Go ahead. Leave a like comment: subscribe turn on post notifications for your boy young world. Now, today, on my channel, i want to share with you all the best smn panel for music streaming promotion, whether it’s apple music, title napster amazon, music. Whatever platform, you want to promote your music on i’m about to share the best smn panel to do that, and this smn panel has paypal and stripe right. This is a panel i created, and this panel is directly through the api of just anotherpanel.com. The thing about this website is a lot of people. Don’T fully understand how to use it. They don’t fully understand how to use bitcoin and use it on this website. So what i’ve done is, with the api of just another panel created socialmediafarm.net, so you will be able to come on this smn panel. I’Ll have a link in the description, but if you come on here, you’ll be able to run your own promotion for spotify for amazon music for apple for title. You know a lot of people have been asking me about narrowed it down on my site, just for spotify and i’ve, updated everything on my website. Just so it’s clear, so y’all understand exactly what service i am providing on my website. So go down the service form it’s even updated on my website, but on my website yanworld.org i’m, specifically focusing on spotify promotion and for those who are actually yes, i’m still promoting spotify.

I just recommend mixing paid promotion with organic promotion right. A lot of artists come to me and they ask me for help tips like what they should do. I think you should create a youtube channel. Man, like a lot of artists, want to do the spotify method and they can’t even get a thousand people to watch them per month. You should be able to get at least a thousand people to listen to your music per month without having to do any promotion. Like how i drop videos on youtube and people watch them, you know, a lot of my videos are random. I post whatever i want on my youtube channel because that’s just how i have it set up, but when i post on my youtube channel it’s organic, like people, the notifications go out to everybody, but people watch what they want to watch. You know, and i don’t pay for anybody to watch my youtube videos and i think all independent artists should have a organic means of support, whether that’s, through your instagram, through your twitter, you have to build up some type of audience some type of following, so people Can be aware of you, you know what i’m saying, if you not making your mark people not going to be aware of you, you know what i’m saying and you can pay your way to the top. You can buy your way to the top, but you want to have an organic connection with people and you want to build.

You know audience so i’m offering these services. You know as a means of additional support to what you should already be putting in you know. I put in work on my youtube channel i post every single day and i get results from that and i share a lot of valuable information. You have to become valuable, you know and give something to the people. You know, and i teach independent artists how to be independent. You know with all the information with everything i share, i don’t ever hold back. You know i’ll, never like hide nothing. You know what i’m saying like even on my update i’m letting y’all know exactly like this is a done for you service we’re, going through you know just another panel i’m telling y’all the exact website. You know i’m really giving you a blueprint of how to do this on your own too. So, if you all wanted to promote on title apple, music, amazon, you know i got a whole website built for y’all it’s called socialmediafarm.net. You can add funds through stripe and paypal now, so you can add funds through strike or paypal, so it’s, one of the only smn panels that allows you to do this with these services. So if y’all want additional services that y’all see on just another panel – and you don’t understand how to um use this website like just another panel, they got more service, they got like only fans and discord.

You know they got a lot of stuff, but i just kind of you know narrowed it down on my website. Right we go to new order, i just kind of narrowed it down to the main ones. I thought you all would, like you know. Pandora title apple, music, soundcloud, you know i just got the main ones. Y’All would like you know a very good price, and you know you can even run up your own consulting business using this platform, because it’ll go directly through chat. My customer service is always open. 24. 7., if y’all have any questions can always email me at info.youngworld.org. Don’T have any problems with the website. Sometimes i just have to reload the bitcoin on my account, because when y’all use this bitcoin, i mean when y’all use this account. We basically sharing the same bitcoin.