now amber’s stressed. I don’t think i don’t. I have no problem with detroit pizza and stuff. I just don’t think that fine, i don’t want the sauce over my cheese that’s. I already got it. You got to have the you got to have the experience, though yeah i’m getting you put the sauce over the cheese like how is that gon na taste? Good i’m telling you what i’m ordering, though i’m getting the detroit pizza, i’m gon na get um some pasta and a medium pizza like with actual pizza.

Every time i order pasta from pizza hut, i feel like i i copped out. I could easily made the pasta myself a mold and baked it. Oh, my gosh. I could have easily just made some pasta. You chose losing, put sauce on it and then baked it with some cheese on it right, you’re gon na be able to pasta going down. You’Re going down when i first worked at pizza hut a long time ago, we used to make a pot of pots a pasta that had like squash in it and like vegetables. That was that was your illinois pizza. I know that was so good. I loved the one with vegetables but i’m i’m curious. You know, i’ve i’ve had chicago deep ditched pizza before i’ve never had detroit pizza and i lived near detroit when i was a kid so yeah cause detroit is in michigan yeah. I lived near detroit and michigan smelled funky, so yeah that’s, where my brother and his wife yeah. I know i remember we uh when disney infinity was still around, which was weird disney. Infinity was trending the other day. I was like what it’s, not even the anniversary of disney infinity’s death like yeah there’s, no reason the anniversary, if you guys want to celebrate the death of disney infinity it’s. May you know what you see in? May you see the games such as fortnite and minecraft that continue to have people play them over and over again for like over a decade, pikachu, look at me here.

I go you really. No. You realize that disney infinity probably could have been relevant for 20 years. No, i don’t know for everything there’s a season. I don’t. I don’t believe that. No, no, no, i disagree. I would say they would get four or five games and that would be it there’s. No way they could still play it, though um yeah, if they kept the server servers, open people would still be buying the game. All right, all right, amber won once let’s go. That was that was a fluke all right time for round two of pika pico cedar versus k, wife, tifa, yeah, it’s, pika, pikacina, pika pika. I forgot like what our catchphrase was, that we always did. I don’t know i thought it was uh. I don’t know. Oh yeah, your time is over her time is now done. That was fun. That was a fun live stream. It was, i got a lot of views. I really want to do pokemon tournament again. No, oh that’s, fine, i’m! Not i i can’t! All you have to do if you’re, like oh you’re, worried about the bandwidth. Well, we don’t have bandwidth limits, uh huh, so it doesn’t matter be like cool i’m gon na um i’m gon na watch it. I haven’t watched the korean drama in six months. Okay, so for your stream tonight for fortnite yeah um, while you’re streaming, i can go and make a members post and tell people that i will add everyone who’s a member onto my fortnite account and then you can easily play with members for a couple rounds.

If you want tonight yeah, if you want to have any skins – okay, fine, oh did you want any members round, though oh yeah members around yeah, like if the members can’t get in with you, then they can play with you on a members, room, sure that’s. What i’m saying that’s a smart idea, you don’t have any skins. Well, i are you, okay with me getting a tron skin. That would be the skin that you would decide to get well, they don’t really have i mean you’ve kind of missed the boat for skins like on your account i’m, just saying, oh, whatever kind of skin you want, i mean i don’t know really. I could get a girl tron skin, like uh, based on it’s, not gon na, be my account it’s just gon na be the members account for my fortnite account it’s no longer gon na be mine. Okay, i’ll even cancel the name, i’ll change, my name. No. I, like your name. Well, i mean nintendo doesn’t, like your name. They censor you even when people try to talk to me and among us it’s all blurred out when they try to say my name. That’S got a feeling and like when i tried to stream on twitch on, like on my k, wife account, then, like people try to say hey k, wife. Every time i try to talk to you. It won’t. Let me say your name: yeah i’ve heard youtube’s doing that too, like people try to say your name like in live streams and it doesn’t look like i have to change my name to ambi challenge, maybe john’s channel.

