The second you can play destiny 2. It was really cool and in this video i’m going to show you how to start the line then also get this scout rifle. But first let’s show off what the scout rifle does. Chaining precision hits grants bonus, damage and quickens reload speed. Then it also has random perks. Just like the hawk moon and just a little bit gameplay. I went to los angeles. This was right when i got the scout the first time i ever shot it. It feels really unique, really cool. It feels like an old like western type. You know, marksman rifle and, like usually i’ll, be making a video breaking this thing down in pve. But my first impression is: it feels like it might be more of a pvp weapon. There might be some cool cases that you can use it in pve, but overall it just feels like a pretty normal scout rifle, hopefully the catalyst which there is a catalyst for this weapon once we unlock that which i’m not sure how to do that. As of now, hopefully that will make it a little bit better in pve but, like i said tomorrow, i’ll be making a full review on this weapon. So how do you get it? Well, you start off by going into the nightfall this week, which is the arms dealer, and when you do that, you go into the first room, the room you spawn in you clear out all the enemies and this door will open, which is usually blocked off.

And this will lead you towards one of the main red war campaign missions from vanilla. So if you played back, then you probably remember this area. You just go through here and you clear, a bunch of ads. Then, in the final little ring area there will be a little, then you pick up which will actually start the exotic mission. All you have to do is go speak to zavala and he will have the actual questline for you, and this is where the secret mission will begin once you’re on this step. The only thing left is the new secret mission, which is gon na be on the tangled shore, as you see right here, it’s in the top left corner and once again, this mission is extremely cool. I would honestly recommend doing it yourself and not watching footage of it because it’s one of those things that you just have experienced for your first time, then after that obviously it’s still cool once you know what to do, but that first playthrough is trying to figure Stuff out it’s kind of like the old whisper and zero hour missions, but, like turn up to 11, it is really cool. So the one thing i’m going to show off is how to get started. You want to go out to the side and jump around. That is how you start off the mission and from there like, i said i would definitely do it yourself and if you need a guide i’m sure someone like that, will put up a full guide on the entire mission, but i definitely recommend just trying it yourself And figuring it out anyways, that is how you get the new exotic scout rifle.

All you have to do is wait until mission complete at the end of this mission, then go back to zavala, and then you have it so. The first video will just be the way we killed the boss, because this level is pretty high light. So the boss is definitely not easy at all. So you can go ahead and watch that if you want to see how the boss works and the best way to do it, if you don’t want any spoilers, that is pretty much it for requests and you’re good to go. Anyways, thanks for watching catch us next time, but you can’t rally all right. Can you activate these? Currently all right. Am i creating one that’s, two things about d3. I put i put a little rifty down, but it’s hot. I think yeah, okay, i’ll, hello, all right! Uh we can activate okay, you have well daddy spaghetti. Come here, have my knives. I think i will oh i’m gon na come over towards you all right. Okay, hit me into the corner. Sad might be a wipe, yeah a screen world. The darkness thought at the edge of our heliopoles callous meant to commune with the darkness yo i’ve been here before too yo. Who is that that thing was a guardian way too late far too late take the rifle it was off it. Was it not better in your hands than left for another i’ll speak to savala about authorizing exploratory outings.

If we can recover our lost friend’s ghost, we must assess our findings. Uh, he did say, take the rifle. So maybe we need to find. I don’t know we don’t have mission complete that’s for sure there we go.