and loads. More information has become apparent, particularly about the weapon itself and about the quest, and i wanted to sort of well just tell you what i found out really, so this video is going to be spoilerific. So if you don’t want to watch it i’d, advise you just to pop off for 10 minutes and go skiing, or something like that right is that they’re gone yes, they’re, probably on the piste as it were now all this info has been data mined by the Usual suspects and that’s, jinso and montev, and you can find them on twitter, but i’ll leave a link in the description below if you want to go and have a rubbish through the absolute shed loads of stuff that they’ve uncovered about this entire season. And this particular quest, but first of all, let’s wet your whistle with stuff about the gun, so it’s a tex mechanica exotic lever action scout rifle, which sounds very exciting doesn’t it we can pretend we’re. Arnold schwarzenegger and terminator 2 are going. Click click boom. I know that’s a shotgun, but you know the action is the same: it’s going to be called the dead, man’s tale, which is lovely, jubbly and we’ve just found what the perks are going to be so let’s go through those. So the first and it’s intrinsic perk, it’s exotic perk, is gon na, be something called cranial spike. Now it says: chaining precision hits grants, bonus, damage and quickens reload speed, so that’s it’s intrinsic perk, the big one.

So that means we’re going to be changing shots and we’re going to be increasing the damage on each one. We don’t know how long the chain can be, but i suppose it’s almost quite similar to the paracord shots with hawkmoon, because the more you chain, the more damage that you get but each shot is going to get more and more powerful. So it could be an incredibly useful scout rifle and end up being a pretty good boss killer. Then we’ve got fluted barrel greatly increases handling, speed, we’ve also got accurized rounds. This weapon can fire longer distances and increases range and then we’ve got hand laid stock as well. This weapon is optimized for recoil control and increases stability. So i like solid, set of perks there but there’s another one called transformative like the one of the hawkmoon, so it’s gon na have random roles, just like the hawkmoon. So what that means is we’re going to be running the exotic quest to get the random rolls and there might be more to the exotic quest too now this seems to be an ongoing trait for exotic weapons. Now then, the quest itself is called presage or pressage depends where you come from really now. This we’ve seen a little bit of this actually because we had some stills from the upcoming season and there’s this cabal ship eerie floating in space with kind of that door. Hanging open – and we also saw that there was a still with a scream in it, so we do know there’s going to be scorn in it too.

Now this ship is called the gleicon and it’s a cabal ship that used to be callouses and it disappeared into reef. Space and we’ve received a distress signal from a guardian and a bloody surprise. He’S distressed to come and save his ass as usual and then as a reward he’s going to give us this new exotic scout rifle so like we did with the hawkmoon quest going into the fireplace and then finding all that new stuff, and we ran it. The first time we got the gun given to us, and then we ran various versions of it over different weeks. That’S what’s going to be happening here with this quest because we know that it’s actually starting in week, three, which is next week, i believe, and then we might have weekly iterations of the mission, a la harbinger and then that’ll, stick on the director until autumn. When maybe it’ll drop off, we don’t know what they’re doing whether they’re going to be sunsetting harbinger, and this mission, like they did with whisper and outbreak perfected. I hope not. I hope they keep these things on the director, because the game needs to be bulked out. Quite a bit, and by keeping some of this great content, that’ll make it last a lot longer and as for power level requirements, i think it’s going to be something along the lines of a legendary lost sector. So you’re going to be looking at 1 300 power, because if memory serves correctly with the hawkmoon, it was 1270, so that was actually 10 beyond the hard cap pinnacle cap.

But of course your artifact gives you an artificial boost, then as well for your power level. So i think it’s something we should all be starting to work towards now because i’m, finding those legendary lost check, because i write pain in the ass again aren’t. You now there’s different parts that have been data mined about this quest. So we know that there’s going to be, like, i said, a guardian, sending a distress signal uh. It also says that kaitlyn helps us with the investigation, meaning that we might get some dialogue between title and maybe zavala as we’re, going through the mission, which is pretty exciting stuff. Really looking forward to that. And we also know that there’s a catalyst that we can get through this mission as well and that’s got something to do with hidden caches on board the glycogen that’s going to be something akin to the paracausal feathers that we had with the hawkmoon twos there’s. Lots of similarities here, but those chests those caches, are going to be particular to the catalyst. Apparently, now the catalyst is going to be called dark, forged trigger and that’s going to increase, hip fire speed and accuracy as well, so we’re going to be shooting that baby from the hip, nice and cowboy stylie wouldn’t. You agree lots of new info to digest there. Quite intriguing, i thought this is why i wanted to spill the beans to you, because i wanted to know what you think are you excited about getting an exotic scout for a change.

I am mind you when i had the symmetry i barely used it, which is very strange because it’s a bloody, great gun. I must try that again, you know, but aside from the gun, we’ve got a new area to explode and a new activity, a new area to explode, explore. We probably will be exploding it at some point. You know just to get rid of it all, but it’s a new area to explore and that’s, probably more exciting than the gun itself. If you ask me, because i love stomping around destiny, 2 spooky areas and pooing myself at screams running around in the shadows like a bunch of gates, that was an effect that was from police academy. Remember you would go Music. I remember that made me. Laugh myself sick when i was a kid so like and subscribe. If you want to see more of my spewings coming out of the interwebs at you or if you’re feeling exceedingly generous, like the wonderful person you are, you could buy me a coffee on my buy me a coffee page, you can find the link in the description And don’t forget to leave a comment on what you think about this upcoming exotic quest.