Two really cool builds with it that are pretty insane, so it’s going to start with unlocking the aspect. If you played beyond light, you probably know exactly how to do this. You go to the extra stranger on europa and she’ll have a quest line for this aspect. The good thing is once you do it in one character, you pretty much, have it on all three. Then she’ll also have two fragmented quest lines: there’s four new fragments i’ll be making video on all four at some point and you can unlock two this week and as long as you track the quest lines, you should be good to go. The aspect quest isn’t that long you will need the salvation’s grip equipped to start one of the encounters in one of the areas, and that is pretty much it it’s pretty easy. Now that we got the aspect, unlocked let’s go ahead and look at it bleak watcher. Press and hold the grenade button to convert your grenade into a stasis turret that fires stolen projectiles at nearby enemies. So it kind of sounds like the stasis version of ark souls, maybe with the getaway artist. So pretty much. What you do is you just hold a grenade, then you throw it on the ground and it’ll create this stasis, turret that will shoot slowing, projectiles at everything nearby and just like most stasis abilities that slow. If you hit a target that is already slowed with a slowed ability, it will then freeze them, so it doesn’t only slow.

It will then also freeze which is really good for ad clearer and overall, this pretty much just transforms your grenade into a grenade that just lasts for 25 seconds. It will do the slow and frozen effect to multiple enemies, not just the first thing that you hit with a grenade, so it pretty much instantly makes your grenade way better and the turret lasts for roughly 25 seconds, and i almost had my incarnate back by time. It disappeared. You can pair this very nicely with ice flare bolts, which is whenever you kill a frozen target. It will then send seekers to nearby enemies to freeze them so once it freezes one target and you shoot them and kill them, they’ll then freeze nearby targets. So obviously, this combo works really well once you freeze one day and you pretty much freeze the entire room, and this will pretty much work for the entire 25 seconds of the turret’s up time. And when you first look at this aspect, you would think it’s pretty much just for actor. But if you use whisper of hedgerons, which is zombie that buff after you freeze a target pretty much, what you can do is throw it at a boss, it’ll constantly freeze them, which will constantly give you that increase to your damage. Now that buff will not stack with other buffs in the game, so if you’re in a well or weapons of light, this will not stack on top of that.

But if you’re playing solo somebody pretty much having an empire rift at all times, then another sandbox change. They made for this season is whenever enemy is frozen and you shoot them with a special or heavy weapon. You’Ll also get increased damage, as you see with the new gl. If i go and freeze carl, when i shoot him now, the numbers will be yellow and much higher. So with this aspect, you can pretty much give yourself as you’ll, see up to 31 percent, more damage for your special and heavy weapons and every single time they freeze and you shower them out – you’ll also be doing 315 extra damage just to break them out. So dropping one, if not multiple, of these for boss fight is gon na, be really good at getting you all these buffs up at all times, and also every single time they freeze and you shatter them it’ll be a little bit of an increased damage. So this leak watcher aspect is extremely good. It transforms your grenade into pretty much a grenade that lasts for 25 seconds. Then, if you pair, that with ice flare, bullets and something like whisperer fissures, that’s, maybe really good for a clear if you pair it with heat drones, that’s gon na be really good for single target damage, especially if you’re a solo player. So, overall, this aspect is pretty top tier and definitely the one i’ll be rocking whenever i play stasis, especially because of these two builds i’m about to show off the first build will be with verdi’s brow and one thing that is interesting about brady’s.

Bravo, if we read the perk, energy weapon kills grant death throws, which provides a bonus to the damage of a grenade and grants you grenade energy. So the thing that is interesting is it says that increases the damage of your grenade. There’S gon na be five stacks of death throws and every stack will be ten percent. So all the way up to fifty percent. With times five and as you see in the small sector of the turret, normally hits for 119. Then we go ahead and get times five with the various route perk. It will now hit for 178, so it does seem to scale the damage of the turret itself, it’s kind of cool, but at the same time the turret doesn’t really do that much damage itself. So it’s not going to be like game breaking so for the first build we’ll be using reddy’s brow, then, looking at my stasis setup, i have all the normal stuff that bleep watcher then also. I swear bolts i’m using one of the new fragments right here, which will give you grenadine energy. Every single time you take damage might not be testing that in this video i will be testing it in a future video. I have hedrons and also fissures and look at my weapons of choice. I have the new gl chain reaction, which will be really good, pretty much our main weapon we’ll be using in this build and we also have demo on it.