I like that. Then people can think you’re asian. The adventures of ambition, that’s amazing. I love that rebranding i’m glad to be a part of it. Why am i being i’m just suckster today? Why don’t? I call myself the legend of ambidex, the legend of amy chan, she’s, a secret to everyone. Wait that’s our name! We’Re the secret to everyone. I could call myself the legend of andy trump people. I didn’t say the secret yeah, the legend: okay, yeah yeah we’re a secret to everyone, but um people were saying: oh my gosh. You guys finally got 10 000 views on your uh. Mario thing it’s, like it wasn’t continually getting 10 000 views that’s how many we got like while we were streaming and then youtube’s like oh we’re, gon na fix it um yeah, but yeah live streaming, was a lot of fun and what i love about live streaming. Now is the quality is so good like before live stream yeah? Well, i have been like all the zelda games. We’Ve done the only thing i wish we could do, which i i think one of my friends said they were going to help with, is uh trying to improve the audio quality. So you guys can hear us over stuff, no matter what and we don’t have to make the game like too quiet. My mic is already 100 up all the time i know you’re just mousy and small you’re like a pikachu.

No, what you are i mean it’s, not anything, insulting, it’s, just drowning, just gon na turn the game volume down my stream. Just some take a picture of the settings before you do it so that when i stream um, i can adjust it because my voice overpowers everything, because i won’t then i have to ask people like. Oh, i don’t know what the audio levels are, or i could just make my settings to my computer i’ll, just stream for my computer yeah, you do have a brand new computer. We just you can’t, you can’t, set it up with your old um hotmail. You have to make a new hotmail or yeah i’m aware have it connected to your gmail or something i could just make one of my random gmails. I have like i made like a book reading channel gmail. This is random, ky, reads books. Oh i uploaded one. One chapter affiliate and odyssey: i read it neat i was trying to keep myself reading, but then instead i thought no, this isn’t really inspiring me to read, because i have to get up and sit here and read out loud, randomly it’s, frustrating so it’d be much Better, if i could just read at night no, i don’t have a little lamp to read so then i got myself a little lamp, so i’m, going to try to read at night and it’ll. Give me something to do instead of looking at my phone.

What what? What do you have? Any idea who i am your time is over my time is now cool, okay, i’m party time pikachu. Oh, wait, i’m, not party time, pikachu, i’m, all thrown off because i’m, not party time anymore, pika pikacina! I feel weird. Oh no! Oh come on, i am not some fluffy volleyball that you could just puddle with the party is over, looks like you’re, not party time, pikachu anymore. I am party time pikachu there’s, a party and you’re just not invited. I don’t see a hat. It doesn’t need to be a hat, it’s i’m still, partying i’m just being mean and stuff. Well wait. I thought yeah, i can wall jump, i shouldn’t have died there. I have wall jump powers, my gosh well nope. What no? Why did you do that? Are you? Okay, come on come on, ow that’s. What you get for taunting me taunting is mean proceeds to taunt hypocrites. Oh my gosh, your taunting is cuter than mine. It’S cause. I can break dance. Can you break? Can you break dance? You look like a little cat. You know what they need to do: they have to bust out the cardboard old school style and then you got break dancing. Pikachu. Did people really used to break dance on cardboard yeah because he would like glide on the cardboard? Oh, my gosh it’s amazing Music ouch. That was uncalled for hold still, so i can kill you.

Yes, the 90s are never coming back. That was the 80s 90s okay. 80S Music. 80S is like a utopia aside from the cold war, but i don’t really remember it. I just remember now you’re playing with power super power. Actually i know that was super nintendo yep. It was now you’re playing with tom. I don’t really remember. As many super nintendo commercials, there were more nes commercials than super nintendo. I know that yeah, and also they were so lazy in the us that they basically reused the same slokan for the super nintendo. Oh really, yeah, playing with power. The same thing. Instead of now you’re playing with power, now you’re playing with power, super power see see how that marketing team did their thing. At least people remembered this logan, like also you know very cheesy low slogan, but we used it for so long. No now we’re i’ve used lots of them now we’re let’s playing with power. Whatever we said now, we’re laughing with power yeah now we’re laughing with power, because people are laughing at our gameplay yeah they’re, not laughing they’re with us they’re laughing at us they’re supposed to be laughing here. No survive survive, survive, i’m, dead, i’m. Sorry, mbt for wins, mbt for one yeah. I will change my. So let us know in the comments what you guys think i should change my channel name. Two yeah yeah pick a name. I should have cosplay of myself. You know what i wish i could do.

Is have uh art drawn on myself, but as of myself as shauna and o’shaug, and all my favorite, like anime with the little red hair and the sword, i want to kill somebody: oh okay, that’s lovely, all right so anyway, guys and gals that is gon na.