The hunts, in my opinion – and i wanted to touch on a weapon as you can see here: sky burner’s oath – that is absolutely dominant in it and it’s so much fun. If you enjoy the video make sure you hit that like button, make sure you subscribe, the channel helps me out tremendously. It shows me you guys are really enjoying my content, and i do very much appreciate that now, if you don’t know sky, bird and oath is a gun, that’s long been put by the wayside underwhelming, and there have been a couple things that i’ll help it this Season that i’m super excited about one uh from one of your first activities. If you don’t already have it, you will be able to get the skyburn result, catalyst which is a nice bonus, but the catalyst just extends range and is helpful in pve or pvp, and not as much pve. However, if you look at its perks, we got standard, uh extended magic, it’s done in barrel and then you’ve got for the empire in full, auto it does extra damage to cabal and penetrates phalanx shields, and then uh we’ve got slug rifle lobs large explosive seeking slugs. When you’re firing from the hip, when your abs, the slugs travel fast and straight with higher damage and lower rate of fire, this thing absolutely melts cabal it’s it’s insane. If you hit fire it’s, actually you can just spray the battlefield. Now, one of the nice things about this, this season is not just this, but also the fact that we’ve got anti barrier scout rifle and now that it’s on the armor, you can use that with your skyburners oath and shred through the enemies also use it against Uh, the anti or the barrier champions and it melts them.

It completely destroys them so i’m gon na show you off my battlegrounds gameplay, showing you using off using the skybridge notes for a bit, because i had a lot of fun using it and i think it’s going to be the meta, especially as you’re trying to clear These battlegrounds as quickly as possible to farm for different weapons and rolls and whatnot. So if you enjoy the video like comment subscribe but i’ll catch, you all later watch out, he might grab the heavy ammo right from the drum just to fi. I don’t even know where it spawns uh. I normally spy one moves goddamn that was close right. One down all right, it’s, unstoppable or unstable, never mind, never mind. My number i can’t read. Words are hard, you going i’m back ball chase them balls grab them balls. Squeeze them balls tight. You know what i’m saying across what watch that champion up here. Oh there’s, another step for the tikkus dimination. What is that uh calibrate damage? You got ta do crucible and strike stuff. I did not realize that all good all right. Oh, what happened there brother trying to get heavy ammo? I feel that, oh, my god, i totally knew that was gon na happen robin i wasted my nova. So i could pick up the orbs of light that you made and it literally came over here and killed a champion, and i was like that looks like i planned that he was frozen.

You die brother that’s. All i know i have no resilience it’s pathetic. There is no glory in what the cabal are seeking here. Just desperation agreed. Oh all, right let’s! Do it alrighty this legion’s champion is near guardian, perform the right of proving call him out and show him the power of the light. Where’D, our random go cabin the hardest uh enemy in this is going to be the uh. The ball is dropping down. Tell me i’m wrong. Are you serious right now, rock it and just like dip the hell out my grenade is my wave grenade launcher stuck on the floor, that’s, not detonating. What the what come! Look at it! Oh there went someone stepped on it. Is it me uh champion me in again blueberry’s down again, though me over there barrier champion he’s down yeah he’s done watch out for the for explosion, boss, there’s a lot of bad things right there, the silliest, the golem, oh no, Music, oh there’s, a little dragon Off the map, there are so many enemies, yeah let’s, uh, clear, some ads, huh just chunk them just chunk them. The boss is a one shot by the way. Oh nice, this is the boss. Oh you, you went behind the pillow. Oh wait! It’S going to get you got him. Okay, give me the schmorbs. We should send in another team to do a second sweep. Today’S survivor is tomorrow’s enemy.