This honestly, i know we’re quite early on in the year, but this is one of for me, one of the most exciting cars of 2021 and for good reason, because this is a usable car. There are lots of sort of crazy headline figure, hyper cars being launched. Some of which will actually debut this year, but for now this gt3 is one of those rare blends of beautiful cars that you can use on the road and then, when it gets to the track, you can exploit it as an incredible piece of driving engagement and Engineering, so where do we start well, i want to start probably predictably with discussions of its nurburgring lap time. Yes, the new 992 gt3 has just achieved a sub 7 minute lap time around the nurburgring and it’s just scraped through it’s 6 minutes 59.9 seconds now. What’S significant about this is first of all, let’s not forget this isn’t, the gt3 rs. This is the gt3. So the really fast stuff is still yet to come, but a sub seven minute time from a gt3 is substantial when i say substantial, that’s 17 seconds quicker than the previous generation 991 gt3 17 seconds. This is not you know marginal gains here. That is absolutely incredible. What is significant about the time, or should i say how the time was achieved, unlike previous records set by porsche, this was achieved during a pretty standard shakedown towards its final stages of development, so it wasn’t like they went out and organized a day specifically to break A record, or, should i say, set a record: this was just achieved during general testing, so that’s, a spot of context, which i think straight away, just shows how capable this car is.

The other thing to mention is that it was set on the full 20.8 kilometer lap, not the 20.6 kilometer lap, which is used as benchmarks on previous lap times. So, while there is a lot of debate around nurburgring lap times and just how important are they really well actually in the world of performance, cars and particularly porsches, this is the home of the development of this car. So if you were to compare it with, say ferrari that developed their cars and set their own times at their own fiorano test track that’s their home track, they will often benchmark their own cars against previous lap records at their own circuit. You can consider the nurburgring as one of porsche’s own circuits it’s, not their own. They also have their own circuit at wyzak, but um they develop all of their cars there. They do thousands of miles of development on the nurburgring so to have pips their own model by 17 seconds. Just for me helps to paint a picture of just how far they have advanced this car. What have they done? What are these fundamental component upgrades and changes to help them achieve this remarkable time? Well, first of all, i think we need to touch on the fundamental platform, so it’s, still a four liter, naturally aspirated flat six boxer engine you’ll be glad to know it still revs out to 9000 rpm uh. Anyone who’s experienced a gt3 watch this channel or other videos.

Um of gt3 onboards will know what a visceral sensation it is to have a naturally aspirated engine of such thoroughbred motorsport pedigree, revving out to 9000 rpm as a road legal car, particularly in a day and age where things are going quite heavily, turbocharged, hybrid and then, Ultimately, electric this is a car to celebrate right now, uh for the sort of more purest petrol head die, hards um in the past uh. It has been said that the 991 generation gt3 uh had a motorsport developed engine in it. The 992 gt3 porsche are making this very clear. This actually is the same engine from the new 992 gt3 cup car engines. So in this car is an actual race car engine uh horsepower gains was actually only uh 10, more horsepower versus the previous generation gt3 it’s, actually 510 ps. Now but that’s not really where the substantial upgrades are porsche, have done a very good job of maximizing the potential capacity and output of that engine, but this car has been upgraded in three significant areas: double wishbone suspension at the front. Now, a minute ago i was touching on the engine coming from the cup car. The development and learnings of the double wishbone suspension have come from their rsr program, so this is like lemon grade tech and learnings from all of those development miles from porsche’s very extensive racing series. A lot of that has made its way down into this car. One of those being the for the first time ever double wishbone suspension on the front end of a gt3.

Now the last thing you think about when you get in a 991 gt3, 991, gen, 1 or gen 2. Is you know what this front end needs? Is a little bit more grip, a little bit more turn in um as a result of rear wheel steer which, by the way in 992, has also been fondled and fettled to enhance its agility and turn in the front end on 991 was ridiculous. So what a double wishbone suspension front end is going to feel like on, and this is component number two it’s, the first time that a cup 2r has been available as standard fitment on a gt3. You could get it on the outgoing gt3 rs. That was a fitment which was available for that car, but it was never available for gt3. Well now it is so double wishbones. An extra sticky motorsport, but rode legal rubber are two huge contributors to how this car. Despite the fact on paper, it doesn’t look like a massive upgrade in power has been able to achieve a 17 second lead against its uh previous generation gt3 remarkable stuff. Now, on top of that, of course, is the massive swan neck wing when i say swan neck wing it’s mounted at the top side of the wing, rather than the underneath that’s to maximize surface area on the underneath of the wing helping to generate more downforce. The revised aero package and new rear wing contribute to an overall just standard, uh 50, more downforce than the previous generation car.

