Roll guide on the eternal blazon blazon blaze on pokemon go legendary energy scout rifle. This is a new season of the chosen scout rifle you can get it from umbral. Ingrams. Do a little umbral focusing and get this. This was the first weapon. I got to drop from an umbrella ingram and i was pretty excited about it because this harkens back to my amalan days of destiny 1 and the the great ones that we had that i can’t remember their names, but they were awesome. So i love amalan scout rifles. I like the sound they just sound, crunchy and it’s delicious. So what we’re gon na do in this god roll guide videos, i will go over the weapon. Look at the stats go over the curated roll and the random rolls that you can get and i’m gon na pick my personal favorite god rolls, but before we do any of that, i want you to do two things hit the like button and then go down To the comment section and tell me what your role is on this gun or tell me what role you want to get what’s your god, roll on this gun, so do that now and let’s get into the eternal blazon. I can’t say blaise on without saying it. Like that blaze on so it’s a lightweight frame and have superb handling and you move faster with this weapon equipped, i really like it. It feels quick and snappy it’s an enjoyable gun to use now.

Let’S, take a look at the stats talk about the gun and the curated roll. You can see there so weapon stats impact of 60 range 40 stability, 41 handling, 66 reload, speed, 61 rpms, 200 that’s, a mid range or a mid level scout rifle magazine. 16. Aim assist 67 that’s, decent that’s decently, high inventory, size, 46, zoom, 20, recoil 52 bounce intensity, 48 and bounce direction at 10’s. Left now what i always say about my scout rifles, i like a little bounce in my scout rifle. So the fact that it has bounce intensity and attends left doesn’t bother me. I didn’t have any trouble centering this gun on the target when needed and uh. It felt really good to hip fire it honestly. It was a very quick using gun so hip firing. It was not a big deal, it was not a problem. I really enjoyed it. So stat wise it’s got really good handling, really good reload speed. Good aim, assist uh impact. Rpm are both mid, so it’s gon na have mid impact. Mid range, mid, rpm, it’s, gon na be a middle of the road fast using scout rifle so it’s gon na hit medium but it’s gon na be really really fun to use, or maybe that’s just me, but i love the gun. It just feels great. I don’t know we’re a day into season. The chosen i’ve had it for less than 24 hours. I can give a full complete, unbiased review right now, anyway, let’s look at the curated role.

Spark ps site appended. Mag full auto. Give me that and rangefinder. I really won’t fall out on this gun. That would be really really really nice so i’m into that i’m, not into the rangefinder. I don’t think that’s necessary. It hits stuff at a decent distance already. So i don’t think rangefinder is necessary everything else i like it. All right, let’s get to the meat and potatoes let’s go to where everybody wants to go. Where everyone knows your name, the perks, the random roll. So, like i said, we’ll go over each column, sight, perk, mag, perk and the two weapon perks. I pick my favorites i’ll tell you which ones i like and then we’ll look at the community it’s been only a day of seasons of chosen, so the communionlight.gigi does not have a huge depth of uh roles on this weapon for us to get a good idea. But we can see what they’re going with kind of uh so we’ll get to that after we look at the perks when we pick some rolls so first up sights signal ms5. This will give you a range boost, a zoom boost and a handling penalty. I don’t like handling penalties on this one because it’s already quick. I want us to stay quick or get quicker. Uh impulse ms3 range bonus, zoom bonus, handling penalty, i don’t like that handling penalty, and then we have transmission, ms7 handling penalty, the range boost and a zoom boost.

Something in me is telling me that these range boosts from these three sites are gon na, be what most people want, because it does something with the zoom and the range. So keep that in mind i did. I did remember someone mentioning that in chat the other day when i was streaming a stream right here on the youtube channel. So if you hit subscribe and turn on notifications it’ll, let you know whenever i go: live uh candle ps range bonus, handling, bonus, zoom, neutral. Okay spark ps, which was on the curated roll range handling bonuses. No zoom bonus, jolt, ps range bonus, handling bonus, flash hs5 range bonus, handling, bonus, zoom bonus that flash, i think, that’s. What i had on mine, it’s it’s, got some bonuses and then torch as hs3 range bonus handling penalty. Zoom bonus, i don’t like anything with penalties, but i think you won’t range in zoom honestly. I think that allows you to hit the targets better. I don’t know, let me know in the comments chat. I need to be informed all right, mag perks, i really care about just the weapon perks, but you know that i focus most of my energy, in which one of these makes the gun the coolest. This i can take it or leave it as far as what i get here. If i get the right two perks here, i’ll be happy that’s generally. What you want for 99 of destiny it’s only that top one percent of activities that you need to go to the full on min max.

But you know usability. These do affect usability, so uh mag, perks, first mag perk up is extended mag. This one will give you a big mag size bonus, but a reload speed penalty. Not a fan of that on this gun, hallway magazine, faster reload, when the mag is empty. That’D be nice; well, maybe it’s already got pretty quick reload, i don’t know if that’s necessary appended mag weapons magazine is built with higher capacity. Mag size is plus 20 armor piercing rounds rounds over penetrate targets and increases range. We have high caliber rounds, shots from this weapon knock the target back farther. It slightly increases the range ricochet rounds range bonus, stability, bonus and the rounds will ricochet off hard surfaces. Give you a little bit of that hard light effect. There will be a range fall off, though flared magwell stability, bonus, reload, speed bonuses and then light mag gives you a range bonus and a reload speed bonus. I always default to high caliber rounds, armor piercing or ricochet typically ricochet, because it gives you the range and stability bonus too. So ricochet is my fallback. They haven’t added any new mag perks in a while. So i always like ricochet rounds as one of my number one now weapon perks. Now that i see that it has full auto i’m very excited about this weapon, full auto. You know you can pull the trigger, but this scout rifle with the speed i like full, auto so hold down the trigger, will fire it full auto.

