The k1 crew quarters legend lost sector, which is on moon reason. Why it’s this specific law sector is because exotic chest plate is on today. So the new uh season of the um chosen exotics are chest plates for all three classes, so you want to be farming now. If you tighten man, you must be doing this today. If you haven’t already got this chest, but do it today as long as you’re around 1290s 1280s, you should be able to do it. Solo, it’ll! Just take you a little longer if you’re 1300 power. This can be done in five to ten minutes very easily. So the modifiers on this are fallen, champions, barrier, overlord, fallen, modifier is hot knife, which means shanks, have solar shields destination modifier, which means incoming void and aerial damage is increased for the enemy. If you jump or take any void damage that is 50 for the enemy or something like that, but for the arc damage buff is for us. The burn it’s, not a cindy, to burn so 50 damage increase for all arc damage sources. So you want to capitalize on that and play to that burn. Okay, if you’re not playing to that burn, then you know you’re doing something wrong, so you want to do that so before i show you, the build i’ll just show you well i’ll. Show you what the chest plate the perk on it and why you want to farm it, so it states greatly increase your funnel crash inc act.

Damage get an overshield that lasts longer. The farther you travel before striking the target you get an overshield, say, you’re weak and you pop your super you’ll get the overshield meaning you’re. Even more tanky you’ve got you’ve, got more damage. Distance anyways, when you’re in a super, so you’re getting even more okay, very good, knowing that it increa greatly increases doesn’t, see how much buyer, which i wish they would start giving us numbers rather than just saying greatly or just a little bit or exponentially start putting Numbers in your game, please bungie, because they need to start doing this because it’s not just this it’s, a problem amongst everything in the game. We have to go and test it’s fine. I, like that bungie lets content creators play test their game to find out stuff, but there is a point where they need to start putting numbers on the screen of what everything does please but anyways. It gives you celestial nighthawk damage for titans, okay, celestial nighthawk. As we know his burst damage very high high burst damage, so it’s very good on the striker titan because of this so we’re going to be using it. If you don’t have the chest plate in your farm and to get it, then you can still use this loadout it’s going to work just as good, but obviously it works out a little bit better with this chess player. So, as i stated, the mods are champion anti barrier and overlord, so we’ve got a scout rifle a solo scout rifle because there’s solar shields and an overload ball.

If you want to do it differently and have a sniper on, then you could use the exotic solar, bow or the red solo ball from last wish, then put a connect sniper with an eye barry on you, don’t really need the sniper. If you want to use a sniper use, it just make sure you’re fitting solo is somewhere into your build and arc that’s the main thing, but double prime works out fine, so we’ve got those two one i’m using a blue skull because it’s not many blue scouts. I would someone asked me this the other day. Why don’t you use the solar sky rifle reason why i don’t use. It is because it’s the courtesy that people don’t have it right. There’S, no point me using it and then somebody’s saying i don’t have it. Then i have to redo the video see it’s pointless i’ve got a god roll as well, but if you have it use it, have it use it? If you don’t then use this, then we’ve got a arc rocket launch on because the 50 damage buff so um. Any arc damage will do you. You know obviously really well walk with coils insane it one shots champions at a medium distance, medium to close range at long range. It won’t that’s, the only thing with it. So we’ve got that in terms of mods, we have a wrath of rasputin, which works with a solar scout. It’S got explosive on rage of the war mind.

We have arc damage resistance on you. I advise putting that on weed a reload. We don’t reserve sorry for rockets and rocket launcher finder on as well, then we’ve got rocket launcher scavenger recuperation for health. If we need it shield break charge and a high energy fire, because there’s some shields we can take. You know advantage of that. So that was a self, since this lost sex is really short, it’s going to concentrate exactly what’s going on at each part and trying to miss anything out because it’s really short. So you just want to stand in the back of the map right here and just take out all the vandals once you take a couple of vandals and drags there’ll be an additional spawn of drags and bundles. At the back of the map, which you’re going to see right now is the second spawn just try and get them all as you can a ball one shot them. So just try and use your ball more. You know, the ball is better than the skulk says. The book and just one shot, you know the odds and stuff. If you have power, if you’re, not a power that’s different once all the drags and bundles are down, take the two shanks at the back to get your charge of light, meaning we get a the um ing. Fire we’ll get a stun with the ball and then get a grenade gone, so that also finishes the champion off and it reloads our rock, because we’ve got demolitionist in this arc rocket and that’s pretty much easy to take out.

The champs rockets are really powerful on champions um, but obviously they are he’s getting above 50 here. So there is that this part part’s going to be the most tricky for most um but it’s, just all about where you stand. As i said, you just want to prioritize getting as many ads down as you can before. The anti barrier champion spawns as when the anti battery champion spawns it’s, going to make all the odds immune, meaning that you have to take down a barrier before the rest of the odds, but all the odds are going to snipe. You try to get you this right. This location right here is good because this rock, so you can kind of take a little bit of um. You know sort of avoid a lot of the enemy fire good place to stand just take out any of the ads from back here. What you’ll find the anti barrier is, if you try to rock it at if you try to rocket an antibody at full health, especially your server they’re, just gon na um teleport from your rocket, even though this rocket is so. What you want to do is bear out the first shield with your scout or your sniper, whatever you’re using then get your rocket because that’s a brief moment of time, but the champion will definitely not teleport. Therefore you can you won’t miss your rocket simple as that, when the champion’s down um, you can then prioritize the rest of the odds, a couple of invisible, marutas watch those there’s not much void damage, even though it says void, damage is increased.

The only thing that is void really is the servators, the anti barriers and they’re not dangerous either. So you don’t really need to worry about uh the void that’s. Why i had arc damage since on instead, because all the snipers are arc etc. So it just makes sense having an arc damages. We’Ll have at least one reserved parking is rockets, even though they buff them for ammo they’re, still, obviously a little bit lower. But you know you only need to use one rocket per champ, so they’re efficient on ammo. That way same thing, we want to take out all the odds surrounding the champion. There is two solar snipers at the back, which we’re going to use. You get the um ing fire, be careful, they don’t double snipe, you you take those out and then we can get a stone and then a rocket and then just keep stunning in with your boat. If you have an explosive pillow, but it does help out, but it’s not required, but it is the best sort of bose you can have the explosive one or frenzy. I know there’s balls with frenzy now, which they’ll be interesting, all four for weapon balls, they’re good. As well with this bit, this is where all the solar shields come in, try and take as many as you can before the champion desert. Ever at this point, you just want to same thing with this antibody. You want to bear out the first shield, while dodging the snipe any snipers.

If there is get your first stone rocket and that’s. It done now. As i said, this scout it’s blue, but can create um the cells, because it’s got explosive, payload and that’s solar splash damage. If you have raphael rasputin on with the rage of war mine, i mean you only need wrath, but the rage just enhances it gives it all the damage like the cell. It just um meant that i could clear a lot of odds surrounding the boss because obviously we’re at the boss. Now, as i said, it’s a really short run yeah. What we’re going to do here is going to clear out all the ads first of rocket and then our super and that just kill he’s the boss. If you haven’t got the chest, plate he’ll probably be two rockets than a super that just clears the boss and then there’ll be an anti barrier spawn and a bunch of ads. We can just take them from this sort of um ramp area. The ads can’t really hit you if you’re close enough to a champion. However, they don’t have time to teleport out of it so we’re doing the rocket first, try not to jump like that as well, because aerial damage is increased um but that’s pretty much the run and you just cleared out whatever’s left. You can go and get your chest and get your yeah.