So, if you’re just getting back into destiny 2 – and you need to pick up a few dlcs or even the game itself, go and check out that story link in the comments description also, when this video goes live, i will be streaming destiny 2. For a few hours, we’ll just be grinding, a new season and chilling anyways let’s go and begin with the video. So when you first start off the season, you want to go to the gunsmith to pick up the questline to get this virtual weapon, and this questline only has one step with two objectives and some be pretty much doing any playlist activity and getting kills with grading Launchers, in those activities, the way we did it was the knightfall, the knightfall counted it as 3.3 percent towards the completions. So we had to do 33 nightfalls. We also tried to lick up shadows on the map. That was roughly two or two point: five percent. It was hard to tell then we also did the 1270 nightfall, and that was four percent, so we determined the base. Nightfall was the way to go and we did 33 of those, then along the way, just use something like a death and whisper or any jail choice, and you will easily get the total geo kills required by the time you are done and as right now, there’s Really no tips or tricks. You know you just got to grind it out. Maybe if you wait until the end of the season where master rifles are more achievable and you’re on light, that might give you a way high percent for completions and make it a lot quicker.

But overall, at the game season, you just got to grind so now. I’M, looking at the perks on this weapon, it comes with spike grenades which will increase the impact damage of this weapon, which is pretty good. Then, in the left slot we have two choices: ambitious assassin or demolitionist. The first one i want to look at is gon na be demolitionist. This will give us our grenade back on kills with this weapon and also reload weapon. When we throw a grenade and with special weapons with 100 discipline, it usually takes roughly eight kills to get your full grenade back, which is obviously pretty good. So this will work really well for grenade builds. Then the second part of the perk is when you throw a grenade over the weapon, so that will allow you to shoot two shots back to back. But the thing is in the recent update: they nerfed the demo perk itself. They added a cooldown to the reload effect. So if you use something like some bracers, where you can throw multiple grenades very quickly, as you see there’s a cooldown of how often this can work, i could only pull off two reloads with the sun racers perk. So, outside of getting your grenade back with the motion is if your goal is to be able to shoot off two shots in a row, you may as well use the other perk, ambitious assassin, because you’ll be able to shoot off two shots pretty much every single Time with this perk, once you get one kill in reload, you’ll then have two in the mag which obviously, if you can’t, get a kill with those two shots, then i don’t know what you’re doing so pretty much.

You will always have two in the mag with ambitious, which makes me believe this will be kind of like the go to perk for just general gameplay. Unless you’re going for a grenade build then in the right column, we have two really good perks, also vorpal and chain reaction. First, looking at vorpal weapon, this one creates damage to bosses and majors. So if you look at damage on carl without it it’s only for these two numbers right here, then we go ahead and swap over to vorpul it’s, going to go up a little bit higher from 24.8 to 28.6, which is going to be that 15 increase of Vorpal, so it’s not too bad and hitting 28 000 per shot with a special weapon is actually pretty good, that’s on par with most sniper rifles. Then, if we start off with two and look at the rate of fire of five shots, it’s gon na take roughly 5.4 seconds, which means the dps of this weapon is roughly 26 and a half thousand, which isn’t great but definitely isn’t bad. That is on par with most special weapons, pretty much right in there with most of the regular shotguns. You can also pair that with anarchy, which will add, roughly fourteen and a half thousand dps, taking the total to forty one thousand, which once again isn’t anything insane. But pretty good for a typical special, but the thing that makes this weapon so cool is the fact that it has chain reaction, which is pretty much dragonfly turned up to 11, but on weapons i can’t get crit final blows and the second i saw this last Season on the rocket launcher and heavy grenade launcher, i was like this needs to be a perk on special weapons.

I thought it would be on a fusion just like loaded question, but the first time we’re, seeing it on a special weapon, is on a gl which is almost just as good and pretty much. This is as close as we’ve gotten to the loaded question since loaded question got sunset and if you guys don’t, remember loaded question was pretty much my favorite weapon in the history of destiny. I pretty much used it the entire time it was out. I love that thing, and this is pretty much the same thing, but in gl form – and one thing i noticed while using this is the way chain reaction works is after you kill an enemy, it’s kind of on like a half second delay, and as you see When you kill things with this gl their bites kind of go flying away, then they exploded like that half second later and when i was playing, i thought the train reaction explosions were kind of random and not that consistent, but now that i’m watching the footage back After i’ve already gotten off the game, i can tell that, based on where i hit the enemies at like, if it’s below them or above them, they’ll send their bodies in a certain direction. Then explode and, as you see in a lot of this gameplay i’m shooting it towards their feet, which makes them go flying up in the sky. Then they explode and don’t really hit that much.

So what you’d want to do is aim above them or almost at head level, and that would cause them to stay, grounded and just go sideways and really spread out the explosion of chain reaction anyways. It pretty much goes without saying that i love this weapon. I love chain reaction. I think it’s pretty much the closest thing to the question we’ll ever get, and that was one of my favorite weapons, which pretty much automatically makes this one of my new favorite weapons and, like usual i’ll, show off a build with this weapon. Since it is a green launcher, you can use blast radius, which will allow us to become chargeable. Light on double kills with the weapon which will be happening all the time very easily, and our perks of choice for this build will be demolitionist then also chain reaction. I do think ambitious is better overall, but we’re going for a grenade, build with dusk filled, grenades on stasis and our exotic armor piece of choice will be berry’s brow anytime, we get energy weapon final blows, we’ll get stacks of death throws, which will pretty much give Us our grenade back quicker, make it do more damage, and also whenever we throw a grenade over nearby alleys will get a huge increase to their disciplined stat. And finally, with our stacks of charge of light, we’re gon na be using firepower, four copies of them, which they all stack and pretty much. What it does is when we throw a grenade we’ll, get pretty much 60 of it back instantly, and this is a boat i’ve used before.

But the whole point is you become charged with light you throw the dust coil grenade to suck everything in you, shoot it with a gl and pretty much just chain, kill everything, and then, between the stacks of firepower and demolitionist, you will have your grenade back right Away and you’re ready to go and do it again so overall, i definitely love this weapon it’s pretty much. My new favorite special weapon in the entire game, it’s really good for clearing out majors. It can one hit most of them because it does a lot of damage per actual shot. Then it has really good ad clear, so it pretty much covers all the bases you would want from a special weapon and that pretty much makes it in my opinion, won the best ones in the entire game instantly and i think the dps this season is gon Na be dominated by exotic heavy weapons for the most part, so it kind of allows you to use a special weapon like this for add, clear and major clear, because you don’t really need a dps monster in this slot anyways. I think that’s made it for the commentary, just some gameplay left from strikes and, like i said, i’ll be streaming on twitch for a few hours once this video is live so go ahead and click the link in the comments, description and come over and chill for A little bit and we’ll just be grinding out the season anyways.