Please can you put this on spotify and we wish we could, but unfortunately, we can’t because of copyright reasons, but today i’m, going to show you how you yourself can listen to your favorite mashups um by posting them yourself for personal use, so i’m going to be Talking about free streaming services today, which is youtube music, i said that really weird youtube, music, apple, music and, of course, spotify. These are the easiest ones to use. I was going to mention amazon music, but unfortunately recently they just completely got rid of the opportunity to be able to import your own personal music onto their app. So these will be the top three okay, so i’ll start off by showing you how to use youtube. Music, this app is actually free to download, and the great thing is i mean the only option or upgrade that they have is the premium version. That means you, don’t have any adverts when you stream music. However, if you do post your own music to the app you don’t get any adverts anyway, so that is a big plus for youtube music. So what you will need is a computer first of all to download the youtube music desktop version, so once you’ve got that downloaded. All you need to do basically is open it up i’m already on here, but um yeah. It will take you to the home page. Initially um, as you can see, i’ve been listening to a little bit of marvin, gaye and jasmine sullivan, but to import your own music, you just go into library and it is dead, simple guys, you go into library and what you will need is an mp3 version Of a mashup or the unofficial song that you have just to let you know as well with my subscribers, you can download all of my music via my website, which is raheemd.

comdownloads, and then you just click the download button and it comes up um. But yes for this, i will just pretend that i’m going to pay something in initially i had my harry styles r b mixtape there. You would basically just drag it into youtube, music and it will just download, and it will process it’ll – probably take about 30 seconds to process. You might have to click back and forth between maybe the library and home mode, and then it will pop up here. As this was the most recent thing that i’ve um uploaded and they’re all free here to listen to, and then, if you have the youtube music app on your mobile, it will be updated on there as well. So you can listen to all of these tracks that you’ve posted on your mobile easily, and not only that you can also put these mixers into a playlists. So if you want to create a new playlist or whatever else you could so you could mix that in with music that’s already on youtube or just have it with other unofficial tracks as well. So that means you can stream it in the car or you know out and about anything like that. So that is how simple it is to post, mashups or unofficial tracks to youtube music, okay. So the next stream and service that i’m going to mention is apple. Music, i get a few people asked me to post my mashups apple music.

This one is dead, simple for you guys to be able to post mashups or unofficial tracks to apple music. All you need is, of course, a computer again and you’ll need to download the desktop app for itunes, so once you’ve downloaded that you just open it up, i’ll pretend as well that i’m going to drag a song in here. Actually, i think the best way to do that on here is to go into file and then add file to library or, if there’s, like a multiple. You know like an album or something that you want to import. You just put add folder to library and then find the track once you’ve imported it in to um itunes. You basically go on to edit and then you click preferences, and now i don’t have it on here. But i will show you a picture that my partner took and it will say if you’ve got apple music. It will say to sync your icloud to itunes, so that basically means that anything that you import into itunes, on your desktop will transfer over to your apple music, on your mobile or wherever else you listen to your apple, music and so you’ve just got to make Sure that is ticked and then that should take around some people say five to ten minutes. I don’t have apple music, so i can’t say 100, but i did test this out with my partner and they got it on there instantly.

So that is the way to post to apple music. Also, i forgot to mention most of the streaming services only take mp3 files, so if you do have a file which is lossless like a wav file, you’ll need to convert it to mp3. So the best way to do that is to open up your desktop and open up itunes. If you have it, preferably this one right here that i’ve got highlighted is a wav format, and this below it is mp3. So what i would do is highlight the track. Click edit uh, is it actually no it’s? Not it is file and then convert and then create mp3 version, and then there you go simple as it is, you’ve got the mp3 version and you can import that into the streaming service that you wish. Okay in the last streaming service that i’m going to mention is, of course spotify. This is the most requested. This is the one that everyone’s always like. Please put your music on spotify honestly. We all wish we could, because we know it’d – probably get viewed a lot more, but um we can’t, so the best way of importing mashups and unofficial tracks to spotify is, of course you will need a computer and you will need the spotify desktop app. So it will open up the spotify app on a computer, and the first thing you’re going to want to do is go to the top left and there’ll.

Be three dots. If you click that and then, if you go into edit and preferences and that’s going to take you to the settings page, so what you need to do is scroll all the way down to the point where you see local files and you’re going to want to Make sure i pretend that this is turned off um you’re going to want to make sure that it says, show local files, and that is toggled on and it’s gon na, initially give you the options to have downloads on and music library on um, if that is Where your music is and that’s great uh for this uh tutorial i’m, just gon na create somewhere okay, so i found the folder that i’d like to use. I also forgot to mention with spotify: this needs to be um spotify premium. So if you do wish to listen to these mashups on your mobile, you will need spotify premium. So i’ll click, ok and it will come up here as a place for my mashups and then, if i click on local files here on the left, it’s going to have all of my mashups within that folder, which is my troye sivan bloom and blues mashup. Mixtape. Now, if you want to listen to these on, your mobile you’ll have to create a playlist for these to go into so i’m just going to choose one of them for now, um we’ll. Do a new, playlist and it’s come up here.

Of course, i’m going to change the name and everything else so now it’s added onto a playlist and it’s going to be the same here as well. I’Ve got my thumbnail and everything up. Uh drag me on it. This is a mashup that everyone’s asking me to put on spotify at the moment and then i’ll go over to my mobile, and it will just show you uh the next few steps so basically on your mobile. What you will want to do is make sure that the download toggle is turned on um on that playlist and once that is on, you should be able to then stream. The mashups on your mobile you’ll also need to double check for some users if local files, sync is turned on for you, so that should be in your settings somewhere on spotify as well, um, but other than that. It should then download, and you should be able to listen to that – mask whenever you like, and you can add it to any playlist that you wish to as well. So that is my tutorial on teaching you guys how to stream, mashups and unofficial songs onto a streaming service. I really do hope this helped. If you have any questions, please uh put them down in the comments. I’Ll try and help you the best i can but yeah, please let mashup djs live. We really do wish that we could post our mashups to spotify, but we just unfortunately cannot, but this is a great workaround.

I really do hope that you guys get to listen to your favorite mashups now in your car or um out and about when you’re doing your errands um. And if you are with friends and family at a party. Let them know who did that match up. So they can search for on youtube and they can download it for themselves. If you did like this tutorial, please do give it a thumbs up, as i said, subscribe for more as well.