Then i have a new smg with frenzy, which i’ll be making a video on both the smg and frenzy soon, then. Finally, you can use whatever exotic heavy of choice. Right now, i’m using limit i’ve been using. Two tail fox also not quite sure what is the best yet, but i’ve just been kind of messing around with a little bit of everything, then for our mods. We have the typical mod build i’ve used a lot in the past blast radius, which will allow us become charged with light with the new geo, then, with those stacks of charge of light, we’ll be using firepower four of them, and that will give us grenade energy Back whenever we use our grenade while charged with light so pretty much how this build works, it’s gon na be very similar to a lot of builds i’ve made in the past. You place down your stasis turret. It slows and freezes zane’s non stop and whenever you place down the turret, you get sixty percent of the back instant because of the four stacks of firepower, then all you have to do is get a double kill with a gl did become charge of light. Again, we do that you’ll get demolitionist to prop twice on both of those kills, which should give you the rest of a grenade energy, which means you can throw the turret again and once repeat pretty much. Every single two kills. Maybe three kills. You have a new turret to place down and before you know it, you have an entire army of these things.

Just blasting everything freezing everything constantly and you pretty much alone can control the entire room. With this build it’s, actually crazy. The only thing i would add would be special adventure to make sure i have special ammo because we’re pretty much relying on the geo for all of our kills. So just finishings here and there then the second build is made pretty similar. But with avoid wellspring or demo weapon, for example, the new brass attacks, which is kind of like breach light or you could even use something like the deathly whisper from the previous season and now we’re gon na be using the heritage for our connect slide. Instead. And this time, we’re gon na be using the two rift, fragments and also aspects, so the fragment that’ll give you your rip back when you kill a slowed or frozen target, then also the aspect that allows you to freeze targets with your rift and this time we’ll Be using the zirc same because we’re using a void demo or wellspring weapon. This time we have swift charge because we’re using a sidearm, if you’re using definitely whisper, keep blast radius on. We still have the four fire powers, and this will work pretty much exact same as the previous one, but now, instead we’re using our void primary to get charged with light instead of the gl and the good thing about this one is we get all of our Abilities in our super back very quickly because of those extend unlike freddy’s brow, where it’s only for your grenade, and what do you do if you don’t have firepower well, instead of using firepower, you can pretty much just rely on some of the very basic perks.

For example, bomber these two bombers, every single time you put down your rift you’ll, get a good chunk of your grenade back instantly. Then we use the frost pulse. Then we also use the refraction fragment pretty much. What you can do is go back and forth between your stasis. Turret, then also your rift and one will kind of feed energy into the other. Then, on top of that, you still have your wood weapon. Processor, extend so you’ll, be getting both your grenade and rip back pretty quickly, back and forth. Back and forth. Along with your super, then also your melee, then, to finish off that build, you can pretty much use whatever mods you want, whatever works with your playstyle or whatever you’re trying to achieve, but anyways. All these builds are absolutely insane i’ve been using them a lot in battlegrounds and pretty much single handedly controlling the entire arena by myself. At some points, when i was playing yesterday on stream, i would have like 10 12 15 of these stasis tournaments down and they would be instantly freezing pretty much everything in the room non. Stop even bosses when we got to the boss, fights there’d be times where i’d have them surrounded with like 10 of them, and he would literally be frozen pretty much the entire time. The second he would shatter he’d be re frozen and it was pretty crazy anyways. I think i’m gon na let the rest of the game play, do the talking.

For me, this is definitely one of my new favorite aspects. Entire game, along with my favorite, build as right. Now this is kind of looking to be one of the best builds in the game, especially for activities that have a lot of ads that you have to control, for example, battlegrounds, which is kind of like the new theme this season anyways.