I think the only place i’ve ever seen this many race cars inside a showroom literally, i have been tons of places in newport beach, laguna, never seen anything like this three super trofeos yari. What do you guys think of that right there, because i’ll tell you what the only thing as cool, if not poor than that r34, is that i love the super trofeo. I think it’s drake but i’ll tell you what that right. There is my literal dream daily i’ve always said that a gt3 is my dream, daily uh, for so many reasons now. Obviously, this is a little bit track spent, but still, nonetheless, that thing is absolutely ridiculous about a prime location i mean this is probably the sickest location i’ve ever been for a car shoot with one of the sickest cars that i’ve ever been able to film and Uh, you know this just be a part of this like this is so gnarly. Look at this guys got this gt3 in this prime spot. I mean it’s, overlooking the city, you got the mountain ranges over there. I mean this is unbelievable. You guys have no idea how good these shots are about to come out with will’s, just just absolute wizard skills on the camera, so i’m pretty hyped on this i’m, telling them that they have no idea the wizardry that uh you’re gon na put down with this Camera right now, yeah it’s funny, because i was telling these guys i shot some cars for them out on a racetrack, like i don’t know four years ago, like that, remember wow that they were like the greatest part wow.

So what he was talking about was he did take pictures for these guys makes and models about four years ago on a racetrack. He thought they were the sickest pictures ever at that time. He had a way different camera completely different. Will four years ago to now the camera skills have just gone: nothing, but up he’s such an insane photographer as time progressed so we’re just stoked to be a part of this i mean it’s, a gt3. This is my favorite car on the planet, literally like any 911 gt3 rs, gt3, gt2, rs, just absolute dream, and so for those of you wondering what it’s like to be behind the scenes of one of these shoots. This is pretty much it guys. You just take a pretty car to a pretty spot. You have the wizard over here. Do his magic and your pictures come out fired i’m gon na tag will so that you can see it on his instagram it’s gon na be insane. You wan na hear something funny when i was really little there was this basketball player. I think it was called the wizard or something like that or the doc i don’t know. I forgot what it’s called but, like i remember, like the professor, i think yeah i and i was so frustrated that i wasn’t good at basketball, because i wanted to ball, like the professor. She were out here calling me the wizard i’m, like hey this dude.

Oh okay, i’m, the wizard you’re, the wizard dude. What a beautiful car i love porsche! So much you put them pretty much anywhere. They look good. They really. They really do like porsches just the body lines, especially when they have the huge gt3 wing wow. Oh, it looks insane right, it’s literally essential. Can you stand up here and let me just see what’s in the left side here, i’ll give you a quarter if you’re standing up here so you can buy, you can buy one of those uh smarty lollipops that we saw at the gas station i’m gon na. Go buy a smarty lollipop, i need 50 cents. Oh, do i have a quarter? It’S, okay, i’ll go i’ll, scrap change! I have some backtrack. I’Ll, be right back guys, i’m going to hop up one coin in my pocket boom. Now i get a smarty lollipop, so you guys i just hopped up there right now. I’Ll show you guys the pictures after he just took a couple of them but uh. I think they’re gon na look sick i’m, pretty excited about it and uh. I think we’re headed out this has been really fun, makes models have been so rad they. Let us walk around their shop. Take pictures do videos and uh, you know play with some of the cars and stuff, so huge shout out to them definitely go check them out on instagram makes and models and uh i mean this is the stuff you guys are going to see there.

They have a wide variety of things: they have a mclaren 720s in there. They have strats f430 challenge car in there. On top of that, they have three super trafails, not one, but three super trufails. They have a track. R8 thing looks nuts. I got a gt3 carbon body hit on it. Excuse me, but yeah guys expect this kind of stuff for the channel, because we’re only doing big things we’re only going up for here and uh. I can’t wait to take you guys with me. This thing sounds so good, though i believe, it’s a flat six dang, all these v6 haters out here, that’s. Why i love porsche because they make the v6 sound good flat sticks, yeah, that’s, pretty funny i’m going to call them on that in the video we just finished up with the shoot i got to ride in the thing now. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to rip around. So i didn’t really feel much of it. Um it’s, a very simple car, though honestly it’s, just a gt3 it’s got the center locks. It’S got um, you know the slicks on it. It’S got the carnard, so it’s got a cup car front end as you guys can see right there and then, on top of that, what it has is the gmg center exit exhaust, which i’m going to show you guys right now, that’s dude that’s, my favorite. I love that and then, on top of that you got the big gt3 wing.

You got the cage the sparco circuit seats. Other than that, though, i mean it’s, really just a gt3 it’s, just a street car it’s, just a little beefed up nonetheless, guys. That was a lot of fun. I have to say a huge thank you to make some models for the hospitality and taking care of will and i did take care of will’s car, the dm slider um. He got a few things in preparation, race, the burlocker, so that’s gon na be a lot of fun. Guys can’t, wait to see uh. You know these guys on the track. He was saying they might go to willow springs, which is our area california.