Today is a beautiful day in england um. I am in the peak district with my friend dan and my other friend dan and today we have come out with the gt3. The audi rs6 and a cls 63 amg s. The aim of today was to really what i wanted to do was show you the launch control on this porch, but it turns out that cup, twos and uh treacherous weather really don’t mix that well. This gets more heat into that thing. The tires it’s not happening, carl’s, just saying no in it bit better than that. Yeah, okay, so we’ve been driving for about 15 minutes now and it’s been yeah, interesting uh to say the least um. The audi rs6 event is so capable 550 horsepower, v8, honestly it’s, just so so fast and so good. Then the cls 63 amg has been equally as good. It looks a little bit softer, i must admit, um. There is something about that audi rs6, which just looks beastly um, but you know the amg they’re packing out similar horsepower so very similar cars. The porsche, however, a lot different, a lot more difficult to get my power down. Um, probably not ideal, to be honest, to drive this car in these conditions. But i wanted to get out with the guys and have a drive and any excuse to to make a video really intrigued to know what you would go for. The audi rs6 or the cls 63 cls coming in at around 40 000 pounds for a 17 plate and the audi rs6 uh, which is a 67 plate coming in around 55 000.

So you’re paying a little bit more for the audi. And are you getting a little bit more? Is the question i think personally um? For me, the audi is the one but interested to know your thoughts and what and what you would go for Music well, i’ve just finished up with dan dan and will, and now i have just parked up to show you the current condition of a gt3 after Driving in the snow – and i think you can see this is probably the world’s dirtiest gt3 at present, i was quite impressed really of how it how it kept up with the rs6 and cls 63 um amgs, but overall um, not the ideal car to take out Uh up into the mountains, when it is snowing so i’m going to be doing a video um, showing you the launch, control on this car when it’s when it’s a bit bit drier. That was the plan with today’s video, but unfortunately, these pilots bought cup twos and snow don’t go well together. Overall, this car needs to get to the valleators asap. You can see their difference. I do want to take you through a full video uh of the spec of this car. As you can see, it is a club sport with the yellow um, with the yellow stitch and the yellow kind of theme going on. You can see the carbon ceramics there as well, which, when they are not warm, are quite scary, but then, when they are warm, they are unbelievable so good day, all in all good to see the guys, i think the e63 not e63.

So i think the cls 63 amg pound per pound, what a buy 40 000 pound for that car and that is available from a friend of mine. If you do, if you are in the market for a cls 63 mg get in touch all the rs6 they are, our cars are both for sale, but now i’m going to go home. I have text my valiter, so hopefully he can come over the next couple of days, and perhaps i will show you a video of the process that um that the voucher goes through decontaminating. This car, because it’s healthy, hopefully you’ve, enjoyed the video um i’m kind of new to this.