The downforce monster porsche has always liked to engage in delayed gratification with the special models in the 2022 porsche 911. Gt3 is no exception to that rule, especially since the public has known how the car will look for almost a year. Now, what not that many people know are all the technical specifications that accompany the new motorsport derived look, and it seems that we’re all in for quite a surprise in that department as most porsche porsche files. No, the gt3 nameplate was introduced back in 1999. and it was part of the 996 generation of the 911, initially built as a homologation model for the 911 racing in a fia gt3 cup. It has preserved his essence in every one of his own. No less than 13 iterations so far, the 14th generation 911 to where the gt3 moniker is right around the corner. A sports car maker has finally unveiled its official launch date. The online presentation will be made next tuesday on february 16th. It will feature the vice president of gt cars, andreas perniger and porsha brand ambassador and all around racing legend, walter rohr and george b mister among others. The first gt model based on the latest generation of the 911 992, is all set to launch. A great deal of importance was attached to the transfer of technology from motorsport to road during the development, the results significantly improved performance on the circuit and in everyday life. This is what the press release says not yet officially confirmed, but it’s expected that powering the downforce monster will be an evolution of the naturally aspirated 4.

0 liter flat 6 from the previous generation modified for slightly more power and ever increasingly stringent emissions. Now another option would be the version of the 4.0 liter found in the 718 cabin gt4 and of the up and coming 718 cayman gt4 rs. As that power plan is actually derived from 3.0 liter powering the latest 992 and already meets the latest emission standards and the biggest news surrounding the new 911 gt3 is actually revolving around the massive improvement in downforce, a car apparently being 50 stickier to the road.