The latest version of porsche’s hardcore track ready 911., and here are the kawaii top 10 things you need to know about it. Buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one stop car buying comparison site, you’re, not gon na mistake. The new gt3 for a normal 911 are you. It looks like a racing car that took a wrong turn at the nurburgring and ended up on the autobahn. The front bumper is completely different. It comes with one large air intake in the middle, unlike the standard 911, where you get some fiddly horizontal bars and vertical fins and porsche’s. Given the bonnet some new air vents that don’t come on the standard car from the side, it’s all business as usual, so it looks curvier for a 911. and because the gt3 is naturally aspirated there’s, no need for a bigger event by the rear. Wheel. Arch, like you, get on the turbo s speaking of wheels, you get 20 inch alloys on the front and 21 inch rims at the back, and all four have center locking wheelnuts. Just like a racing car. The massive rear wing also looks like it was pinched off a racing car, but more on that later and in case one wing wasn’t enough there’s. Also a ducktail spoiler on the engine cover there’s. Also a new rear diffuser at the back. But my favorite bit is the dual tip exhaust system.

It looks like the exhaust on the old gt3 and it takes up all the space where the number plate goes on a normal 911, which means porsche, has moved the big red plate up onto the bumper, and i think this looks much better than the arrangement on The standard car, but what do you think about the new 911 gt3’s design? Do you love it or do you think porsche’s played it a little bit too safe? Let me know in the comments almost every modern performance car comes with a turbocharged engine, these days from a little vw up, gti, with its one liter three cylinder turbo to a bugatti chiron, which has a huge w16 engine with four turbos. In fact, only a few really fast cars come with a naturally aspirated engine like the ferrari 812 superfast, the audi r8 and a couple of lamborghinis. But porsche has joined the party with a new gt3 it’s, still keeping that engine. Naturally, aspirated it’s, a four liter six cylinder boxer engine with no turbos, so it revs to a crazy 9000 rpm redline okay, so it doesn’t make quite as much power as a 911 turbo s that car uses twin turbos to squeeze out 650 horsepower and 800 newton Meters of torque, but the gt3 still makes a very respectable 510 horsepower and 470 newton meters, that’s 10 horsepower and 10 newton meters of torque more than you got in the old gt3. So not really that much different.

All the old fashioned driving enthusiasts can breathe a sigh of relief because the new 911 gt3 will come with a manual gearbox, hurrah it’s, a six speed manual just like in the old gt3, and it comes with rev matching as standard in case your crap up ill Doing but it doesn’t matter how fast you think you can change gear, because the gt3’s optional, seven speed, pdk automatic gearbox will definitely shift your gears quicker sorry manual, fanboys that’s, just the way. It is, though, it’s, obviously more fun. Changing the gears yourself, the porsche 911 gt3 – is more track focused than the standard 911 carrera. Well, obviously, but that doesn’t mean that porsche’s got rid of every creature, comfort, sure there aren’t any back seats in the gt3, but you do get air conditioning which will be a huge relief if you’re, a buyer in dubai. Also, you get the same infotainment system as in the standard 911. porsche has removed the standard cars gear. Selector switch, though so there’s a proper meaty gear lever, even in automatic models, and you also get a set of low slung bucket seats. Instead of the standard cars comfy lever sport seats, if you plan to do plenty of track days, you can get an optional club sport pack. This adds a roll cage and six point harnesses and, unlike most porsche options, which cost more than a nice holiday, the club sport pack is actually free, well it’s included in the price of the center car.

