You’Re looking to get your music out there on the streaming services and you’re also looking to get people to hear it right, because you want people to hear it then feel free to subscribe to this channel, because these are what the videos i make. Let’S now focus on how to upload our music to spotify apple, music, itunes, tick, tock, to date, every single other streaming service out there. The way we do this is through a middleman, also known as a music distributor. This person slash company. Actually, it is a company acts as that middle ground between you and spotify, and you and apple music, for example, and you give them your song, your artwork and all the information and then they’ll go to spotify and apple music in itunes. You might be asking yourself why can’t you just go to spotify and apple music and amazon, music and youtube music, and just upload your song. There you just can’t – and i don’t – really have a good answer for you other than the middleman music distributors will control what you need the requirements for those streaming services. I use two distributors to release my music right now. They are tunecore and distrokid. So, to keep things simple, i’m, going to show you how i upload a song on tunecore and then how they will go and get your music on spotify and apple music and every other streaming music platform out there. Tunecore is at tooncore.

com. Here we go, sell your music worldwide. So these are the answers exactly what we want. Get our music on spotify, itunes, apple, music, title, youtube, music, amazon, music, tick, tock, tick, tock, especially really really important nowadays, so you would sign up now. This is what the inside of a tunecore account looks like, and here are some singles that i have released on tunecore. This is your first time signing up for tunecore. Then you won’t see anything here. We can go to music or we can go, create an album. If you do have an album, you want to release or create a single, so let’s do let’s say we just want to release a single i’m going to go, create single and i’m going to start filling out the information that tunecore needs. Most of this information is quite simple: it’s, like your song title, your artist name, your artwork um, the language, the genre. When you want to release your song and the codes down here are codes that tunecore will actually provide you. The isrc code is just a unique identifier to your specific song to track how many streams that song has and then we would say, create my single. This is where you actually choose the streaming services, so this is where you would there’s a check box. I want to go to spotify. I want to go to youtube music. I want to go to itunes. I want to go to apple music, amazon, music, tick, tock, instagram stories or and there’s an option just to distribute everywhere.

If other streaming services come into the fold, you can automatically have those added for a small extra cost, but you don’t have to you, can just go for the main ones right off the bat. Then you will pay toon core for your release. So how much does it cost? You ask? It is 9.99 us dollars per year to release one single. So if we were uploading, our single here we’d pay, the nine bucks then, and then we would pay 9.99 every single year until we don’t want our music on spotify and apple, music and everywhere else. If we wanted an album, we could pay 30 bucks a year. 29.99 and then 49.99 for each following year, there are some other services that tunecore offers that are also unique to tunecore, but just standard across the industry as well, and so some of these would be um youtube. Monetization publishing is actually unique to tunecore. I think and that’s very helpful if you are intermediate stage artist and you have your music being played in many different parts of the world, especially off uh streaming services as well and radio, and that kind of thing once you’ve checked out and paid for the single. Your music will be uploaded to spotify apple, music and all the other streaming services in about sometimes within four or five days up to two weeks. What i would recommend you do is upload your single in advance of four weeks before your release date.

So if it’s january 1st, you want your song out on february 1st i’d, have it uploaded on january 1st four weeks in advance, so it gives tunecore enough time, but also more from a marketing perspective. Gives you enough time to plan for the release? Tell it to your audience, and so you know for sure 100 that it will be released on that date. So you can tell your audience about it, so leave it in tune, chords, hands, they’ll, go and give it to spotify and apple music and they’ll start uploading. It on their end and then for you to get an idea of when the song can come out, go to your spotify for artist profile and inside that profile. I’Ll show you what it looks like on mayan under music you’ll, see an upcoming section, so go to this upcoming section and probably like the day you uploaded it to tunecore in about four or five days. It will be in this upcoming section, and actually here is where, in the spotify for artists dashboard, where you should pitch the spotify curators and with the hope of getting your song on a spotify editorial playlist. If your release date has come and your song is still not available on tick, tock or instagram or spotify, or maybe maybe it’s on one but not on the other, then i would recommend going back into tunecore or whatever distributor you used go back in there and Then they’ll show you the links of the song, so maybe you just actually didn’t see it or that they might give you a message saying your song is still not available on this story yet, and it will take a few more days.

For example, in my case this song, what love is that was distributed on tunecore? I can see all the stores that it is available on and then i have the store links. You might be wondering what, if you messed up on your artwork or a song name, or maybe artist name or something that’s possible right. So you can also just go back in here and do the edits, but because they’re a middleman, then you have to make your edits to tunecore and then toongor has to go, make their edits to the store. So it will take a few days to make these um changes, for example the artwork once that happened to me, i accidentally just messed up on the artwork and then i had to re change it, and so i think it only. I think in total it took about 10 days to actually from the day i fixed it on tunecore to the day, it was fixed on spotify that’s how to upload your music to spotify apple, music, tik, tok, instagram, itunes, all the streaming services. If you watched this video and made it this far and you’re looking to upload your music locally to each of these streaming services, you can do that and you don’t need a distributor for that. You can do that on spotify itunes, apple music, locally on your computer, but all these streaming services will have an option where you can have the music on the platform, but only locally on your computer.

It won’t be available for anyone else to stream the service. So this is popular like if you’re a singer songwriter and you want your demos up on spotify, for example. I do this to my demos, because i’m, listening to music on spotify regularly i’ll have a different playlist for my demos that i’ve been working on in the studio, for example in spotify, you can see local files here under local files. These are some demos that i’ve been working on. If you don’t see that in the right hand, menu go to the top right here, go to settings and then under settings go scroll down and you should see local files. So this is clicked on. If this is clicked off, then you won’t see it in the right click it on show local files, and then here you can add a new source folder and this source will open up a finder window or like a browser in windows, and you will add the Folder to where your songs are and then that folder will be available in local files for you to listen to and keep in mind, don’t worry. No one will find these songs it’s only locally in your computer.