Now normally. Obviously, i would hope to go out and have a walk around this car with andreas proninger, but because of the situation that we are all in, i can’t do that. However, i have already had a present ride in the prototype and i think most of you hopefully seen that film. If not, then click on the link which will put in the description but we’ve got the the full spec of the car now so i’ve been through. That looked at the previous generation car and compared it to various other things and yeah. I thought we’d have a bit of a tech rundown, so you’ve got all the details in one place. Hopefully, let’s start with colors, because i mentioned guards red in the press release, but also shark, blue and it’s, a really lovely color it’s, a flat color non metallic. It adds to the whole sort of aggression of this car because it really is so much more aggressive than not only the base 992, which can look sort of a little bit bloated, particularly around the rear at times. Whereas this, it all seems to have been sort of paired back and they’ve really taken the scalpel to it and it looks the most rs. I think that any standard gt3 has has looked before so it’s. That sort of with good reason, really it’ll be interesting by the way, because they’re going to release a touring of this and i’m intrigued to see how this this really aggressive, gt3 then translates into a sort of perhaps slightly softer touring body um without all the the Aero addendum anyway, coming onto the aero the rear, diffuser um.

If you compare that with the previous one, it really is, it looks so much more aggressive and it really is. It generates four times the downforce of the um of the old cars. The new car generates about 50, more downforce in its factory settings, but you can obviously change the the rear wing and you put it into its performance settings. Um then increase by as much as 150 percent, more downforce than the old car at 124 miles an hour, that’s 200 kilometers an hour a couple of interesting things. I looked at the the overall width of this compared to the previous generation and without the mirrors, it’s identical uh 1852 millimeters in width include the mirrors, and that goes up by 49 millimeters over the old car, so it’s with the mirrors. Yes, a bit more, but overall, curiously, actually identical um same wheelbase is nine on one, but the tracks are at 50 millimeters at the front and they’re actually down two millimeters. According to the um spec sheets, um at the rear suspension now, that’s, probably the the biggest talking point um about this new generation car because out go the mcfirst and struts at the front and in comes a double wishbone setup. Um it’s all ball joints at the front and the the whole reason for having double wishbones is basically better camber control and therefore you’ve got more consistent contact between the tyre and the tarmac or racetrack when cornering the other interesting thing which i hadn’t seen mentioned in Any of the um sort of blurb, but was when you compare the specs side by side steering ratio, so you’ve got a variable rack in there, but around around the dead ahead, um it’s, quite significantly quicker.

So the old car was 17.15 to 1, whereas new car is 14.2 to 1., so that’s, really quite a bit quicker in terms of steering around straight ahead, rear wheel, steering as well as standard on this gt3 brakes, they’re up from 380 millimeters at the front. So you get stills is standard and then pcc is an option um but they’re up to 408 millimeters at the front, but they’re 17 lighter so that’s that’s, pretty cool because obviously unsprung mass wheels well. So we had 20 inches at the front and 20 inches of rear on the old car it’s, now 20 inches at the front and 21 at the rear. So like the previous generation rs tires, are also wider by 10 millimeters front and rear. So it’s two five fives on the front and three one fives at the rear engine it’s effectively the engine from the speedster in the 991 generation. But the big thing is that they’ve managed to keep it. It is still naturally aspirated, and i think that is to be applauded, so it revs to 9000 rpm uh. The rough country goes all the way around 10 000 rpm a bit more on that. In a moment, power is up to 510 ps, which is 503 brake. Horsepower and that’s at 8, 400 rpm that’s up 10 brake horsepower on the outgoing gt3 torque 470 newton meters or 347 pounds foot at six thousand one hundred rpm and that’s up ten newton meters or seven pounds foot on the old car.

The change with this compared to the sort of the the previous gt3 we’ve, now got individual throttle bodies. Now itbs are just cool, basically aren’t. They. I think we can all agree on that, but apparently um i saw an interview with andreas and he was saying that they had a sort of a dual effect, so they’re great for response, but also they had a really good effect on on the emissions. Actually so they were, it was a win win for the individual throttle bodies, which is great. There are, of course, gas particulate filters in the exhaust, but even so somehow, they’ve managed to get this new exhaust weighing 10 kilos less than the old car and obviously that’s. All the rear of the car would generally want to take the mass out of in a 911. talking of light weight. The 992 weighs very clearly, obviously more than the old 991 as a platform, but they work really hard to take weight out and i’ve already mentioned. The brakes and the unspring mask there, um there’s a battery and then a lithium ion phosphate battery, which weighs 10 kilos less than the battery in the old gt3. The front boot lid, which um talked about the that is now made of carbon fiber and we’ve, talked before about the reason for having sort of the two prominent nostrils in there which they had to move up to that lid because they couldn’t have it in front Of there, because it’s slightly longer lid – and they just wouldn’t – have got the air up and out and actually forming that out of carbon fiber was the best way for them to do that, but it has the ad benefit of being being lighter and being carbon fiber Lightweight glass like on the previous rs as well: um lighter cover for the rear seat compartment, so this sort of where there would be rear seats in a gt3.