It does have killing wind, though, if you want killing win, you can’t have full auto, which kind of makes me sad. Final blows: great increase, mobility, weapon range and handling for short duration. I like killing wind it’s, very nice overflow. I have overflow on the one you’re seeing in the video right here, picking up specially heavy ammo over those weapons beyond normal capacity, that’s very cool. I like it in actuality. When i see the perk, i think it’s awesome in actuality when i’m using it. I don’t, like it it’s a good perk. I just personally don’t like it because i’m always looking for the ammo and trying to figure out the the economy to pick up ammo and double my magazines and then i’m like is it working? I don’t know i don’t, like dividing my brain, that way slide shot for some reason. Slideshot works for me, though, like overflow doesn’t work for me, slideshow works for me, it’s, a personal thing, sliding partially reloads this weapons magazine and temporarily temporarily boosts range and stability. Then we have rapid hit, which would be solid on this. One. Rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed, and then we have quick draw weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast. I, like everything in this column i like it all give all of them to me. That’S it’s strange that i, like usually the guns i don’t – have a perk in every slot that i want, but i want every single one of those i could even go slide shot on this one that’d be nice typically for a scout.

Rifle rapid hit is uh, delicious, killing, one’s delicious on everything, overflow’s fun full auto for this gun. For me, dawg would be nice, uh and then quick draw. You know, quick draws, quick, draw, it’s, good, all right. Second, perk call: this is gon na be hard god roll god, because i’m gon na have to pick something, and i don’t want to all right. Second part column range finder, aiming this weapon increases this effective range and zoom magnification it’s not going to do anything, because this is not a rocket or grenade launcher. It’S not going to increase your projectile velocity that’d be cool. If it did, though, kill clip reloading after a kill grants, increased damage, killing one to kill clip would be nice together. Then this one one for all. I had that on this gun, hitting three separate targets, increases your damage for a moderate duration. It gives you about a 60 damage, boost it’s, large that’s, what she said and it’s also very easy to get in pve. I don’t know about pvp. I haven’t tried it in pvp but pve it procs a lot and it stays around for about eight seconds so it’s there for a while, you can go through a reload start hitting more targets. Keep it active a pretty nice perk. It does a lot of damage. Uh unrelenting rapidly defeating targets triggers health regeneration. They did fix this in a past patch because it wasn’t quite procking, properly uh, so guardians and powerful combatants count as more than one kill.

Remember for unrelenting. You have to defeat multiple targets to get the health regeneration, not just one red bar it’s gon na take multiple. So if you don’t think it’s working hit more targets, uh disruption, break breaking an enemy shield with this weapon makes them more vulnerable to kinetic damage. For a brief period, i, like this perk, i don’t like it on this gun here’s the perk i don’t like for this gun. I like this perk on other guns uh, but this is solar and it would be nice to hit him with this and then swap to maybe a kinetic sniper. If you got the raid one solid choices there too, so don’t don’t discount it, then last but not least, thresh killing combatants. With this weapon generates a small amount of super energy brush is cool. I don’t feel like it. I don’t feel like it’s, quite got the you know that i wanted to have. So if i was picking my perfect roll i’m going to ignore these, because i feel like i’m a little bit uninformed on these i’m gon na, do a little bit more research on the scopes. But you can, let me know in the comments. I know you will chat um as far as mag i’m gon na go ricochet rounds or ricochet rounds. Ricochet rounds, high, caliber armor piercing, but i would pick ricochet as my number one first perk i want to get. Was full auto that’s, not the godliest of god, roll that’s, my god, roll, because it’s fun, full auto and probably one for all, maybe extended mag full auto one for all forget about the reload.

Just hit lots of targets with the bullets there. You go um but yeah. The top tier is either gon na, be killing wind or rapid. Hit rapid hit, kill, clip that’s, definitely a god. Raw rapid hit, kill clip with ricochet that’s gon na be good killing wind. What could you pair with killing wind prepare killing? Wind and one for all you compare killing wind, killing, wind and kill clip very good uh because they both proc on the same thing. So maybe killing win kill cliff that’s, probably what a lot of people are gon na be chasing so killing win, kill, clip rapid hit, kill clip my full auto uh, one for all extended mag would be fun that’s, my personal personal, strange god. Roll extended mag full auto one for all. I want it. Let’S try it out. If i get it, i’ll make a separate video, but yeah let’s take a look at what the community is doing. So you can’t really get a good sense, because you see the percentages are all really really close together. That means they’re all bouncing around between all the different perks and there’s. Only 7 000 copies logged into to give a little uh feedback on. But you do see the rifle scopes. Those are the ones at the top, so apparently i’m i’m missing something here. So i guess we’ll recommend the rifle scopes. The uh signal ms5 will default to that signal. Ms5 is what you want, but yeah look at that extended.

Mag full auto kill clip that’s the top the top percentage so neat i don’t know. What do you think guys? Is this your godliest of god rolls? Are you excited about this gun? Let me know in the comments. Let me know what your role is and come by the stream sometime. All you got to do is turn on notifications for the channel and it’ll. Let you know when i go: live it’s, usually in the evenings us central time about 9 30.. So look forward to seeing you thank you for watching. I appreciate you.