The straw starter guy from rama thought. This is the 10th one i’m doing this one, because i like grandma doll but i’m, really doing this one, because this might end up being my main in this game. So if you guys enjoyed this breakdown, my thoughts from a new player’s perspective on the character. If i say something wrong, tell me just just give him my first initial thoughts, but let’s go lgi let’s, get it. Let go okay, so strive know the smell of the gay version. February 2021 induces remote thought. Valentine, okay and lethal excels in range due to the long okay area. Her sorted so i’ll go any further. I know it’s from lethal, but remove all sounds way. Cooler to me. Okay, i’mma call him i’mma call her rem lethal, but ramble thaw just sounds fire to me. You you get what i’m saying here enough all that i’m just getting to the video white area. Okay, i really like range she’s, not really a zoner. Mid range is good for me. If the sword hits the corner of the stage it explodes, does she really count as a zoner, no it’s, nothing really full screen after it’s fired? My big thing is: how is she going to work that period of time or approach it and pick it up before it can be fired? Oh, okay, all right and heavy slash versions, so throwing it out brain dead, ain’t gon na work. All right, you got ta! Think a little bit daryl dp performing a lunging attack.

It has fast start up and can be cancelled into from normal moves, making. Fourth string: oh okay, it’s stunned, farther off and it launches on counter hit. Oh, you can follow up with a combo. Okay, all right! Sildo detro still go detroit’s forward, performing an overhead attack over here. The opponent’s low, hitting attacks with this move. Four circle, batcave knocks the opponent down on hit. This move can’t be blocked, while crouching, okay, you can’t block that, while crosstalking your jump trajectory so aim for a raise attack with it off of ied. That could be really good if somebody’s not ready for it. It also has a quite long silverado. I like how her projectile works, but you have to go get them, though it can’t be cancelled into from anything. Oh no that’s kind of scary at mid range. You just throw them and mist. I probably will only use them in combos or late game situations. You can perform up to two follow up moves by inputting quarter circle back punch. The third move knocks the opponent down on hit. Oh, the first move can be dash, cancel one let’s, go that aggressor or donal. An aerial attack, that’s kind of like a record. Almost not really, but the number of swords you have equipped and it’s raining damage become quite poor when you have none left all right, so resource management is important. Remember sends out a powerful and deals a good amount of chip damage even whiplash 30 tension, though, if there are any unequipped swords, that’s, a decent amount of tension: oh that’s, 50, i’m, sorry, 50, 50, vulnerable opponent from a distance, okay, mortal body extremely damaging attack, that’s Invincible on startup, okay, the damage changes depending on the number that could be that’s.

Essentially a dp bro. When you have none left, that’s yeah that’s a lot of damage, so you can use it in combos, hey hey! You can do it in combos cool it’s, a wall breaker that was crazy advantage by hitting the opponent with the edge of her attacks at mid range. Her standing forward, slash and standing heavy slash attacks make good, grounded pokes when the opponent tries to avoid the grounded neutral game by jumping in anti air them. With forward punch forward punch, you can even follow up with her aerial. Oh yeah cause a roman came to when you’ve got the opponent in the corner, get your fence going with a heavy slash version of bayonetto. You can continue attacking if the opponent blocks and land a combo if it hits them. Thank you for watching lee. She attacks this is my favorite move from her. I like the energy to give off like shut the hell up get down. I like i love that whatever that was cool, okay, so this this is. This. Is the move i’m scared about? So this is the projectile right. Um projectiles crazy for one two, three four five about like three four need to either. I guess that period of time they don’t both come back at the same time, so all right, that’s, cool, that’s, fine, because i was like, if i have to manually, go pick them up i’m playing sam’s showdown with sam showdown. Okay, i didn’t pay attention to that.

I would have been kind of hungry if you couldn’t go okay, another thing i’m, really interested with this character, all right so from this part right here. What i’m really interested about rem lethal okay, is that i love wolf, punishing it’s one of the things that really made me like fighting games. Like you see people just hitting buns, and you just like shut up. I like that, like yeah yeah so i’m, already with it with ram lethal. I, like this character, i’m. Probably gon na try this character out um. She might be a little bit more challenging for me per se, but with a little practice. I think i can handle it. We’Re, probably gon na be around lethal mains on this channel um. So far so and also like zado, i didn’t look at the zado thing because just had other stuff going on so that’s, why? I didn’t look at that? Okay, so this move right here off of roman council ied, you could probably iad after it that’s gon na be crazy, because that’s gon na be like in a lot of situa. I don’t know that move this just moves looks like it’s gon na be crazy either in combos or a neutral without swords is whack. I know i know i’m going to try to keep the swords on me at all times, unless you like full screen at low health i’m, going to try to keep the swords on me when i play where i’m lethal.

Also before i leave, can we please talk about her pose she’s like no stop being horny? You cannot have me. I am a gear. I don’t know what i’m talking about yeah. So that being said, everybody it’s your boyfriend, y’all y’all. Thank you guys for coming through and watching the breakdown of lethal with me. I gave my little perspectives on what i saw, but i thought was pretty cool um about it. Just my initial reactions to the god i like that art system works, are doing these they’re constantly putting these out for all the characters in the game um. This is a really good thing, because it gives people like an idea of how you should play every character, at least just something: to get people into liking your characters, so that’s good. If you guys want to see more, please hit the like button comment down below uh. If you want to see any other specific characters, another character i’m, probably interested in. I know i already like kai and soul. You know those are general characters. I know amazing character. I’M, actually, all like huh y’all like charge, characters, yeah may’s, another character i’m very interested in, but i already watched this already. I think if anybody else’s i’ll probably be excited for um giovanna’s, so that’s, what i’m waiting on anyway, you guys are golden, and that is raw, squala and i’m out. Stop dabbing. I i hate it. Why do i keep doing it dang it? I wanted my breathing.