The coverings over that they’ve managed to make lighter there’s an optional carbon fiber roof and, as i mentioned before, options of having the pcc be the porsche ceramic composite brakes. So, despite being physically a bigger car manual, weighs 1418 kilos that’s five kilos up on the previous car, so i mean hardly anything at all and the pdk is 1434 kilos, which is only up four kilos on the outgoing car. If you do add the club sport um pack on it, then that adds, i think, about 15 kilos back in because you get the half cage in the back of the car, but obviously we’re going on track a lot. Then you know safety and all that without mind performance. So we’ve always got two lots of um performance figures here, because you can have the car with a manual gearbox, hurrah six speed manual gearbox or you can have it with a pdk, it’s a seven speed pdk. So it’s the again the box we’re used to from the previous generation gt3, not the eight speed um, that is in all the 992’s um the at the moment, and that has a knock on effect, which we’ll talk about the interior uh in a bit manual. Naught 62 in 3.9 seconds, not to 107.9 seconds and not 224 in 11.9 seconds, so that’s all pretty much identical, actually a couple slightly slower, i think, than the previous generation car and it tops out at 320 kilometers an hour which i think is 199 miles an Hour, i know that because i once hit 320 kilometers out on the autobahn.

Everybody said why didn’t you hang on. For 200., there we are um can’t. Think white didn’t occur to me not 62 miles an hour for the pdk, it’s 3.4. So a good chunk is half second quicker than the manual, but obviously that’s. You know if you’re buying the manual you’re not doing it just for pure speed, you’re doing it for other reasons, not 100 7 seconds dead and not 124 in 10.8 seconds. So pretty much all but identical to before and top speed. Actually you lose a couple of kilometers an hour, so it’s 318 kilometers an hour overall. So i think it’s 198 miles an hour as a top speed, but the straight line numbers do not tell the full performance story with this car um or rather perhaps say they sort of set up the story. I suppose, because, given that it is effectively identical in terms of its straight line, speed um, then it makes one of that say even more impressive because they have released a nurburgring lap time and we’ve got some footage of that as well foreign, oh, so it dips Under seven minutes, which is i mean, it still seems crazy to me, doesn’t seem that long ago we were talking about dipping under eight minutes as being incredible, so dipping under seven minutes, amazing and apparently your burgmaster, who was there as well. This was done in in testing, so they didn’t go for a specific sort of record run.

Um young birdmaster was there as well, and he set very similar lap times to that and did it back to back so you know simultaneous lapses. Just kept going so it’s a consistent pace, but more interesting than just dipping under seven minutes, because that was on the 20.8 kilometer full circuit, but in the past they’ve only just started really using that full circuit. Actually. For times i used to use the um 20.6. I cut out 200 meters around t13 and the pits where they all start from, and that was what most of the times sort of in recent years have been recorded over and the time for that is six minutes 55.2. So that makes it 17 and a half seconds quicker than the previous gt3, which is pretty incredible, given that we know it’s not really any quicker in the straight line, but it’s also 1.2 seconds quicker than the previous generation gt3 rs and that’s even more impressive, because The gt3 you can get it with cut 2r tires now, and the g3rs set its time on cut to our tyres as well, and the g3rs actually has slightly has terminal wider tyres front and rear, and it’s got a tiny bit more um power and torque as Well or certainly more power than the gt3 so and it’s obviously got a bigger rear wing. So basically, all of this then comes down to. I think it shows just how impressive, either the new arrow with that swan neck rear wing and that rear diffuser.

How impressive that is on the new g3, but also how much you’re gaining from having this double wishbone front suspension. I have to say, with the suspension i had passenger riders, saying the prototype and what i noticed was certainly the lateral grip felt enormous in that prototype, and yet you still had arguably even more compliance in the suspension. You could tell that even you know, sitting in the passenger seat, you actually can just tell how hard you’re you’re cornering coming on to the interior. Well, we’ve got obviously the lovely 992 interior which you we know you can. You can already sit really low in that it’s extraordinary how low you can get the seat so it’s a really good basis for it. It’S um that’s – something i think will translate well to the touring, because if you’ve got the screens, it feels like a slightly more luxury interior generally. The screen can be had in a track screen. So you can take away most of the information on that and just have the central rev counter say goes all the way around to 10 000 rpm we’ve got shift lights on there as well, so they sort of build up round the edge of that rev counter. In yellow lights, and then they flash blue, which they say is going to be easier to see. It should just be in your peripheral vision. Basically, so you can look down the track and you’ll just be aware of when to shift, rather than having to really look down for some of the little leds that you have on other things: it’s, not not hidden away at all the because we’ve got the seven Speed pdk, it meant they could have a proper shifter back in there.

So you’ve got a little toggle in most 992s without eight speed, dual clutch gearbox, but this has got a proper shifter, so you can knock it across and have sort of you know forwards for down, pull it back for coming up use it like a like a Sequential shifter, it looks actually when it’s just normally sitting there very much like a manual gear lever, so there we are other things. Well, that’s, really pretty much it. Oh, there is a watch talking to the interior because there’s a photograph of this watch in the interior and so it’s it’s watches go. I think it actually looks really rather nice and it’s made of titanium, um or it’s the the cases and because they say that’s, um uh, like the con rods in the engine um made of titanium so and the wine individual winding rotor is reminiscent of the wheels Of the 911 gt3, which again instantly, i think the wheel design is most sort of aggressive. You can see the um delineation from previous wheels, but they was a bit softer a bit sort of rounder in the spokes, but these are much sharper and crisper and spindlier um. Coming back to watch the you can have the ring around the outside edge um in the colors of whatever 911 gt3 you have and you do have to buy the gt3 in order to be able to buy the watch. Apparently. So that means you’re gon na have to shell out in the uk, 123 100 pounds in order to buy g3, and then you can buy the watch as well.

So there we are. Those are the details of the new 992 gt3. Let us know in the comments below what you think about. It is it’s going far enough should they have just ditched the whole.