Oh no, wait! I feel the need for news Music how’s it going everybody. This is dave leclaire with muo tech bites, and it is time to take a look at the biggest tech news stories from the last couple of days. So i hope you are ready to kick back, relax and learn a little bit about technology. So lately we’ve been hearing a lot of news about what’s coming in ios 14.5 now, while obviously it’s not going to come with the same amount of new features as like apple ios, 15 or ios 14 did originally. This .5 version seems like it’s coming with some pretty cool stuff and one of the most exciting things is the ability to change the default music player to spotify with siri. So now, if you want to tell siri to play a certain song or music, it won’t use apple music. If you’re not a subscriber. Instead, it will let you use spotify much like how you can with google assistant or alexa right now. This is out in the beta version of ios 14.5, which usually means that it will come to the final version once it is released, as apple typically does not put features out into the beta that are not coming to the final version of the operating system. So we should see the ability to change the default music player coming in ios 14.5, much like how the company added the ability to change the default browser and the default email client in ios 14.

and while we’re on the subject of ios 14.5. It appears as though apple maps is actually getting ways like reporting features with the latest version of the mobile os, as it turns out, users in the beta have discovered that you can actually report accidents and traffic and other incidents in apple maps. Much like how you could with wade personally i’m, a waze user, so i like this feature, i generally like to know when there’s an accident up ahead or when there’s a policeman hiding anything like that is always nice to know. So you can properly prepare your route. Now this feature makes its way to the public release, which we assume that it will, as it is in the beta. It could turn apple maps into a viable alternative to google maps and waze, as one of the things that makes those services stand out, is the ability to plan your route and know what’s going to be coming up ahead. So, if apple maps has that, maybe people will make the switch now, whether you’re on ios or android, what do you prefer to use to get from point a to point b? Do you use waze? Do you use google maps if you have ios? Do you use apple maps? I assume not many people do i’d, never hear anybody talk about apple maps but if you’re, an apple maps loyalist. Why don’t you hit the comment section? Let us know because we’re curious, if anybody is actually using it and we’re curious.

If you don’t use it, will this feature being able to report accidents and see others reported accidents and speed traps and things of that nature? Will that turn you into an apple maps user, or are you just too comfortable with what you use now hit the comments section? Let us know spotify always seems to be up to something new in terms of making its music player apps more functional, and apparently the company is finally testing a lyrics feature in the united states right now in the us. The feature that we got was a little bit different. Instead, we got a behind the lyrics feature. That kind of took you through a little bit of the history of the song and helped you learn more about it, but the live lyrics feature was available in 27. Other markets with the us being excluded, but now spotify is testing it in the us, so we should be able to try it out very soon. There was a report that went out from gadget that said that spotify was testing it with select users in the united states, and then spotify went on later to confirm it to techcrunch and here’s what spotify had to say on its test. We can confirm we’re, currently testing our lyrics feature to a select number of users in the us at spotify. We routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve our user experience. Some of these tests end up paving the way for broader use of user experience and others serve only as important learning.

So basically, what that means is that, just because spotify is testing the live lyrics feature in the us. Doesn’T necessarily mean that it’ll make its way to all users, though, seeing as the feature is rolled out to so many other regions, and it is used widely, we would assume that it will be coming to the us sooner or later, as a full, fledged feature and Part of spotify, so if you want to maybe do some karaoke with your spotify, you should be able to soon so a lot of times when you sign up for a mobile data plan, you’ll notice that it says you’ll get certain streaming resolutions when watching videos. It might say: oh you’re, on a lower plan, so you only get 480p or you only get 1080p, but if you’re not sure there’s a new feature coming to speed test that will test your internet and help you determine what resolution is available to your device. Now, if you’re on your home internet – and you have good speed, chances are it’s just going to say that you can use 2160p or 4k. But if you’re on your mobile device that’s where it gets interesting, because even though you may have really fast data, you may have chosen a plan that only limits you to 480p or 720p. So the feature is only available on ios. You just click on the video tab run the speed test, just like you would any other speed test.

It’Ll run through a bunch of little video files that test different resolutions and it’ll tell you what one is supported on your device. So now you might do this and realize oh man i’ve been limited to 480p. This whole time. I don’t want to do that and it’ll. Let you know to change your data plan or you may find out that you have full 1080p or 4k support on your mobile data plan and you don’t have anything to worry about now. As mentioned, this is only available on ios right now and we’re, not sure. If and when it will come to pc and android and other devices, but hopefully it does soon because it does seem like a very useful feature for people to be able to find out a little bit more about their network and what its capabilities are. And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, yet another episode of muo tech fights in the books welcome to wednesday welcome to hump day.