I think i need to lie down very unusual report. If you choose to have your gt3 with the automatic gearbox, it’ll do naught to 60 miles an hour in 3.2 seconds, that’s only half a second slower than a four wheel: drive 911 turbo s and that’s one of the quickest accelerating cars ever the manual gt3 isn’t. Quite as quick though, but it’ll still do not to 60 in 3.7 seconds. Well, so long as you don’t fluff, your launch and gear changes now that’s only slightly slower than the new four wheel drive carrera 4s with an automatic gearbox. So impressive, but it’s not all bad news for the manual gt3, because it’ll max out at 199 miles an hour which is a whole one mile, an hour faster than the automatic version. I do want to know, though, why pause didn’t just eek out an extra one miles an hour, so it could be a 200 mile an hour car. Why not marketing? I imagine the porsche 911 isn’t exactly heavy by modern standards, but even the entry level two wheel drive carrera still weighs more than 1500 kilos. Thankfully, the gt3 is a bit lighter, partly because it comes with loads of carbon fiber composites as standard the bonnet. The engine cover and the rear wing are all made from the stuff and you can pay extra to get a composite roof as well. The windows are made of lighter glass than the standard 911. You get a lightweight battery, plus a new stainless steel exhaust that saves an extra 20 kilos.

The front brake discs are 28 millimeters larger than the old car, but somehow they weigh 17 less and all this means that the new gt3 only weighs 5 kilos more than the old car, even though it’s longer and wider. In total, the automatic model weighs in at 1 435 kilograms and the manual version tips the scales at just and 148 kilograms. Now i drag race, the old 911 gt3 against the turbo s coupe and convertible to see, which was quicker. If you click on the pop out banner, which will be popping out in the top right hand, corner of the screen, you can go. Watch that drag race. Video there’s, also a link below the video for it. Having lots of downforce is great on track, but not so good on the road, because more downforce means more drag, and that means the engine has to work harder to push the car through the air. This is why most porsche 911s don’t come with a massive rear. Spoiler, but if you buy a 911 gt3, you probably don’t care about fuel economy. You just want your car to be as fast around the track as possible, so the latest gt3 comes with an absolutely whopping rear wing and it even gets things called swan neck struts. These originally came on racing cars and they help produce more downforce and less drag because they don’t get in the way of the air flowing under the wing. In total, the new gt3’s aero bits help produce 50 more downforce than those on the old, gt3 and that’s.

In its normal everyday setting, if you need even more downforce, you can switch the wings and splitters to their performance mode. This gets you 150 percent, more downforce than the old gt3 could manage. Although poor shades. You should only do this on track. Maybe they’re worried you’ll get your splitter stuck on a speed bump. If you try it on the road nurburgring lap times, don’t really matter for most cars, for instance, do you really care that the audi rsq8 can do a lap in seven minutes and 42 seconds? No, of course you don’t, but things are a bit different when you’re talking about a proper track, spec car like the new 911 gt3. So it is a big deal that the new model managed to do a lap of the nurburgring in less than seven minutes. It actually did it in six minutes 59.9 seconds to be precise. Now, if you can manage to get the lap time just under seven minutes porsche, why couldn’t you get the mars an hour just over 200 huh anyway, porsche’s that time is 17 seconds quicker than the old gt3 could do around the nurburgring and it’s only 13 seconds Slower than the last porsche 911 gt2 rs, and that was one of the most insane performance cars ever in fact, if you click on the pop up banner just popping out now, in the top right hand, corner of the screen, you can watch my in depth. Review of the 911 gt2 rs porsche doesn’t like to make too many radical changes when it builds a new 911, which is why it’s kept the same iconic silhouette since it came out in the 1960s.

But this new gt3 has had some pretty big suspension upgrades over the old car. The big news is that it gets double wishbone suspension at the front for the very first time. This setup replaces the old cars mcpherson struts, and it means the new gt3 road car has a very similar suspension system to the full blown gt3 racing car. The gt3 does get the old model’s rear wheel, steering system and that helps it feel more stable at high speed and it’ll make it a bit easier to thread your way through narrow multi story, car parks as well porsche 911s aren’t, cheap. Even the entry level 911 carrera costs more than 82 000 pounds, which is almost 10 grand more than the old model. So you can bet that the new gt3 is going to be even more expensive than its predecessor and that wasn’t exactly cheap either. It set you back more than 100 000 pounds. So if you want one of the new gt3s get ready to spend more than 110 000 pounds and that’s before you’ve added any of porsche’s, famously pricey optional extras.