Now that in itself is a pretty substantial achievement, but when it’s in its most performance orientated setting it can develop 150 percent more downforce than the outgoing car in this world of cars is huge that’s, not something you just sort of magic out of thin air. The r and d are learnings from actual motorsport programs have filtered down and they fundamentally changed the entire design of this wing. Those are three massive contributors to why this car is ultimately a much more substantial pace around the nurburgring. What else have we got well also available as a pdk and a manual uh pvk version not to 60 in 3.4 seconds, so no slouch manual is very slightly lighter, so that weighs in at 1 418 kilograms, whereas the pdk is 1535. I think yeah. So, anyway, now let’s just go around to the weight. While we are talking about that subject, the car is actually on par with the previous generation 991 gt3. Now why that is significant is because this is a wider car. It has a lot more tech in it, and also there is a fuel particulate filter now fitted to the exhaust system. Now i think, you’ll probably agree by the opening montage that you just heard the car still sounds fantastic now, we’ll have to reserve judgment until we actually drive this car, despite the fact that it has, i think, it’s. Actually two uh fuel particular filters in the new exhaust system.

The exhaust system actually weighs 10 kilograms less than the previous system, so all of these things add up to keeping the weight the same as the outgoing car, but with a much greater improvement in other areas. Wheels and brakes – and this also ties in nicely with the weight saving. Interestingly, they have developed their own brake system really specifically for gt3. I did wonder if they would take the 10 piston calipers actually off the turbo s, but what they’ve done is enhanced and augmented a particular brake unit for gt3 now as standard they come with steel brakes, but there’s also the option of upgrading to carbon ceramics. Now these are now 408 mil, instead of the outgoing 380 mil, which are considerably larger than those fitted to the last gt3, and these will weigh in 17, less than the outgoing break. So once again, there’s all of these components that on paper, they look like a similar version to what happened with the previous gen, but there’s been marginal gains everywhere, so 17 lighter brake disc system is colossal, and that includes the lightweight forged alloy wheels, which at least To my eyes, look fantastic central, locking, wheel nuts once again now then, carbon fiber, so historically carbon on things like the bonnet rear wing and even the roof have been exclusively reserved for rs products, but on request you can have them now on the new gt3, pretty Cool stuff and, of course, the all famous club sport package is still an optional extra, albeit i don’t think it’s a cost option.

You can just decide whether or not you want the roll cage. Six point harnesses fire extinguisher and a battery disconnect switch speaking of battery once again, all about weight savings uh there is a lighter weight effectively lithium ion motorsport battery available for this car. Now that might seem like a small thing, that battery alone saves 10 kilograms of weight versus a standard gt3 battery. Now then, a new feature on the interior. I particularly like how, even when you opt for pdk version, the drive selector switch in the middle isn’t. The little usb style looking switch that you have in 992, cars it’s an actual gear shifter. So it looks like a manual, but you have the pvk on the wheel an entirely new feature which is exclusive to the gt3, which is called track screen now at the touch of one button. What this does is reduces the digital displays to the left and right of the central rev counter. There is also, for the first time, a virtual shift assistant if that’s what you would like to call it basically a digital display. I think it’s to the left of the rev counter that lets. You know, when is the optimal time to shift gear, so there we have it now, look normally the first time that i would like to bring you this car on camera would, of course be behind the wheel, but we are still, unfortunately, in the time of covert 19 travel’s, not the greatest uh porsche, have been fantastic with trying to organize access of the car for us, but i have a feeling now that that might be towards the end of next month, so stay tuned.

If you like what you’re seeing so far i’m pretty much guaranteeing you that i will bring you a drive of this car in the near future, so it’d be great. If you could hit that like button hit that subscribe button, because that will make sure that you get to see this new car first and ultimately, i’m just signing off with here, it finally is being a massive porsche fan. Myself i’ve been fascinated to see what this car would ultimately be like, of course, proof will be in the pudding and the pudding is driving it as always. Thank you. So much for watching and i’ll see you next time.